Do you dream of a winter wedding? Getting married in the colder months can seem like a complete adventure in shaping the details. Although the main piece of any bridal look is wedding dresses, there are other essentials that, thanks to their presence, will culminate in a perfect bridal wardrobe: we are talking about bridal bouquets. Likewise, they will do so thanks to the flowers that make it up, their colors, and the style with which the bouquet is made. 

Read on and find the best bridal bouquets for a marvelous winter wedding. As you may already assume, winter brings unique and spectacular flower arrangements. This time of the year allows us to play with several elements, as we will see below, to create the most original bouquets. 

1. Winter wedding bouquet and your wedding theme


Even if you want a winter-season wedding, that doesn’t automatically mean cold and snow. Many of the winter weddings take place in exotic destinations, perfect for escaping the frosty weather in Romania. Therefore, the flowers for your big day depend primarily on your chosen location. Find below inspiration for the wedding bouquet, depending on where the ceremony takes place. Winter wedding fairytale themes are the best ones to choose from now. 

Winter bouquets for beach weddings


If you dream of a winter beach wedding, you must first decide on the magic location. You can choose a snowy beach in Romania or an exotic one in Thailand or Bora-bora. Regardless of the selected destination, ensure your bridal bouquet matches the decor. Choose diaphanous roses or traditional winter flowers such as poinsettia or amaryllis for a snowy beach. 

Your wedding bouquet can also have unusual elements like succulent plants. It will undoubtedly attract attention and will be an extraordinary bouquet. Among the trends for a winter bouquet, we find other features that will make our bridal flower arrangements original, such as pineapples or cotton flowers.

Winter bouquet for a castle wedding


Just saying the word, and you are already there – a castle winter wedding is magical, and every dream you have about it is coming true. If your theme is a wonderful princess and price kind of day, make sure this will reflect in your wedding bouquet and the flower decor you choose. 

If you and your partner love the remarkable history of Romanian castles, then a Bran wedding will be a fabulous experience. You can use all the traditional elements of the season and the place, like fir branches or pine cones. 

Winter bouquet for Christmas wedding



In the bridal bouquet, just as in the decoration, you can include typical elements of these dates. The poinsettia or poinsettia is a safe bet and very easy to get. For a truly festive look, you can also use pinecones, holly balls, or Christmas tree balls. The bride and groom can include the same elements as the bride’s bouquet and make a Christmas wink in their ties, vests, shirts, and socks.

2. Winter wedding flowers for a seasonal bouquet


Whether you choose flowers that go with the cold season or not, these designs in bridal bouquets for winter weddings have decorative elements of the season to give your wedding a unique touch.

In winter, there are also many possibilities to make the bridal bouquet the perfect accessory that will enhance any of the wedding dresses you want to wear and that, at the same time, will combine with those bridal hairstyles that you are looking at. And don’t worry, the bouquet can be in tune with what they choose for their wedding centerpieces or be unique.

Winter is easy when it comes to combining. They usually use 3 to 5 colors to make a good mix. When in the summer, five colors would not be something elegant or pleasing to the eye. Check out this palette with the primary colors and their combinations. Be bold and use metallic colors and glitter! We assure you that it will be a spectacular mix.

Although you can find any flower throughout the year today, we recommend that you choose seasonal flowers, as they will be fresher. Think not only about the components of your bridal bouquet but also about the flowers you will decorate and where the ceremony and party will take place. Remember the godmother or the witness flowers, depending on the type of ceremony you choose. 

A handy thing to remember is that brides fall in love with their bouquets so much that they no longer want to give them to a bridesmaid at the end of the party. If you keep this tradition of throwing the bridal bouquet, ensure you have prepared a smaller one, especially for this practice. 

3. Winter wedding flower ideas for your bouquet

A bridal bouquet is not composed in the same way in winter, summer, or spring. Winter even has its varieties that will delight you. Choose the beautiful anemones that we suggest are white with a dark blue heart, a splendid plant for your floral wedding arrangements for this winter.

