The traditions are always wonderful, especially if you like them. But if you want to experiment and have an out-of-the-ordinary wedding, you can turn to more unconventional elements. More and more couples want to have an unique wedding that is not based on classical traditions or on outdated ideas. Thus, you can implement some bold ideas and, for sure, you will manage to organize an original party, which will remain in the memory of all your guests. Unconventional weddings are in great demand – creativity and uniqueness are elements that you can use in this endeavor, and the result will certainly be special for everyone.

1. Alternative weddings – Creative ideas and unique options for a great party

There are several alternative wedding ideas that you can explore – the location, the decor, the program itself, the menu, or the dress code are just some of the things that you can approach in an original way. Here are some options you can consider.


  • The location


The location is a very important element, but it can be difficult to find the right place, especially when you want something unconventional. For example, more and more couples are turning to small parties, where they only invite close people, friends and relatives. That’s why intimate, small venues are in high demand. Some prefer to rent a villa with a courtyard and organize the party there, while others look for other options. But, even for those who want a grandiose wedding, there are unconventional spaces. For example, you can rent a special space, such as an art gallery, a castle (such as Bran Castle, if you want to plan your wedding in Romania, for example), a mansion, or another original space, which you can transform into the perfect setting for the long-awaited event.









  • Dress code


If you want to ditch the traditional look, don’t be afraid to take this step. Even if, perhaps, you will have guests who will expect a classic dress code, the important thing is, in the end, to have a dress code perfect for you. At the wedding party, you need to feel comfortable and at ease, so that you can have fun without worrying about the clothes you wear. So, if the ideal outfit for you consists of a pair of jeans accessorized with some comfortable sneakers, don’t give up this option just to please those around you. After all, the wedding is an event that you have to live to the fullest, exactly the way you want. You can also experiment with various alternative colors, which do not fit into the classic or standard norms. For example, it is not mandatory for the bride to have a white dress – she can wear any outfit she likes. The same goes for the groom’s attire. Therefore, you can test different ideas that suit your style.


  • The setting

The decor is an important element in any wedding party. If you want to have an out-of-the-ordinary party, you can experiment and implement various creative and imaginative ideas. For example, you can set up a festival setting that has a certain theme (a favorite band, travel, a sport, certain foods, etc.). Thus, by choosing a theme that you prefer, you can create a festival setting, just like a festival that celebrates that theme. You can rent a plot of land to arrange as you wish and place multiple tents or tables depending on the design you want to create. If you want to have a wedding on the beach, you can choose a marine theme, which highlights all the natural elements that are around (sand, sea, etc.). A beach wedding is a wonderful option that you can take into account when looking for the perfect location (many couples choose to have a wedding in Greece, because here you can find wonderful and unique beaches, perfect for a romantic and intimate setting).


Unique favors – If you want to create some original favors, you can create a QR code that links to a song or a picture, or you can create, with the help of specialists, various special objects (such as small puzzles, tickets, magnets, etc.) .


Guest book – Guest book is an important accessory that can help create special memories. Even if the traditional option involves placing an agenda or a book in which guests can write a few words, there are other options that are worth considering. For example, your guests can write on pieces of fabric, which you can later use to create a blanket, a t-shirt or other patchwork items. Guests can also take instant Polaroid photos and write something cute on the back of their photo.


Menu – Food is an important element that you should not ignore. If you want an unconventional menu, you can try several possibilities. If you want to have different types of food, you can set up individual tents or food trucks, where you can serve Mediterranean, American, Asian food or other types of menus. Also, regarding the cake, if this seems to be too classic, you can try other original options, such as a tower made of cupcakes or a wall made of doughnuts. You can also add an ice cream truck or other unique elements.





2. Alternative wedding ideas – TIPS & TRICKS

Also, here are other types of ideas that you can implement if you want to organize a unique wedding that does not follow traditional standards. Take into account the following TIPS & TRICKS:


  • You can organize the wedding during the week, not on the weekend – but you have to take into account, of course, the availability of those you want to invite to your party.


