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Nunta la Castelul Bran cover Wedding at Bran Castle - Dracula Wedding SEE DETAILS

Bran Castle Wedding - Dracula’s Wedding

Royal marriage in the heart of Transylvania

Are you looking for a special wedding destination? Do you want to surprise your guests in a special way and have a royal or medieval-style wedding? We challenge you to get out of the pattern and choose something different: Dracula Wedding, a unique wedding at Bran Castle!

It is impossible not to have heard at least once of Bran Castle or Dracula’s Castle, as it is also known. This imposing historical monument is found in Transylvania, Romania, and carries the history of centuries of fascinating events and happenings. Bran is an ideal place for a wedding if your partner or guests are found in nature, castles, history, and the popular legend of Count Dracula.

Haven’t decided yet? Discover with us why you should consider Bran for a fairytale wedding and how you can see your dream come true:

Even if it is not an exotic destination, a wedding at Bran Castle can be an inspired choice for you and the person you want to spend the rest of your days with!
Bran Panorama Fabuloasa

Fabulous panorama

The natural setting surrounding Bran Castle has special features. The castle on the rock looks fabulous in the moonlight in the evening, but just as imposing during the day, in the sunshine. Representative of the mix between reality and myth, this setting is more than suitable for weddings.

Bran Istorie impresionanta

Impressive history

Bran Castle is unique in its architecture and historical value. The fortress, known since 1377, is later associated with the tumultuous history of Vlad Tepes. Planning your wedding at Dracula’s Castle you will have an unforgettable experience and you will feel the authentic atmosphere of the place!

Bran Nunta Regala sau Scary

Royal or scary wedding

Whether you dream of a royal, medieval or a “scary” wedding, anything is possible at Bran Castle. Regardless of the way you dream of being a prince or princess, Dracula’s castle folds into all kinds of atmosphere, and you will have an exclusive and original wedding!

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Nunta la Bran Galerie
Nunta la Bran Galerie
Nunta la Bran Galerie

Dracula’s Wedding - a unique event with a professional team

If you and your loved one have always imagined that you will join your destinies in an exceptional setting and that the whole event will exceed everyone’s expectations, then the decision to get married at Bran Castle is the wisest! Of course, the preparations for this special occasion require help from a professional team, and WedDo Agency is ready to offer you an unforgettable experience, which you will remember all your life with joy!

Because we only like stories with a happy ending and an impressive development, you can count on us when it comes to:

✧ Exclusivity – WedDo Agency offers you the privilege of having a royal-style wedding at Bran Castle, special menu, costumes, and specific decor for Dracula Wedding!

✧ Continuous consulting – throughout the collaboration we are close to you and we make sure that all your requirements are met!

✧ Necessary documents – from any country you come from, we provide you with all the documents you need to get married both religiously and civilly.

✧ The actual planning – this service includes everything that means: the setting of the castle, the menus of the guests, keeping in touch with the suppliers, organizing the party after the wedding, etc.

✧ Customized services – regardless of your preferences for your fairytale wedding, WedDo Agency can offer you 100% customized services.

✧ Additional services – in addition to the wedding planning, you can also rely on us in terms of accommodation or transportation.

Nunta la Bran
Ioana Selner & how the concept of wedding at Bran Castle was born
Wedding at Bran Romania
Wedding at Bran Romania
Wedding at Bran Romania
Wedding at Bran Romania
Wedding at Bran Romania

Ioana Selner is the founder of WedDo Agency, and her passion for ceremonies that tell a unique story led her to this international business. With over 5 years of experience in planning hundreds of weddings on the beach, in the air or underwater, Ioana is known for turning all dreams into reality, even those that may seem impossible.

The idea of ​​a wedding at the castle came from the desire to give the bride and groom the opportunity to become fairytale characters in their own fairy tale. This concept is dedicated to all those who want unique experiences, those passionate about mystery and the medieval world. Not only a beach wedding can be romantic because emotions do not consider the destination: such an important event must be shaped by the personality of the bride and groom. And Ioana and the WedDo team always make sure that any part of the ceremony exceeds even the highest expectations!

What seems too much to others, is a challenge for us to overcome ourselves and an opportunity to create a unique and original event, as has never been done before.

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