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Underwater ceremony - Completely overwhelmed by the excitement of your wedding SEE DETAILS

Underwater Wedding Ceremony

While most people dream of a romantic, classic or beach wedding, you are already thinking of something more courageous and special – an underwater ceremony. Of course, for many people, this way of joining their destinies may seem difficult, but for others, it is unique and challenging. Whether you are a diver, surfer, water enthusiast or simply want something memorable with your partner for your wedding, the underwater ceremony is a great choice!

Some of the most discouraging aspects of planning a wedding in general are complexity and scale. Of course, the underwater wedding ceremony is no different. Moreover, this implies even more responsibility. Fortunately, for adventurers who dream of such weddings, there is an agency ready to turn your wishes into reality – WedDo Agency!


The underwater ceremony - the most insane experience

Yes, we know that it is the most insane way to join your destiny, but it is one that takes place safely and, moreover, is unforgettable. If you want to work with us to bring this desire to life – to get married underwater – it is good to know what services we offer:


✧ A wedding consultant with experience in underwater weddings;

✧ A professional scuba diving team;

✧ Specialized diving training before underwater ceremony;

✧ Approving and processing marriage documents to make your underwater wedding a reality;

✧ A diving officer, a captain or a sailor to officiate the wedding;

✧ Obtaining the marriage certificate recognized by the authorities;

✧ Possibility to say “YES” in exotic TOP destinations;

✧ Permits for renting the boat, approval for the possibility of sailing;

✧ Other equipment (photo, video, audio) needed to preserve the most beautiful memories;

✧ Wedding party, if you wish, on the beach or on a yacht;

✧ Romantic dinner, in case you don’t want a lavish party.

Underwater ceremony - how does such a wedding take place?

An underwater ceremony is an event that takes place like other marriages but takes place underwater. The scenarios, however, may be different due to the environment where the bride and groom are, so some prefer to kneel and others to stand during the ceremony. In addition, the wedding is a REAL one, because it is officiated by a legally appointed person, the bride and groom say their wedding vows, and at the end, they put their rings on their fingers, as it should be. So, the couple does not have to be previously married!

One aspect that brides and grooms need to consider is that not all couples can have an underwater wedding, but only those who are considered to be fit according to a medical check.

What else should you know about the underwater wedding that WedDo Agency can plan?

✧ Marriage underwater is photographed and recorded;

✧ The bride and groom may have underwater headphones with an audio system through which they can communicate and address their vows verbally;

✧ Only people who want to witness the moment can enter the water;

✧ The whole ceremony can be heard live by guests and people who are on the beach or on a yacht;

✧ The documents are further signed, on land;

✧ The marriage certificate is different and special because it will mention the longitude and latitude, not a city, a town hall, or a country, as it usually happens;

✧ The post-ceremony party can be organized on a yacht or on the beach;

✧ The bride and groom can either dress according to the event or wear diving suits.

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