Lighting is a vital element for any event, and when it comes to weddings, it can make the difference between a regular party and a spectacular one. The perfect lighting can create a magical atmosphere and accentuate the decor or can be used to create unique and original themes for your event. You can find your inspiration in this article through some creative ideas for wedding lighting, as well as a guide about how to pick sustainable models.

1.Wedding lighting themes  – What to choose for a themed wedding

A special lighting theme can be used to add personality and originality to the wedding. For example, for a beach wedding, you can use blue or green lights to set a nautical mood, while for a forest wedding, you can use lights that can be tangled around trees. Themed lighting can be customized according to the venue and theme of the wedding so you can create a unique and personal atmosphere. Here are some ideas that you can apply for your special day:


  • Rustic-themed: The rustic theme is one of the most popular, especially for outdoor weddings. You can use candles, garden lamps, or lights in glass jars to decorate the reception area. This type of lighting has a warm hue and creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. You can also use LEDs to create a rustic yet modern look. In addition, you can use it to emphasize decor elements such as wooden tables, rustic chairs, or natural flower arrangements. 


  • Modern lighting: For weddings with a modern and sophisticated style, this lighting theme is perfect. You can use colorful lights, modern design candles, or LED lights bundled up in a jar. Another great idea is a projector with special effects to create a unique mood. You can add special effects through lasers and spark lights. You can use all these types of lighting to emphasize the dance area or to highlight some decorations of your choice. 


  • Glam vibe: If you want a wedding full of glitz and luxury, you can use bright and lush lighting themes. Rhinestone candles, crystal lamps, or diamond-look lights can be used to create a vibe of luxury and sophistication for your wedding venue. This kind of decor can also be used to highlight the glam areas, such as the cocktail area or the dance floor. The lighting can be adjusted to create a glowing light effect and highlight details such as flowers, silver, or crystal elements.


  • A romantic-themed wedding is a perfect opportunity to create a fairy tale vibe at your wedding reception. You can choose white or red LEDs to create a soft and warm light effect that can highlight the romantic mood. Scented candles and heart-shaped lights can be placed around other romantic elements, such as delicate flower arrangements or crystal vases.


  • “Under the night sky”: This wedding theme is about creating a starry sky inside the event. Blue, white, and purple lighting can create the illusion of a ceiling similar to a starry night. You can also use projectors to show images of constellations on the walls or ceiling, thus creating a magical vibe. 


  • The Enchanted Forest theme focuses on bringing nature into the event by creating a fairytale-like atmosphere. Bulbs in warm green, brown, and orange tones can set a natural and comfortable mood, both indoors and outdoors. Guests will surely be impressed by this choice!


  • Vintage party – If you want to bring a touch of the past and timeless elegance at your wedding, be sure to choose lighting in warm tones of gold, silver or bronze. These types of bulbs can be used to create an atmosphere similar to a party from the 20s or 30s by using chandeliers, table lamps or decorative candles. For a more authentic vibe, make sure to also include projected images on the walls or posters of buildings from that era.


The lighting theme for weddings can be customized according to the style, location, and theme of the event. Whether you choose rustic, vintage, or glam, lighting is the best way to add uniqueness and elegance to your wedding venue. You can play with different types of lighting and decorative accessories to achieve the desired effect for the most important day of your life. If you don’t know how to incorporate your ideas into the wedding, do not worry – our event planners are here for you to make the best choices according to your needs, so do not hesitate to ask for an offer and make your life easier!

2. Wedding reception lights – how to make sustainable choices

Planning a wedding can be a complicated and detailed process, and one of the aspects to consider is the lighting. Since lighting can be responsible for a lot of energy consumption, it is necessary to look for ways to make it more sustainable. Here are ten ideas that can help reduce the carbon footprint of wedding lighting: 


  • LED lights – If you choose to use LED lights, they will use less energy and have a longer lifespan than traditional light sources.
  • Renewable energy sources – Solar panels, wind power, or other renewable energy sources can be great if you want to make your wedding lighting more sustainable. 


  • Candles or natural light – Instead of using only electric lights, you can add candles. If the wedding takes place during the day or at sunset, you can take advantage of the natural light. These can add a warm and romantic atmosphere to the event, while reducing electricity consumption. 


  • Recyclable decorations – When choosing decorations for your wedding lighting, you can opt for recyclable light sources such as candles or solar lanterns. They can be reused and recycled, making them a sustainable option. 


