Corfu is a special island, being one of the most beautiful Greek islands. So, if you want to find a destination in Greece that is perfect for your wedding, you should definitely consider this wonderful place. Whether you want a wedding on the beach, by the sea, or if you prefer the old center of Corfu or other small towns on the island, you surely will find many great possibilities. But in order to make the best decision for you, it is necessary to find out everything about all the options you have, but also about the steps you need to take to organize such a special wedding.


1. Wedding in Corfu – Why is Corfu so special?

Corfu (in Greek – Kerkyra) is part of the Ionian Islands and is one of the most loved and appreciated places in Greece. It is often said that this island is the most beautiful Greek island. It has a rich history, and it appears often in literature and art – Odysseus is said to have stopped in Corfu before returning to Ithaca and Homer described this land as beautiful and rich. The place is also said to have been the inspiration for Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and in recent years it has gained even more popularity thanks to The Durrells TV series, which has brought the gorgeous images and scenery of Corfu to the public. Also, due to the beauty of these places, the well-known Empress Sissi chose this island to build the Achillion palace – an elegant and luxurious construction with gorgeous gardens, which still exists on the island today.

Corfu is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and more and more tourists are eager to discover the mysteries and wonderful landscapes of this island. The place itself has a special vibe, being loaded with olive trees, cypress trees, mountains and amazing beaches. So, here you will find a unique natural setting, perfect for your event. 

It is known as the Emerald Isle due to its attractive and lush vegetation. Corfu has a unique spirit, which was created thanks to the civilizations that passed through this island in history. The Venetian spirit has remained strongly present in the vibe of Corfu, and this can be seen especially in Corfu Town. Due to the Venetian occupation, Corfu became the only Greek island to resist the Turkish invasion. Corfu is also known for its traditional villages and towns, bordered by hectares of olive groves. There are couples who want to have a ceremony in a central square in a traditional small town, but also couples who want to include some activities in the days before and after the wedding. Regardless of the category you belong to, Corfu offers you multiple possibilities, which you can explore anytime.

Corfu is also a place where there are many local philharmonics. There are many small towns that have their own philharmonic, made up of ordinary citizens who love music and who are not professional musicians in their everyday life. They organize small concerts in the central squares and perform in front of relatives, friends and other citizens of the village. So, if you want a special musical wedding, you can have this wow element into your love story. It will definitely be something out of the ordinary and you will manage to have a truly authentic Greek wedding!


2. Wedding venues in Corfu – Locations and places

There are many locations in Corfu that are worth exploring when you start looking for the perfect wedding venue. Here are some locations you can consider if you decide to organize your wedding in Corfu:


Corfu Old Town

Corfu Old Town is a very special place – it is defined by a Venetian architectural style, which makes its presence felt not only in the buildings, but also in the atmosphere and the vibe of Corfu. There are couples who love such historical places – if you are one of them, you can choose to have your wedding on the streets of the city or at a specific church.

Wedding on the beach

There are plenty of beautiful beaches and seaside venues that you can turn into the perfect place for your wedding. For example, Sidari is one of the most popular destinations in Corfu, thanks to the beach called Canal d’Amour. It is located in the north of the island and stands out due to the perfect combination of the imposing rocks and the turquoise sea. It is said that Canal d’Amour is a beach for lovers and that those who go there will stay together forever. Sea water is also said to have healing and detoxifying properties, thanks to its rich clay deposits. The special landscape is full of wonderful cliffs and rocks that create unique lagoons and canals, and that’s why the photos taken there are so spectacular. There are plenty of weddings organized here – so you will find many photos and reviews for this place!

There are other beaches that you can explore on the island and you can find various beaches that have received the blue flag. Whether you want to find a more secluded beach with beautiful pine trees or golden sand, or you want a more grand place, luxurious and lovely, you will surely find the ideal beach for you in Corfu. Here you will also discover numerous places full of taverns, fig trees, pomegranates, but also more secluded places where you can find the authentic Greek charm.

You can choose a beach that can only be reached by boat – even if such an option requires more attention and a much better organization, nothing is impossible if you really want it to happen! Corfu has a lot of such beaches, which can become the perfect setting for your wedding party.


