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Beach wedding in Zanzibar - the magic of the Indian Ocean at your feet SEE DETAILS

Weddings in Zanzibar

When you think that nothing can surprise you when you are looking for the perfect destination for your wedding, you come across this exotic place that you may not know much about, but as even its name tells you is a special place that could meet your expectations! Zanzibar is an archipelago off the east coast of Africa that belongs to Tanzania, the island that bears its name. Known by gastronomy specialists for specific spices, but also as a romantic island, Zanzibar is that magical place where you would like to get at least once in your life.

If you expect your wedding day to be a unique one, choose Zanzibar and enjoy: the turquoise shades of the water, the fine white sand, the exotic atmosphere created by the palm trees and the indescribable sunsets that leave the Indian Ocean every night. In addition, many other wonders await you to discover them!

Lovely landscapes

Once in Zanzibar, you feel that you have traveled in time and space. If your wedding dream is drawn in a relaxing, peaceful place, in an exotic and wild garden, this is what you are looking for! You can also spend your honeymoon on this island if you want!

Exceptional dishes

The smell of the dishes prepared by the locals are absolutely insane, and if for the big day you want to impress the guests with special and exotic menus, you will definitely not fail!

Culture fusion

In this region you can find a fusion between Arab, African, Portuguese and even European cultures. So, if you are going to get married in a cultural style, here is the place where you can feel welcome and where you can create memories for life, as you dreamed!


The culture, gastronomy and atmosphere of Zanzibar are not the only reasons why it is well worth having your wedding in this destination. If you would like to get there, expect to be absolutely enchanted by nature, the spiritual energy, the architecture of the houses, the design of the doors, but also the myths and cultural heritage that you will notice at every step.

In addition, if you are planning a romantic wedding for two, do not be surprised if at the time of joining the destinies special guests will participate – small unique animals of the place.

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Zanzibar wedding Weddo Agency
Wedding in Zanzibar
Zanzibar beach wedding Weddo
Weddings in Zanzibar Weddo Agency

Wedding in Zanzibar - grand style wedding planned by professionals

We know that your wedding day is a unique moment in your life and that is why you want everything to be impeccable, perfect. With the experience of more than 400 weddings internationally planned, we know both the possible fears you may have and your aims.

If you are going to choose WedDo Agency to handle your beach wedding in Zanzibar, you should know that we cannot meet your “expectations” such as:

Unforeseen situations for which we do not have solutions already prepared and which you solve on the wedding day.

The context you are stressed about the coordination of all providers and the whole wedding. We take care of the planning, not YOU!

A classic wedding identical to what you saw with friends or family! An imaginary wedding and the surprise that when you get to the beach you will find… nothing!

Zanzibar wedding Weddo Agency
Wedding in Zanzibar
Zanzibar beach wedding Weddo
Weddings in Zanzibar Weddo Agency

If you expect such things when working with us, we’re sorry, but we’re not the agency you need! Instead, we promise you that you will have the most beautiful ceremony, just as you and your loved one dreamed, surrounded by the most beautiful and romantic setting.

If you have been convinced by the beauties that only this destination has, then stop thinking and start a marriage adventure as soon as possible! It is good to know that a wedding on this island of Tanzania is advisable to be scheduled in advance, so as to make sure that the period you want is available!

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