Know that you can easily order a beautiful bouquet of roses; this flower is available in wide varieties throughout the year. This option is ideal for brides looking for a small bouquet for a civil wedding in winter with ease. 


Buttercups are also an exciting option, as are succulents, blue thistle, Craspedia, or mimosa for lovers of yellow and pink wax flowers and all species of wild mountain flowers for a beautiful rustic bouquet. Finally, be aware that despite their somewhat fragile appearance, it is quite possible to consider a bridal bouquet with orchids in the heart of winter.

Experts assure you that it is best to opt for seasonal flowers to get a beautiful bridal bouquet that will last in perfect condition throughout the ceremony. Hydrangeas are not the best choice for the warmer months, but they do well in cooler temperatures.

You can bet on a bouquet of perfect white flowers for a wedding set worthy of the Snow Queen. White is a safe bet and a great classic for winter weddings. Roses, ranunculus, edelweiss, or clematis will allow you to display a magnificent white ball scented as desired. In winter, we like to bet on light and softness, particularly pastel tones, with a slight preference for pink. 

If you want a bouquet with more sustained tones, you can choose your plants from among the different shades of blue or even purple. Your wide range of possibilities also includes original and straightforward bridal bouquets. Usually smaller or elaborate compositions with fewer flowers, but just as impressive as the others. 

Without forgetting the corsages, the flower bracelets that the bridesmaids typically wear. It is an original alternative chosen by some brides who consider the classic bouquets impractical. And although they lack the symbolism associated with the bridal bouquet, they are comfortable and light options that are just as valid.

4. Winter wedding flowers and your decor


Winter, synonymous with transformation, shows another beautiful face of nature due to its colors, settings, and long nights. Just as wedding dresses can complement the most elegant coats and capes, you are surely wondering how to wrap up your winter ceremony and reception. If you’re planning to get married this season, take advantage of that winter-evoking homey romance that wraps around your big day. Attend every celebration detail so your guests are also impressed with that magic. 

Even if you choose the same color or the same type of flower for your wedding bouquet and the decor, or you choose to combine more, think of your magic day as a whole one. You will have to decide if, with the decoration, you want to reinforce that feeling of being in winter or if, on the contrary, they want to mitigate its effects. 

The magic of winter begins in the colors. Opt for cool tones like blues, purples, greens, grays, and black. It is advisable to combine at most three. White, like the one you will surely choose for your princess-cut wedding dress, is also ideal for imprinting light and recalling snow.

As it is a time when cold and night reign, the trend is to use crystal, glass, and acrylic that gives the impression of ice and granite stone for decorative elements, as well as steel and silver wood for furniture. Thick cardboard with a wrinkled or snowy effect will be perfect for invitations. Concerning the fabrics, you can use silk for its elegance and shine, followed by cotton and polyester for table linen and curtains. The leather, fur, and canvas would look good in armchairs and cushions.

Since you are looking to pay tribute to winter and romance, accents in white light that imitate snow, ice, or stars are an excellent option, but without going overboard, so that the environment does not become too cold. Some soft shades of violet will also be perfect for creating the best atmosphere and will create subtle nuances on the elegant updo during the married couple’s first dance. 

White or pastel flowers in cool tones will add a special touch to the celebration, even if they are dried or accompanied by still life. Some species are bells, orchids, pansies, violas, wallflowers, hydrangeas, and Christmas roses, whose natural colors will achieve the desired effect. Take care that the green stems shine because they will give a lot of life. Another option is moss, branches, trunks, dried flowers, and natural fruits such as natural pine cones or with a snowy effect. 


Regardless of the inspiration received in this article, do not forget that your dreams can come true, even if they are not the ones that couples have in general. Choose a professional organizer for your wedding, and allow yourself to see your dreams come true.

Be innovative! You already know that any detail, no matter how small, will help make your wedding unique and special, so take advantage of your original wedding ideas. Yours will be fantastic for everyone!