  • On the green hills

If you want a truly special wedding, you can opt for a location on a hill or a mountain. In Corfu you can find unique and original places that offer a superb view of the sea, from a high point that gives you a panoramic view of all the beauties that the island has. There are also places where the sea meets the mountain in an overwhelming way – so if you can’t decide between the sea breeze and the spectacular mountain scenery, you can have both if you find the right place! All you have to do is to think about it and to research various possibilities until you discover the best option for you. When you will find it, you will imagine, in a second, the whole event, in a wonderful way.

3. Getting married in Corfu – How to find the perfect Corfu venue for your wedding?


Corfu is a popular and exclusive destination, especially for those traveling from Poland or other European countries. It is accessible because it has an airport and can be easily reached by plane. Another advantage is that it has about 57 beaches full of olive trees, sun, sea and hot sand, from which you can choose the one you imagine as the right place for your wedding. Of course, there are other sights and attractions on the island that you can include in your wedding story. So, you have plenty of options to choose from. But, to be able to select the ideal place, there are several aspects that you have to consider.


  • How to get there

Before choosing the final location, you must also think about how to get to the venue. This is important for both you and your guests. Even though Corfu town can be reached by plane, the distances can be quite long if you want to reach the beaches in the north or south of the island. So, pay attention to this aspect and don’t forget to take care of it. You can opt for car rentals or for bus options, as a way of transport.


  • Accommodation

Guest accommodation is another thing to consider. It should be accessible, comfortable and preferably as close as possible to the chosen location. If you prefer a more secluded place, you can opt for apartments, villas or cottages. If you prefer a more populated and luxurious place, you can turn to luxury hotels or resorts.


  • The theme

The theme of the wedding can influence the choice of  the venue, especially if you imagine a certain landscape that you would like to have in the background. In principle, any theme can be brought to any kind of space, but if you choose to have an outdoor wedding, you definitely want to take into account the natural decor, which must be complementary to the creative concept that you will create. If you want to have, for example, a marine theme, it can be done on any kind of beach in Corfu, because you’ll have everything you need – sea, sand, shells, rocks, etc. There are many themes that you can opt for and it all depends on your preferences. With the support of your wedding planner, you will succeed in making your dreams come true!


  • Services

If you choose to work with a team of professionals who have experience in organizing a wedding in Corfu, the part of getting quality services is almost solved, because they will have all the necessary contacts to be able to give you what you want. The wedding planner will advise you in this regard, depending on your wishes. For example, if you value certain special services that are not available in every location, you may need to review your plan and move to a location where those services can be obtained. Talk to the team of wedding planners and tell them the ideas you have, and they will give you all the information they have about it. Together you will manage to find the best options for an authentic greek island wedding.


  • The season

The season in which you choose to organize your wedding in Greece is an important element, as it influences both the availability of wedding venues and other essential factors (such as weather, tourists, etc.). If you consider getting married in the summer, you have to take into account the fact that Corfu, especially from June to September, is quite crowded and full of tourists, who come to visit all corners of the island. Also, it is recommended to take into account the high temperatures, especially in July and August. In the spring or in the autumn, the temperatures are more pleasant and the island is less populated by tourists. This means that you will find more accommodation opportunities, but also more available venues. So, it is worth taking into consideration all these aspects and you will manage to choose the right season for the type of event you want to organize.

In conclusion, the island of Corfu can offer you many advantages when it comes to organizing a wedding. Here you will find wonderful landscapes, olive trees, kumquat liqueur, narrow streets, Venetian buildings, small churches, a lot of taverns, very good food, quality services and, above all, welcoming and wonderful people. Corfu is a very special island that has an atmosphere that you won’t find anywhere else. Its special vibe is one of a kind, thanks to all the details specific to this historical place. So, if you want to organize your wedding on a Greek island, don’t hesitate to choose Corfu! Find the right spot on the island and customize it the way you want. You surely will manage to create a truly special event, for you and your loved ones. Stay close to your wedding planner and every dream will come true! Trust your team, your loved ones and, of course, yourself – trust your creativity, find wonderful ideas, and, above all, have trust in the lovely, unique and special charm of Greece!


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