If you are organizing your wedding by yourself, you will realize that it is not at all easy to do it, as many people think. This is where people come in to answer the famous question: “What is the role of a wedding planner?” It’s not easy to delegate the management of the most beautiful day of your life to someone you don’t know. Your wedding is undoubtedly a very important day in your life, and it is not tolerated for anyone to spoil it. Everyone knows perfectly well how you feel, and you can be assured that it is normal to have doubts and apprehension at the start by entrusting the organization of the wedding day to strangers. But their job is to build a relationship of trust with the bride and groom because their ultimate goal is that you savor your wedding day without worrying about the smallest detail.

1. What does a wedding planner do?

The term “wedding planner” comes straight from the United States and it refers – obviously – to a wedding planner. Although historically, this profession has existed since the 16th and 17th century, the first agencies were really established in the years 2002-2003. From this period, the profession of wedding planner quickly developed throughout the world. The reputation of the profession, however, has not lived up to expectations. Although, thanks to the American influence, the reputation of wedding planners is golden, in reality, on the ground, it is something else entirely. The European wedding planner has long suffered from a poor image, due to lack of knowledge or recognition. Today, wedding planners have gained experience and seem more and more accessible. Luxury positioning is no longer the only option and this seems to be attracting new couples from various backgrounds. Although some a priori persist, the profession is beginning to be judged at its fair value and is much more complex than you could think.

2. What does a wedding planner actually do?

2. What Does a Wedding Planner Actually Do

Your wedding is being orchestrated by the wedding planner. Additionally, it serves as your exclusive interlocutor prior to, during, and after the wedding. He must possess a multidisciplinary profile, including expertise in scenography, colorimetry, communication, relationships, planning, culture, and law. The field does in fact cover a wide range of occasionally unexpected tasks.

Aware of current trends, the wedding planner takes the time to introduce you to its network of service providers and to provide you with recommendations, ideas, and individual counsel. You have the option to choose them or someone else. A smart wedding planner will listen to you and have a sense of communication. Even if he takes care of everything, the service provider’s decision is supported by your needs and wishes. In order to relieve the bride and groom and save them time, the wedding planner must then arrange the numerous vendors and other key players in the event.

The bride and groom’s budget is negotiated and managed by the wedding planner. One of the wedding planner’s primary duties is this. The bride and groom’s suffering is frequently associated with monetary concern. There is no longer any need to worry with a wedding planner! He has several cunning tactics up his sleeve. He is a negotiator first and foremost. He is willing to deal when you wouldn’t. He has complete knowledge of the contracts, preventing any unfavorable surprises. Hiring a wedding planner can be a wise decision if you lack administrative experience and, more importantly, can help you avoid some conflict!

The wedding planner is ideal for controlling the flow of time and the order of events on the wedding day. Venues for weddings frequently require a late-night time. To avoid being caught off guard when the lights go out, it is crucial to schedule certain times for each event, such as the drink, the meal, the speeches, and the dance party. Being halted in the middle of a swing is quite annoying. A wedding planner works behind the scenes to invigorate and organize all the service providers, ensuring that everything goes according to plan on the big day.

The wedding planner is a great help on the wedding day, because he has eyes and ears everywhere. He ensures that the guests do not miss anything or that there are no logistical problems, for example. The service provider’s responsibility is to anticipate any unforeseen events. The bride and groom must take advantage of their guests without realizing anything.

There are so many other things that a wedding planner does, such as:

  • listen to its customers – each future bride wishes to be heard and understood; this is the essence of a wedding planner’s profession, and it is with this listening that their service begins: a first contact by email or telephone. First they seek to understand your wishes, your request, how you see the day of your dreams, the ceremonies, and depending on this they will send you proposals that meet your expectations. It is not possible for a wedding planner to ruin your wedding since they focus on listening to your wishes first and foremost;
  • set a realistic budget – often, bride and groom couples have no idea of the budget to allocate for their wedding. Most get carried away on the floral decorations of the centerpieces or even on the various reception places, but it is likely that they do not want to spend so much. The wedding planner removes this thorn from your side: it gives you visibility on the realistic budget to allocate for your wedding so that you can make your choices accordingly. They are people who have been doing this job for years today, they have extensive experience in organizing weddings, and they offer satisfactory alternatives adapted to what you are looking for;
  • help you choose the reception venue that suits you – choosing the ideal reception venue is an important step that takes a lot of time, but it is precisely the milestone that they prefer in the organization of the wedding. Their core business is to help couples who wish to have a beach wedding, for example, thanks to their knowledge of the land and the various reception venues, whether in Greece or in other countries. Do you dream of getting married in Greece, on a beautiful and peaceful beach? They can help you find these types of places, and many more;
  • manage everything from A to Z – when you hire a wedding planner to organize your marriage, the objective is precisely to delegate to avoid any source of stress and save time. To conclude the answer to the question “What is the role of the wedding planner?”, here is a list with some tasks entrusted to wedding planners by the couples who trust them. You’ll be surprised by how many decisions you have to make when planning a wedding, and how much help you’ll need to complete the project. Some of the important tasks they take care of: find the photographer, florist, caterer, musicians, DJ; organize the reception area from A to Z; set up the table plan; take care of invitations and wedding announcements; manage everything on the wedding day, from the coordination of service providers to the smallest detail; plan and book the honeymoon.

3. What does a wedding planner do – What are the advantages of choosing a wedding planner?

The wedding is certainly the most beautiful day of your life, however it tends to be a source of stress and complications when you embark on this adventure alone, so here are the primary advantages of a wedding planner:

  • serenity – indeed, a wedding planner will be there to relieve you of any cause of stress during the organization, he will be there to answer all your concerns and find solutions to all your problems;
  • the budget – a wedding planner will be able to organize the wedding of your dreams while respecting your budget, he will be there to tell you what is possible to do and what is not. He will make every effort to be able to offer you the best according to your desires and your budget;
  • providers – calling on a wedding planner means making sure you are surrounded by trusted service providers;
  • the coordination of the wedding day – the coordination of your wedding day allows you to let yourself be carried away by this magnificent day and to think of nothing but to say “yes”! The coordination done by a wedding planner allows you to make the most of everything you have organized for so long and share it with your loved ones.

4. What does a wedding planner do – How to choose your wedding planner?

4. What Does a Wedding Planner Do - How to Choose Your Wedding Planner

Choosing a wedding planner agency for your wedding day means ensuring a foolproof organization, a trustworthy organization that looks like you. Choosing a wedding planner agency means choosing a know-how as well as a passion that is felt at every stage of your wedding. Each wedding planner is full of proposals, creative and attentive to your desires. Very rigorous, they leave nothing to chance and accompany you whatever your choices. The agency is surrounded by trusted service providers and passionate service providers. On your wedding day, each wedding planner agency masters the timing, takes care of you and your guests to ensure that everything always goes well. Finally, choosing to have a secular ceremony with a wedding planner agency means choosing a ceremony that suits you, with emotion, tears, laughter and sharing, a touching ceremony that will remain engraved in your memories and in those of your guests.

All in all, the wedding planner is, in short, the king of advice, communication, organization, coordination, budget management and adaptation! He should be someone you can trust and a shoulder you can lean on.

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