The white and gold theme has become a bold and sophisticated choice for couples who want to turn their wedding day into a true spectacle of beauty. A story in white and gold, an elegant and luxurious ceremony and an impressive reception where refinement and romance intertwine in a magical dance of colors – is this the wedding of your dreams? If your answer is “yes”, then join this spectacular trend and create an unforgettable experience for your special day!

1. Wedding theme in white and gold – a step by step guide

The white and gold wedding leaves its mark on every aspect of the event, from the refined decor to the grooms’ outfits and the gorgeous floral arrangements. When you step into such a fairytale-like universe, you are greeted by an enchanting atmosphere, where the bright light is reflected in countless golden details, creating a subtle play between the shades of white and the glitter of gold. Thus, every detail must be carefully planned to create perfect harmony.

1.1. What colors go with gold for a wedding – from the dress to the cake

When it comes to wedding color combinations, white and gold are elegant and refined options that can be integrated into the wedding theme, from the bride’s dress to the table setting and the wedding cake. Here are a few details to take into account for a white and gold event:


  • Wedding dress


You can choose a wedding dress in a classic style, with golden details in the form of rich and sophisticated embroidery, inspired by the baroque period. These details add a royal allure to your dress, highlighting the decorative elements in a spectacular way. But, if you prefer a more modern and bold look, you can opt for a dress with geometric gold appliques. For example, a dress with a simple cut, but with gold inserts in abstract shapes or patterns, can create an impressive and contemporary visual effect, while still keeping the elegance of the gold/white combination. Also, for timeless inspiration you can add a belt or a thin gold ribbon to the waist, which can be decorated with small gems or gold embroidered details, thus providing an interesting and subtle focal point. 


If you want a romantic and feminine look, opt for a wedding dress with gold lace inserts. These details add a special charm to the dress and can be placed on the bust area, on the sleeves or on the train. But, what color goes with gold for a wedding? To complete the bridal outfit, a yellow hat or veil with gold accents would be great additions. This accessory adds an extra element of glamor and style to your dress and can make you feel like a modern princess. 


And last but not least, a spectacular gold train is the perfect choice for brides who want to make a grand appearance. It can be made of light and transparent materials, such as tulle or silk, and can be decorated with subtle golden details or rich embroidery.





  • Groom’s attire

Apart from gold and white, the groom may wear a suit with burgundy or navy blue accents. These colors add depth and elegance to the outfit. The attire can be complemented with a gold bowtie, for a distinguished and refined look. 


  • Bridesmaids’ dresses

When it comes to what colors go with gold for a wedding, to add a splash of color, you can suggest dresses in shades of emerald green or dusty pink for the bridesmaids. They can wear dresses in a light and airy material, with lace or floral details in light yellow and dusty pink. Make sure your bridesmaids feel comfortable and confident in their chosen attire.


  • Table decorations

The best colors that go with a white and gold table are shades of brown, purple or silver. For example, you can opt for small tables covered with golden tablecloths, purple centerpieces, silver tableware and white candles to complement the overall look and create a sparkling and refined effect. Delicate flowers such as Peruvian lilies, daisies and Japanese roses are a perfect addition on the tables. 





  • Wedding cake

The best choice that you can make is to opt for a classical wedding cake, with a white frosting and caramel-hued edible flowers or coral ribbons. Another great option is a multi-tiered white cake adorned with gold sugar pearls, delicate flowers and marzipan leafs. This timeless design is truly sophisticated and pairs perfectly with the color scheme. If you wish for a more extravagant cake, take your inspiration from the glamorous Art Deco era by opting for a cake design featuring geometric shapes, intricate patterns, and metallic gold accents. 




Keep in mind that, before deciding on a color palette, it’s recommended to test color combinations to make sure they fit into the overall context of your wedding.

1.2. Wedding decor – gold and white reception and ceremony

If “extraordinary” is the word you want to describe your wedding, then remember that first impressions matter! Therefore, the space in which you choose to organize the ceremony and the reception and the way it is decorated is decisive if you want to impress your guests right from the start. So, keep these tips in mind about a wedding decor gold and white for an unforgettable experience:


For the ceremony:


  • Floral arch: Imagine saying “I do” under an elegant arch, created from special flowers, such as yellow roses, hydrangeas or white lilies, along with eucalyptus or grapevine. These decorations will add a lush and bright touch, highlighting the theme of your wedding. 


  • Gold rugs: Choose carpets made of quality material in a warm shade of yellow to decorate the main aisle of the ceremony. These rugs will add a royal touch and create an impressive look for your walk down the aisle. Make sure they are well placed and secured to avoid any unpleasant incidents. 