  • If you like to dance or sing, you can prepare an artistic moment with your friends – this can be an extremely pleasant surprise for everyone. Thus, instead of opting for the classic dance of the bride and groom, you can prepare small special moments. For example, the bride can dance with her best friends, while the groom can create an original moment with his groomsmen. Of course, you can also add other friends, relatives or acquaintances to the group. You will surely find a special way to impress everyone. Also, if you don’t want to prepare the moment separately, you can work on it together as a couple and you will definitely succeed in creating an original moment.










  • You can plant a tree on your wedding day – choose a special place and implement this unconventional idea. That way, your love story will sprout and grow for years to come, taking the shape of that tree you planted on this special day.


  • You can introduce various fun games into the program – If you want a party full of fun, you can organize different games: drinking games, karaoke, quiz games, jenga towers, etc. Your guests will surely have a great time and remember these special moments.


  • Drink station – You can create a drink station, where each guest can pour their favorite drink into their own glass. Thus, queues will no longer be created at the bar and everyone will be able to refill whenever they want. Also, if you want to add something unique, you can create a DIY cocktail area, where guests can create their own cocktail using a number of ingredients that they can mix as they wish. In addition, you can create a coffee bar, for those who love coffee. Here you can include various types of coffee in the drinks menu, as well as frappes, which will be in great demand, especially if you organize your wedding in the summer, when the temperatures are very high.



  • Device free wedding – You can ask your guests to store their devices (phones, tablets, etc.) in a box placed at the entrance to the venue, or in a box with a lock placed on the table. If you don’t want to do this for the whole wedding, you can choose a certain time slot, in which all the guests can come to the dance floor and spend time together without devices.


  • Water / beach games – If you are having your wedding on the beach or near a lake, you can include some water adventures in the party program. Your guests can enjoy water sports, a ride in a canoe, boat or pedal boat.



  • Hot Air Balloon – If the location allows it, you can organize hot air balloon rides. You can rent one or more balloons to float during the party. This is sure to be a unique and appreciated attraction that you don’t often see at events. If you want to set the details in an organized way, you can communicate with your wedding planner to see what is the ideal way to achieve this.




  • Wedding theme – The theme of the wedding can be chosen according to your hobbies and things you both like. Maybe you have a favorite movie that you both love, maybe you liked a certain country you traveled to, or maybe you have common hobbies (such as sports, arts, cooking, etc.) – all these elements can easily be integrated into your party, turning the classic party into a themed one. Thus, all the decor, all the small decorations, the dress code and all other elements will be subordinated to this aspect, and the chosen theme will turn itself into a whole universe. It’s sure to be a unique party no matter what theme you choose – you can choose a historical period you’re passionate about, a special story you like, and any other option you feel is right for you.


  • Escape wedding or treasure hunt – If you are passionate about escape rooms or treasure hunts, you can create such a place right at your wedding. Whether you want to create a race for guests to participate in, or you want to participate with your partner (and your guests will witness this challenge), it can be the main attraction of the wedding. Don’t hesitate to introduce this little universe into your wedding story. You can contribute to the entire process of creating the clues and the construction of the hunt, and you can come up with creative ideas to help build the entire itinerary. Of course, if you want to opt for something more professional, you can call on a team of specialists to put the whole plan together, creating a small escape room or an authentic and original treasure hunt.


If you want to plan a non-traditional wedding, you have to choose the perfect wedding planner. An expert will give you all the necessary advice and resources, in order to create a unique party. You don’t have to do everything on your own – it is important to find a great team and professionals that will help you to achieve whatever you want. 


In conclusion, you can plan an alternative wedding without much effort, if you know from the beginning what your wishes are. Make a list of the ideas you have and then talk with your wedding planner to see which are the most suitable methods to achieve the results you want. Regardless of whether you want to respect certain traditions or if you want to organize everything in an unique and personal way, the important thing is that the party will be just as you want it to be – funny, original, unconventional and special. Before you choose the perfect ideas, you must think about all the things you love, and try to make them part of your wedding. First of all, you have to celebrate this memorable day in a truly amazing way, together with your wonderful partner and, of course, with your family and friends. That is how you will create beautiful and long-lasting memories, and everyone will be happy to witness your story on such a lovely day. 


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