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Beach wedding in Thailand - exotic dream in "The Land of Smiles" SEE DETAILS

Beach wedding Thailand

Wedding destinations in Thailand - exotic dream in “The Land of Smiles

If you’ve heard of a country where the sun shines all year round and about the endless limestone cliffs of Krabi, tropical gardens, or secluded islands of luxury, then be sure it’s Thailand. This is a land of natural beauty, ideal for beach weddings.

The beaches of this country are ones of the most romantic in the world, offering married couples unforgettable views of the oceans of Thailand. Whether you prefer modern minimalism, the charm of hidden islands or rustic refuges for your wedding, this country is the destination that gives you DIVERSITY. So, what it has to offer will surely be enjoyed by all those who choose to join their destinies here!

Unique Asian marriage traditions

Raising a Tha lantern in the sky is one of the marriage customs that symbolize bringing good luck in marriage. Other customs you can try would be: pouring lotus flower water on the bride and groom’s hands, connecting their hands with a necklace – the Gura Noi Sang ceremony – or the Kwun Hao ceremony to encourage family prosperity.

Spectacular beaches, surrounded by great cliffs

Thai beaches have a very special look, contrasting with the large rocks, covered by vegetation, which surrounds them. The landscape is unique in the world! Whether you want an opulent wedding or a simplistic one, there is a multitude of spectacular bays to choose from: Koh Samui, Koh Lanta, Rayavadee or Phuket are just several options for your destination.

Thai cuisine with the most fragrant tastes

If you and your loved one are fans of Asian cuisine, the local dishes will not disappoint you! Thai flavors, spices, and dishes from this corner of Heaven are what can give an Asian flair to your wedding! Among the local specialties are: tom yam soup, green papaya salad, or the classic curry.

Wedding in Thailand
Thailand beach wedding
Beach wedding in Thailand Weddo Agency
Do you want a unique wedding on Thai beaches?

When you hear about a beach or ocean wedding in Thailand, you probably think of the Buddhist ceremonies that are often held here. If you want to get married on the Thai beaches, it is not necessary to choose the wedding theme to be in this direction. Instead, many non-Thais accept such a challenge as they fall in love with this ritual. Other ceremonies that can be performed in Thailand, ideally between October and April, would be Christian, Hindu, or Muslim ceremonies.

Unfortunately, in Thailand, unlike other exotic destinations, real civil unions cannot be held due to specific laws. However, you can enjoy a symbolic ceremony, followed by a party or a romantic dinner for two in a very special atmosphere!

Wedding on the beach in Thailand
Thailand beach wedding
Wedding in Thailand Weddo
Beach wedding in Thailand Weddo Agency
Coordinating your fairytale wedding in Thailand

As you have already learned, Thailand is the land of diversity, luxury or rustic resorts, delicious cuisine, entertainment options and natural beauty. This destination has a lot to offer for couples who want to get married in an extraordinary atmosphere.

WedDo Agency is the agency that makes you feel "WOW" on the beaches of Thailand

And because we know how difficult it can be to beat yourself up with all the details, especially in a distant country, it would be best to choose a professional team to take care of planning your wedding in Thailand. If you want to choose us, there are the expectations we can anticipate and the dreams we can turn into reality!

Wedding on the beach in Thailand

Dark circles under the eyes due to lack of sleep are just the image of a nightmare from which we invite you to say goodbye! With WedDo Agency, not only will you not have this, but we challenge you to “risk” counting on us to have a dream wedding in Thailand. We take care of keeping in touch with suppliers, establishing the setting and other issues. You just say “Take us to Thailand!”, and we do our best to have the coolest experience!

No matter how you imagine the Day, we make things happen: outdoor wedding, on the beach, underwater and whatever you imagined. Riding an elephant on the beaches of Thailand or wearing the Thai folk costume at the wedding, all these can be possible with WedDo Agency!

Everything that settles on the beach in Thailand, even if it is far away, IS REAL! To tell you one and do another is not about the ground of our existence and not because it would not be easier, but because we do not accept services of doubtful quality!

We don’t like patterns and we guess that if you came to us, you certainly don’t want a wedding similar to what you’ve seen before. If you agree, then the collaboration relationship with us will be a special one, and your marriage will be unforgettable on the Thai beaches.

So, if you choose to get married in Thailand, from the experience we gained, we guarantee that your family, friends and guests will be absolutely amazed by the whole event! Also, even if you want a romantic but non-conformist getaway and you want to go alone with your loved one, we make sure that you will have unforgettable moments! Now start the journey to your fairytale wedding and contact us!

Do you want more details? Contact us now!

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