  • Plan your lighting carefully – Planning your lighting carefully can reduce energy consumption. Use it only in necessary areas and do not use strong lighting in locations where it is not needed. Additionally, you can use motion sensors to dim the light when no one is around. 


  • Colorful bulbs – If you want to add a touch of color to the event, you can choose colored lights. They not only look good, but they also use less energy than white light. 


  • Decorative strings – Instead of using only ceiling or floor lights, you can opt for decorative lights such as garlands, chandeliers, lamps, or strings, which add extra charm to the event and consume less energy.


  • Reducing the power of the lights can also help with decreasing electricity consumption. For example, you can use dimmable lights or install dimmers to reduce the light intensity. 


  • Carefully plan the lighting’s operating time by scheduling it to turn on at certain times and turn off automatically. 


Lighting can be one of the most energy-consuming aspects of a wedding, but there are many ways to make it more sustainable. Choosing energy-efficient light sources, reducing energy consumption through careful planning, and using natural sources are some of the ways you can reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding and help protect the environment.

3. Fairy lights wedding inspired by exceptional destinations

When it comes to weddings, the destination is just as important as the event itself. If you are looking for an exotic or romantic destination for your wedding, there are many incredible options available. Explore some famous wedding destinations and how to use wedding lights to create a memorable experience in your destination of choice. Here are some of our recommendations: 


  • Santorini Island, Greece: Known for its spectacular scenery and white houses with blue roofs, the island of Santorini is a popular wedding destination. The spectacular natural scenery, combined with the right lighting, can create an unforgettable experience for a ceremony in Santorini. Add a sunset to this scenery, and your wedding in Greece will become one of the best memories of your life!


  • Cappadocia, Turkey: The Cappadocia region is known for its unusual rock formations and hot air balloons floating above the sky. With such an impressive natural setting, there is no need for additional decoration. However, perfect lighting can create a magical atmosphere for an outdoor wedding. LED flashlights or candles can be used to highlight rocky details or create a romantic setting in the middle of nature.


  • Bran Castle, Romania, is another popular wedding venue located in the heart of Transylvania. The castle dates back to the 14th century and is best known for being the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula. With a rich history and impressive architecture, Bran Castle is a romantic place with a mysterious vibe and has its doors open for couples interested in the venue. Wedding lights can be used in various ways to emphasize the architectural aspects of the castle and create a romantic setting around the reception area; outdoors, garden lights or candles are good choices to decorate the area. Overall, weddings in Romania are perfect for couples who love nature, history and timeless traditions. 


  • Ibiza, Spain: Known for its nightlife, beautiful beaches, and countryside, Ibiza is a popular destination for eloping. String lights and candles can illuminate the reception party and create unique decorations around the wedding area. On the beach, you can use colorful lights to create a festive and energizing Spanish wedding vibe, while candles can add up to the exotic nature of the beach venue. 


  • Bora Bora, French Polynesia: Located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Bora Bora is a famous exotic wedding destination. Spectacular scenery, crystal clear waters, and bright sunshine provide the perfect setting for an unconventional wedding. If you want to create a tropical setting at night, paper lamps and fairy string lights might be the perfect choices, while floating candles can be used to decorate a pool or a pond. 


  • Havana, Cuba: The capital of Cuba is known for its vibrant atmosphere, colorful buildings, and Latin American music. Culturally, string lights and colorful decorations are used during Cuban weddings, placed around terraces, courtyards, and even on the street. Visit Cuba and find your inspiration in daily weddings and parties that take place in the heart of Havana.  


  • Zanzibar, Tanzania: Located in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar is an exotic and romantic wedding destination. White sand beaches, coral reefs and traditional Swahili houses are the ideal setting for a boho wedding. Paper lamps and charming string lights can be seen everywhere at night, so finding a venue with nice lighting and decorations can be quite an easy task.



Whether you want a romantic beach wedding in the middle of a historical city or on an exotic island, there’s a perfect destination for every couple in love. Wedding lights can add magic and beauty to any event, no matter the destination. With careful planning and creativity, you can use lights to create a unique and lively atmosphere at your wedding. 


There’s no doubt that lighting is a crucial aspect of any event. At a wedding, it can create a magical atmosphere and bring a unique touch to your event. Regardless of the wedding theme, destination, or type of lighting, the most important thing is to create beautiful memories to remember for a lifetime!


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