Fresh and full of life, this season is perfect for lovers who want to unite their destinies in a bohemian setting. In the spring you have a lot of opportunities to turn one of the most important events in your life into a fairytale. If elegance and romance define you as a couple, then read this article and see what ideas you could consider to make your wedding day a dream come true.

1. Spring theme wedding – Why set your wedding date during springtime

Even if summer is a wedding favorite, there’s no surprise that more and more couples choose spring to organize their weddings. The color range, the weather, the beautiful outdoors, the availability of the restaurants – everything you need to organize the perfect wedding! So, why plan a spring wedding? Here are some advantages:

  • The weather is gorgeous from all points of view, especially if you organize your wedding in April or May. This beautiful season is perfect for any outfit and for a ceremony outdoors. The freshness of the air and the scents of the flowers will surely make you and your guests be playful and full of life.
  • Best prices – as it is not the first choice of couples who want to get married, a spring wedding can be very cost-effective. Event organizers make considerable discounts, and offers are undeniable. Also, if you know how to negotiate, you have a good chance of getting packages that include other services, such as music and photo shooting. In this regard, we can be there for you at all times to get you the best deals available in the spring.
  • The best photographers available – if you have a specific style of photography that you want for your wedding, the chances are your favorite ones will be available for your wedding date. As a bonus, prices may not be as high as in mid season. Professionalism and discounts in the same package – that’s a great deal!
  • Range of colors – the pastel colors of this season will turn your wedding into a fairytale. Not only are they easy to combine and come in an amazing variety, but it’s impossible to go wrong with the color combination when it comes to pastels.
  • Set the tone for the spring season – every year, there are fashion trends specific to a new season. Whether we are talking about wedding dresses or hairstyles, the color of the year or fashionable accessories, spring fashion is colorful and full of joyful patterns. Your wedding day is the best time to be a “trend-setter”!

2. Spring wedding themes

Without a doubt, the most beautiful wedding location is outdoors. The spring sky and the lively nature are the most beautiful decorations for a dream wedding.

2.1. Spring wedding themes – Outdoor vibes

There are many choices when it comes to outdoor weddings. Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

  • On the lake – this is by far in the top of the preferences of couples who prefer a wedding in the middle of nature. There are many restaurants, hotels and resorts all over the world that can make this possible, so all you have to do is pick a destination on the map, contact us and start your special wedding journey now!
  • At the pool – not only is this a favorite location as well, but it’s also quite accessible, mostly in the spring. If you wish for a destination wedding, Greece and Spain would be the perfect fit. If a local wedding is all you need, you will surely find a restaurant with a pool somewhere near your city of residence. With the right decorations and a pool party, the event will surely be a success!
  • Exotic experience – there is nothing more spectacular than a wedding on the beach, in an exotic destination. For example, spring is the ideal season to go to Thailand, with April being voted the cheapest of the year for both tourists and weddings. And let’s not forget Bora Bora, this corner of heaven that is the dream of any romantic couple.

2.2. Spring wedding theme ideas for a sunny ceremony

Organizing a wedding requires a lot of planning and attention. And because we know that every little detail is important, we gathered a list to help you in your mission:

  • Elegant bouquet

From snowdrops, tulips and lilies to daffodils, lilies of the valley and freesias, this season is full of life and attractive scents. To represent this beauty of nature, the bride can wear a wreath of spring flowers, with or without a veil. The bouquet should also be made from wildflowers.

  • Cheerful colors

Try a combination of pale colors and white, mixed with green for a timeless look. Also, get your inspiration from all the spring creatures, such as ladybugs and butterflies. Use impact elements and decorations to represent the spring vibe. Also, scented candles with seasonal floral aromas can be a great idea for a boho and cozy atmosphere.

  • Boho attire

f you have chosen to have your wedding in the spring, then make sure that the chosen outfit is in tune. Simple patterns and light materials are the options you need to consider. As for the color, opt for the classic immaculate white or other pale shades, such as pink, blue or ivory.

A spring wedding doesn’t need too many introductions – lively nature, colorful flowers, clear skies and warm sunshine, meaning everything you need for a dream wedding and a memorable photo shoot. Whatever theme or location you choose, don’t forget that the most important thing is for the guests to feel that you have brought spring through your wonderful wedding!

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