The wedding is an important event, which brings special moments, full of joy and love. So, if you started doing research for designing the venue, you’d definitely think about colors. Colors are the ones that can completely change the atmosphere – so they are essential and you should not ignore them. If you want to be fashionable, you can rely on the trends of 2023 in terms of suitable colors for the wedding decor. Keep in mind the month in which you are going to organize the party and be inspired by the ideas you will find in this article!

1. Wedding in May/June 2023 – Spring and summer colors

June and May are popular and appreciated months because they offer you pleasant temperatures and an atmosphere that combines summer and spring in a wonderful way.

May is the last month of spring – so if you choose to organize your wedding in this month, you can create a setting specific to a spring wedding. Whether it is the floral arrangements or the other decorations, it is important to focus on some beautiful and attractive colors. Of course, if you want to be on trend in 2023, you need to document yourself on the colors that are most popular this year. Therefore, if you want to organize your wedding in May, there are several color schemes that you can select.

Flowers are an important element that must be exploited in the spring months. They can help create gorgeous decor that impresses with elegance and sophistication. You can choose a main color to start from, and then you can decorate everything using secondary shades to complement the main one. Here are the most popular color combinations for 2023:

Blue + Orange

Although it may seem like a combination created from two very strong colors, you will see that they complement each other very well, if you know how to combine them. First of all, it’s good to know that you can select different shades of orange and blue. For example, you can opt for a sky blue, which you can enhance with a very bright orange. Also, a darker blue (like navy blue) will complement very well with a pale, peachy orange. If you want to add a little extra touch, you can opt for silver elements, which will give a fancy touch to the whole decoration. So, you don’t have to think only about the basic shades, but also about the entire color palette that they offer you.

Green + Pink 

Green is on trend in 2023 and therefore it should not be missing from your decor. It can be of different types, but emerald green is at the top of preferences for this year. Emerald green can be easily combined with pink tones. Pink conveys well-being, happiness, and love, while green conveys freshness and rebirth. These tones help to create a romantic setting that combines tradition and modernism specially and harmoniously. They are a perfect combination as they are neither overpowering nor too washed out. Green helps to create a lively and fresh atmosphere, while pink adds the necessary amount of poetry, romance, and delicacy. You can opt for velvet tablecloths, which add extra elegance. Cutlery, plates, and napkins can also have these colors. In the spring you will often find this combination in nature, and surely you have noticed the special contrast that is usually created between the green leaves and the pink flowers. So, don’t hesitate to use this special combination, with which you can create a unique and original decoration.

Pale Pink + Purple + Grey

This combination is on the top of favorites for weddings organized in 2023. Pale pink and purple are specific shades of flowers that bloom during spring – so these shades will bring the magic and charm of spring to your wedding! But, if you want to add a color that gives a more classy look to the whole decoration, you can combine these two colors with shades of gray, which temper the chromatic range used, offering extra elegance.

Blue + Pink 

Even though light blue (bleu ciel) and pink can be considered to be specific colors for christening parties, they can also be used for the wedding party. So, if you want to keep the spring atmosphere, but you don’t want to direct your attention to stronger shades, you can opt for this unique combination, which complements very well with the classic white elements (such as the wedding dress, the tablecloths, etc.).


Magenta + Navy blue 

Magenta has been declared the color of the year 2023, so more and more couples want to include it in their wedding decor. Even if, in general, it is easier to combine such a strong shade with a more pastel or faded one, do not be afraid to experiment and test original ideas. So, as strange as it may seem, you can combine magenta with navy blue, and the result will be really special! Of course, if you also want a third shade, you can opt for silver accents, which will enhance the main colors.

For weddings that take place in June, you can turn to sunny colors, or to colors that can bring the sea closer to you. If you choose to organize a beach wedding, surely these combinations will be ideal and will help you create a unique and original setting. Here are the most popular color combinations you can select:

Red + Orange + Yellow

Warm colors are a great choice when it comes to a June party. They will look great, especially in a location lit by the sun’s rays. So, you can choose these colors if you like summer and if you want to create a vivid and colorful decoration.

Yellow + White + Gold

If you want to make a more elegant arrangement, you can combine these colors: yellow, white, and gold. White will provide purity and elegance, gold will provide a classy touch, and yellow will represent the sun and warmth.


