Although winter is probably the most underrated wedding season, no couple should exclude it for good when it comes to the biggest day of their lives. In order to make the best choices, the partners must pay attention to every detail, including the colors of the clothes, but also those who will be present in the bride’s bouquet and, of course, in the decoration elements.

This article contains useful information for people who are going to get married to organize a winter wonderland wedding, more precisely in relation to the chromatic palette to which they should direct their attention in order to respect the theme. More than that, it will be presented how you can combine the colors correctly, so that the final effect is a divine one. Also, it is specifically noted how the bride and groom can find the best shades depending on the location reserved for the day when they will unite their destinies.

1 Winter wedding colors: what are the best options for this season?

According to recent statistics, the winter months are the least popular among partners who are going to make a life-long commitment: to get married. Evidently, unfavorable weather conditions, such as cold, wind, and snow prevent many from considering this time of the year as acceptable for them. Nevertheless, nothing stops the lovers who have long planned for this extra special moment to take place in the winter, mainly when they don’t want to wait even one more second.

Reasons why off-season weddings are a good idea

You will have a wedding different from other people’s: because most of them have it in the summer.

You will have many more days available for the event: since not much is organized then.

There are much better chances that all your guests will come: because it is not a crowded period with weddings or other events.

All these advantages, but also many more others, can be enjoyed by affectionate couples who have the courage to be different from the rest. What is to be done next by those who love this idea? Well, it is up to the future bride and groom if they want a holiday themed wedding or other winter wedding alternatives. The undecided ones, currently looking for a winter wedding fairytale theme, must read the information in the article written on this topic of interest, as it contains an inspirational guide for all those who are ready to say the most important „yes” in their life.

Anyway, regarding the color scheme for a winter wedding, it is a fundamental part of the planning process. But, you don’t have to worry, because there are some wonderful ideas in this direction with a few of your favorite colors to help you start the necessary preparations and some of them are in this article.

What are winter wedding colors?

In simple terms, the winter colors for the wedding refer to a carefully chosen chromatic palette, made up of shades that highlight the spirit of the Winter Holidays or, maybe, in general of this lovely season.

To capture the essence of Christmas, but also to reproduce a wintry decoration as you wish, you need to know which colors are admissible and how you can blend them in an esthetically pleasing way. 

Winter wedding themes and colors

As you probably already know, there are several brilliant ideas to decorate a winter wedding, and among the most famous is a Christmas-themed wedding. If you have been dreaming of a unique wedding for a long time and adore the theme mentioned above, then seasonal colors such as red, emerald green, burgundy, deep olive, and navy blue are some of the best options for you. 

To create a festive atmosphere, include as many elements as possible from this area, such as a Christmas tree, lights, specific flowers, and others that you have in mind.

At the same time, metallic shades, such as gold, silver and copper are very satisfactory for a winter wedding. Why? Because they will offer both a note of sophistication and they will contribute with another festive note to the final look. In this context, you can go for a glam party theme of the 80s or 90s.

On the other hand, when it comes to winter wedding colors, the previously listed options are not the only ones. Light colors, such as light blue, light pink, light green and also others, are wonderful options that should be considered by partners who prefer an elegant wedding without strong colors.

A nice idea for winter weddings is to have several blankets in a corner of the place. So, those who are cold can take one to warm up. Surely the ladies dressed in thinner dresses will want one at some point, especially if they stay outside for a long time in low temperatures. If you like this idea and want to put it into practice, then like in the rest of the decoration pieces, the blankets must be in the same winter wedding color scheme as the rest.

One more important thing about the winter colors for the wedding: the bride’s bouquet must be suitable from a chromatic point of view with the chosen theme and decoration. Therefore, the bride must be very careful when choosing a winter wedding bouquet.

2. How to correctly combine winter colors for the wedding

Now that you have found out what are the most beautiful shades for such an important event, realized once in a person’s life, with a winter theme and decoration, you must necessarily discover what are some winter wedding colors combinations. As you probably anticipated, it is not enough to find the right colors for this occasion, you also need to know how to combine them harmoniously, to create a unified whole.


Choose inspired wedding colors for the winter such as:

  • Emerald and navy blue;
  • White and gray;
  • Green, white, and gold;
  • Navy blue and white;
  • White and gold;
  • Light blue and silver.

