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Nunta in Thassos Weddo Agency SEE DETAILS Beach wedding in Thassos

Weddings in Thassos

You’ve decided to get married and want a special moment on the beach in Thassos? First of all, congratulations on the new step in your life! Then, congratulations for choosing this fairytale destination! The island of Thassos is one of the few destinations where the sea joins the high mountains and where the nearby forests meet the crystal clear water of the beach!

Thassos Wedding - the perfect atmosphere where to see yourself as bride or groom

Beyond that, going on the adventure of your life to get married on the beach and not in another setting, is admirable! The beach wedding is not for everyone, but only for couples who know how to live every moment to the fullest, for non-conformists, for those who want an elegant and relaxing wedding, who want to do things differently from the traditional wedding!

Thassos Wedding Weddo Agency
Weddings in Thassos Weddo Agency

Thassos is an island with many beautiful beaches and is definitely a perfect wedding destination. Emerald Island, as it is also known, offers spectacular backgrounds for lifelong memories. Most of the beaches are surrounded by large, imposing cliffs, covered with white sand, fine and warm to the touch. Only if you reach this wonderful place will you be able to see how the blue-green shades of water are lost in the sparkle of the sun.

If you want an unforgettable wedding, but also a Greek-style honeymoon, Thassos is the island that offers you many options!

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Beach weddings in Thassos
Weddings in Thassos Weddo Agency
Beach wedding in Thassos
Beach wedding in Thassos planned from A to Z

Do you want a team of professionals for wedding planning? WedDo Agency can be exactly what you are looking for your event, if you imagine a fairytale day on the beach in Thassos. We can help you with the whole marriage process, from obtaining the documents to customizing the setting! No matter what thoughts you have, we can meet all desires, so that the big day is more than you expected!

Why is Thassos suitable for your beach wedding?
Many beaches suitable for honeymoon
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Many beaches suitable for honeymoon

Famous for its size, Thassos is an island with many beach options to choose from for your honeymoon. So, it is not difficult to find the perfect seaside. Among the shores you can visit after marriage would be Golden Beach, Paradis Beach or Aliki, because they are the TOP places in Thassos. Regarding the ceremony, however, you do not have to worry about the hustle and bustle or tourism because only private beaches are chosen.

Various ceremonies in Thassos

Whether you want to surprise your girlfriend and plan a marriage proposal in Thassos, whether it is a real, symbolic marriage or a vows renewal, the “emerald island” is the right place for any kind of ceremony.

Food, traditions and parties in Thassos

Every couple deserves to have a beautiful wedding with quality services. In Thassos these things are guaranteed by the specifics and lifestyle of the locals. Therefore, if you want to have your wedding here, be prepared for fun, dancing, good music and excellent Greek food. Here you can also try sweets, Thassos honey, spices or olive oil.

Wedding tourist attractions in Thassos

Each island has its own attractions, as Thassos does. On this Greek island, for example, you can have an excellent wedding album on Marble beach, which is unique due to the mixture between white sand and marble stones. Theologos is also the former capital of Thassos, a traditional village with narrow, cobbled streets and small houses, the ideal setting for artistic pictures. And the “natural pool” – Giola – is not to be missed if you reach this island destination!.

Are you curious to discover the beauties of Thassos? Accept the challenge and come and explore the Greek shores!

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