Blue + White 

Blue and white make a perfect combination for nautical-themed weddings. If you are going to have your wedding party on the beach, by the sea, or if you are simply in love with the sea and everything it represents, you can include this color range in your decor. You can opt for striped decorations, typically nautical, or for other patterns and prints that you consider suitable for your decor. You can also add curtains or panels to complement the decor uniquely. Using all these elements, you will surely succeed in creating an enchanting, fairytale setting that impresses with design and elegance. Also, this color palette is perfect for a Greek wedding – so if you love Greece and you decide to organize your wedding in such a wonderful place, you surely will have some white and blue, especially if you are looking for a traditional setting.





2. March Wedding – What colors are trendy in 2023?

March is exactly at the intersection of winter and spring, being the first month of spring. Therefore, if you have chosen to organize your wedding during this period, you can opt for a decoration that marks this change. March is the coolest spring month, so you can opt for cooler colors with spring vibes. Thus, you can create a perfect balance between a winter feeling and a spring atmosphere.

Silver + Green

Silver is a color that resembles the shine of snow or ice, while green represents the rebirth of nature and the return to life – thus, these two shades represent exactly the transition from winter to spring. You will see that this combination is a special one and will have a strong visual impact. You can opt for various decorative elements to complete the frame – ribbons, balloons, flowers, and various decorations, which will give an elegant touch to the whole space.

White + Pink

The combination of white and pink is very elegant and diaphanous – so if you are looking for colors that are not extravagant, but give you the ideal amount of elegance, these are the ideal shades. White preserves the purity specific to winter, while pink represents a new beginning, a new chapter, and a new spring. So, don’t hesitate to choose such colors and the result will be impressive. You can even create an aisle made of mixed white and pink flower petals – the visual impact will be strong and the design will be really special.






3. Autumn wedding in September 2023 – Which are the perfect colors for your party?

If you have chosen to organize your wedding in autumn, things are simpler in terms of colors, especially if you want to opt for shades specific to this season. So, you can play with colors like orange, yellow, burgundy, brown, or other shades that capture the charm of autumn. Of course, it all depends on your wishes and you surely have to take into account the location. For example, if you organize your wedding at a castle (such as a Bran castle wedding, if you want to have your wedding in Romania), everything will be even better because you will already have a natural setting – trees, leaves, etc. Here are some combinations you can try:

Burgundy + Yellow + Brown

In this season, nature has a lot of special colors, which impress with their unique appearance. If you want the decoration to have an autumn vibe, you can create unique designs, using some shades specific to autumn. Burgundy is an extremely elegant color that was often used in royal courts, both to decorate rooms and for clothing. Therefore, this shade will help you create a luxurious design. To complement this special color, you can add accents of yellow and brown – you can introduce these colors in main decor elements (such as tablecloths, chairs, and floral arrangements) or you can use them in smaller decorations (such as leaf arrangements that can be placed on tables, in the bride’s bouquet, in menu design, etc.).

Dark Purple + Orange

Purple and orange complement each other in a special way – but dark purple is even more attractive because it creates a more mysterious and elegant look. Orange can be of different types, but it’s good to know that you can opt for rust tones, which will keep the vibe elegant. Of course, you can complement this color palette with small golden accents, which will shine and enrich the whole design.



In conclusion, whether you choose to have a beach wedding, a wedding at a castle, or another kind of party, you surely have to select great color schemes, in order to create a wonderful setting. There are many color trends that you can choose in 2023 – just analyze them and decide what are the best options for you. If you want to have a wedding in spring (March, April or May) you can choose a specific color palette, and, of course, with many flowers. Of course, you can plan your wedding for summer, autumn or winter, and this rule still applies – the natural colors that you can see outside can be used in many ways, while creating the perfect design for your event. Therefore, pay attention to the nature around you and try to be aware of all the beauties it has to offer! With a great wedding planner, you surely will organize a wonderful party, just as you imagined! The process is lovely and you have to appreciate it every step of the way – planning a wedding is a truly unique experience and choosing the main colors for your setting is very important. So come up with original ideas and be confident – you will find the best options for you and you will create a unique setting that will definitely stand out!


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