Summer is an amazing, bright, and wonderful time of the year, dearly loved by many. A summer wedding has special colors and dyes, meaning that you are not limited in choosing a venue for the celebration, because even the vagaries of the weather cannot spoil your mood for a long time. The summer season offers a lot of ideas for those who want to create a themed wedding. Start choosing a wedding theme with personal preference. The topic you choose should reflect your own thoughts and feelings.

1. Wedding themes ideas for summer: beach wedding, wedding inspired by sports activities and floral wedding

Nature provides many ideas for a themed wedding. Incorporate vibrant summer colors into all your floral arrangements and decorations. Beings such as bees, birds and butterflies can also make good themes for weddings. A beach wedding in Greece, Romania or Cuba should be a simple yet touching festivity. You will have the sound of the waves touching the shore as background music, which will only intensify the beauty of the moment.

Wedding inspired by sports activities

Sports events often bring couples together. If there’s a summer activity that you both enjoy, why not include it in your wedding? There are so many ideas available, including:

  • cycling;
  • swimming;
  • baseball;
  • running;
  • volleyball;
  • sailing.

Floral wedding

Create a wedding theme based on summer flowers. Bright reds, bold yellows, and beautiful oranges are the perfect colors for a summer wedding. The rainbow wedding is another big summer theme. Bridesmaids can wear different colored dresses; you can match almost any decoration in any color, and it will create a bright atmosphere.

2. Wedding color themes for summer: vintage wedding, marine style wedding and rustic wedding

Fashion trends change so quickly and rapidly, that keeping up with them is extremely difficult. Many couples, when choosing a style for their wedding celebration, prefer not to chase modern fashion, but choose trends that have been proven over the years. Vintage style can be attributed to such summer themes. Vintage style is admiration for the beauty of the past. It has a noble calmness and luxury. It is an exquisite combination of history and fashion. Decorations for a vintage wedding can be antiques: antique furniture, dishes, jewelry. It is very important to choose accessories that will not just be old, but vintage.

What items are suitable for decorating a wedding in vintage style:

  • old grand piano or upright piano;
  • lace and velvet fabrics;
  • tapestries and paintings in antique gilded frames;
  • porcelain dishes and figurines;
  • graceful vintage candlesticks, candelabra and lamps;
  • retro accessories: telephone, gramophone, typewriter (the latter, by the way, can be used to collect wishes from guests);
  • worn leather suitcase (perfect for the role of a wedding treasury or seating plan).

Wedding in a marine style

The presidium of the newlyweds is the place that attracts the most active attention of the guests during the wedding banquet. It is for this reason that this table should reflect the style of the celebration as much as possible. If you have chosen a nautical style for your wedding, then you should decorate the tables in blue, white, and white-blue color alternations. A huge selection of decorative elements – anchors, steering wheels, starfish, shells, and other cute details will add charm and a special atmosphere to the festivity. The marine theme means smooth and soft lines, flying chiffon fabrics, and light draperies – as if repeating the texture of sea waves. As table decor, it is advised to use vases with colored sand, candles in sand or sea colors, or even small aquariums with beautiful goldfish.

Rustic wedding

It turns out that a rustic wedding is not as simple as it seems. It assumes a light rustic style, combining the simplicity of rough canvas, wooden furniture, and wildflowers with the grace of airy lace, natural accessories, and lush greenery. When these details are reunited, you get a stylish, romantic, and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for a wedding. Another advantage of a rustic wedding is its closeness to nature. In particular, the inhabitants of megacities sometimes lack the rural regularity and silence. At a rustic wedding, guests and newlyweds find themselves in an atmosphere of rustic lightness and naturalness, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of a big city.

To conclude, in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to meet newlyweds who do not think about any original style of their own wedding. And this is not at all surprising, because every couple wants their wedding to become beautiful, touching, and memorable. And the easiest way to achieve this effect is to add personality to the celebration, giving it your own special style.

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