  • Lamps and candles: Create an intimate and romantic atmosphere during the ceremony by placing yellow lamps and gold-glitter candles. Place them in strategic places to elegantly illuminate the aisle and add a festive touch to the decor. 


For the reception: 


  • Gold tables and chairs: Opt for tables and chairs with a sophisticated and shiny gold finish. Complete the decor of the white and gold wedding theme with cushions and chair covers in white and gold tones for a harmonious and pleasant look. These are some great ideas for a great event.


  • Elegant floral arrangements: When it comes to the dining tables, choose flowers like golden roses, white orchids and lilies. Complement the centerpieces with subtle greenery and golden details such as gilded vases, candles or satin ribbons to captivate the attention of guests. 


  • Crystal and mirror details: Introduce crystal objects and mirrors into the reception area – these decorations can amplify the ambient light. Moreover, you may use vases filled with lilies and white peonies placed in front of the mirrors for a more glamorous effect. 


  • Balloons and confetti: Add a touch of cheer and sparkle to your reception decor with gold balloons and sparkling confetti. Balloons can be used in spectacular arrangements, while the confetti can be scattered on the tables or on the dance floor. This is a truly entertaining way to get the party started. 





2. White and gold wedding ideas – luxurious destinations around the world

There are many perfect combinations and decorations for a wedding theme gold and white. But nothing compares to a wedding on a lush beach, where the colors of nature merge harmoniously with the gold reflected by the bright sun and the simplicity of white, which symbolizes purity and naturalness. So, if you really want a unique and out-of-the-ordinary event, choose one of these special and perfect locations for a white and gold wedding:


  • Greece


A white and gold themed Greece wedding can be an absolutely spectacular experience. Greece is known for its picturesque landscapes, impressive architecture and high quality services, making it an ideal destination for an unforgettable event. One of the most popular wedding destinations is the romantic island of Santorini. Here you will find picturesque villages with white houses and blue domes, spectacular landscapes with crystal clear seas and impressive sunsets. 


There are a variety of exclusive resorts and luxury villas located on volcanic cliffs, offering spectacular panoramic views. The wedding ceremony can take place on a private terrace overlooking the sea or in a picturesque chapel with traditional architecture. A splendid floral arch in shades of gold and white can be placed as a backdrop for the ceremony, adding a touch of romance. The reception can be organized in a refined restaurant or in an exclusive lounge, where you will be surrounded by luxury and comfort. 


The menu served at the reception can include exquisite Greek and international cuisine prepared by talented chefs. Luxury resorts or private villas that offer impeccable service and exclusive amenities – pools with a sea view, spa and wellness centers, tennis or golf courts, are just some of the facilities that your guests can enjoy. 


This French Polynesian island paradise offers a spectacular natural setting and high-quality services, making it the perfect destination for a gold and white wedding. Bora Bora is famous for its idyllic landscapes, fine sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. 


You may get married on a private beach, where the white sand and sparkling waters will create a romantic and charming setting that will blend perfectly with the theme of the event. The reception can be held at one of the island’s luxurious resorts, which offer exclusive facilities and stunning views. Elegant ballrooms, terraces suspended over the lagoon or beachside restaurants are all ideal options for a refined setting.


  • South of France


This region, known as the Cote d’Azur, is renowned for its beauty and sophisticated style. There are many special locations in the south of France where you can host a luxurious reception in white and gold. For example, seaside towns such as Cannes, Saint-Tropez and Nice offer a variety of resorts and hotels, as well as fine restaurants with private terraces and panoramic views of the Mediterranean. 


The South of France offers many possibilities for couples who want a lush wedding. For example, you can organize a yacht wedding on the French Riviera, saying “I do” in a picturesque port or in the middle of the sea, under the beautiful Mediterranean sunset. 


  • South of Spain


One of the most popular destinations in southern Spain for a wedding on the beach is Costa del Sol. This area offers a diverse landscape, from spectacular beaches to traditional villages and exotic gardens. 


If Spain is the perfect destination for you, then a beach wedding might be the perfect setting for a white and gold ceremony. The best time of the day to have the ceremony is one hour before sunset, also known as the “golden hour” – this is a moment where all colors appear brighter and more intense. So, in this natural setting, decorations can consist of elegant centerpieces made with seasonal flowers and other elements with gold glitter. 


In addition, after the ceremony, you can organize a wine tasting in the Montilla-Moriles region, known for its wine production, or explore nearby historic cities such as Granada and its famous Alhambra palace.


Therefore, let your dream come to life and make your white and gold wedding be a real show of beauty and elegance, in a fairytale setting, created from great ideas. Entrust your wedding in white and gold to the expert hands of and you will have a unique and memorable experience, where every detail will shine to perfection. So get ready to enter a universe of elegance and opulence and see your dream wedding becoming reality!


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