Of course, besides these color combinations, there are many other options that you might find excellent for a winter wedding color scheme according to your tastes. 

Other winter wedding color palette ideas

For example, white and red or burgundy is an exceptional choice, highly appreciated among those who love Christmas. However, it is important to find a balance between these two. An example in this case: choose a white tablecloth and the napkins should be the spot of color. Otherwise, it is possible to create a very crowded look, not chic at all. Also, the dresses of the bridesmaids can be red or burgundy. They will look spectacular in contrast with the bride’s white dress!

You might also find the idea of having a classic all-white wedding exciting. You’re not the only one who sees it as perfect, because, after all, it instantly denotes winter-specific weather or perhaps a snowy mountain landscape.

Either way, this winter wedding color theme, which is monochromatic, is modern and luxurious. However, if you think something is missing and you don’t want everything to be too boring, because of the unity created, you can add different combinations of textures and plants for distinct spots. Miniature fir trees, tree branches, or white flowers for example.

How to distribute these winter wedding color combinations harmoniously

One thing is certain: everything must turn out the way you want on the big day. A major role is played, as you have already read in the rows above, by the chosen colors and, of course, the way you combine them. It is important to make sure that in the end, you make the best choices and that is why you must consult with some professionals in event planning, like those from the WedDo agency team. Thus, you will benefit from a fantastic winter wedding color palette, but also many other advantages, such as the fact that you will be stress-free throughout the organization of the event.

3. How to choose the best winter wedding colors depending on the location

Choosing the location is one of the most important decisions to have an amazing wedding. But, because there are so many alternatives, you have to ask yourself a series of questions to find out what is best for you. Do you prefer the idea of a beach wedding somewhere exotic or do you want a wedding in Romania? If the last option is the one you consider the most suitable for you and your soulmate, then one of the most glorious locations for weddings in Romania, where more and more couples choose to hold their wedding, is Bran Castle. This special location is ideal for those who want a royal, medieval, or spooky theme. 

Even if a wedding on the beach in a tropical destination sounds tempting, a Bran Castle wedding will exceed your expectations, especially if it will be organized by a great team in event planning, as WedDo agency has. In addition, the team will keep you up to date with suppliers, setting the decor, and other issues that may arise and the list can go on.

Are you undecided that a wedding in a historical monument near Brasov, famous for the story of Count Dracula, is the best place for you and your partner? Then, here are some reasons that will most likely convince you that it is a truly special place:

  • The castle located in nature, on high rocks, has an extraordinary panorama;
  • It represents a fantastic mix between reality and myth, which will charm any visitor here;
  • It has a unique architecture and historical value, which will create an atmosphere that you will not find anywhere else;
  • You can choose from an excellent selection of themes (for example scary, medieval or royal) and transform into the character you want.

Therefore, a wedding in this fortress is an exceptional idea for couples who want an out-of-the-ordinary wedding, at „home” if they are Romanian, that everyone will remember forever. Moreover, this location is perfect for the event if it will take place in the winter, thanks to the snow that will be everywhere around.

Winter wedding colors ideas at Bran Castle

If you want a wedding with a royal theme, then what place could be better than a castle? An all-white wedding with golden accents would look amazing. The bride and the groom will feel like a queen and king. This combination would also look majestic for a medieval theme.

If you opt for a more frightening wedding, considering the location, then it would be ideal to go for darker colors. White, black and red is a special, refined color mix, which would look impressive together in the historical rooms here. Besides, gold would look fabulous too.

For the event to look like a scene from a movie, a winter wedding guest color should be the same as the chosen theme. If you want this, it would be best to impose a dress code and pass it on to them with the invitations, or, why not, it should be written in its content. 

Yet, if you want a  winter beach wedding in a resort like Mamaia or Jupiter, then you need to know which colors are appropriate. White, blue, and gray are perhaps the best options in this situation.

To conclude, although most people do not choose to get married when the weather conditions are not favorable, a winter wedding has its advantages. So, to have a magnificent event, as until recently only dreamed of, you need to take into consideration some of the best winter wedding colors and include them in everything for this big day. Choose inspired combinations of colors depending on the location you choose so that in the end everything looks exactly as in your vision, of course, with the help of a great team in event planning, as WedDo agency has.


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