Planning a wedding in another country so far away from home may seem out of reach in the beginning, but the reasons why you shouldn’t give up on making your dream come true are countless. From the charming vermillion sunsets over the velvety beaches and the surreal looking lagoons, Thailand has it all! So, if you want your marriage to start in a unique and memorable setting, check out this guide for more inspiration!

1. Why choose a destination wedding in Thailand?

Thailand is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world and the reasons why many couples have chosen this country are worth taking into account. 

Besides the breathtaking scenery, there are also many wedding themes that you can pick for your special day. For example, one of the most popular is the cultural Buddhist ceremony, that includes ancient rituals officiated by monks. Of course, religious weddings are also an option, even though it may be necessary to speak to a specialized wedding planner. Anyhow, for any of these options, WeDo Agency can be there for you to take care of all of the organizing and paperwork that you need for a perfect ceremony, while you can just enjoy the full Thai experience. 


Here are a few more reasons why you should choose Thailand as your wedding destination:

  • Warm weather all year-round

The weather is warm all year round, but it has a rainy season that you should know about. So, from November to May, it’s almost always sunny, with temperatures around 35 degrees Celsius, while the rainy season starts in July and it clears out by November. One of the best wedding destinations in Thailand is Phuket, with surreal sunsets and many activities available to entertain your guests. But, if you’re planning to have a wedding during the summer, Koh Samui might be the answer for you – chances of rain are from very low to zero, and the temperatures may vary between 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.


  • The relaxing landscape

This country has some of the most spectacular natural places and attractions to discover. Lagoons, clear waterfalls, fine white sands, exotic jungles and turquoise oceans – you and your guests will definitely have lots of things to explore and admire. With such beauty, it’s a pity not to make the wedding an occasion to extend your stay for a few more days. Rent a scooter and start your marriage with a timeless adventure!

Why choose a destination wedding in Thailand? - Weddo Agency


Why choose a destination wedding in Thailand? - Weddo Agency

Why choose a destination wedding in Thailand? - Weddo Agency

  • The fascinating culture

The Thai cuisine is known for its tasty foods and unique flavours, so don’t miss out on the chance to include the best traditional dishes in your wedding menu. The diversity is so vast that you shouldn’t eat the same food twice. Moreover, Thai people are warm and friendly, being amazing hosts, from the hotel receptionist to street vendors. 

Why choose a destination wedding in Thailand? - Weddo Agency


2. How to pick the perfect Thailand wedding venue

With so many options available, it’s easy to get lost on Thailand’s map when looking for the perfect wedding venue. But with some helpful tips, you can take the best options into account:

  • Hire an experienced wedding planner

Having a wedding on the other side of the world it’s not an easy thing. But, from transporting the guests to paperwork formalities, nothing is impossible for WeDo Agency. There are so many reasons why you should call on the services offered by our agency, that will do everything for you to feel special and satisfied with the results. 


  • Always remember your budget

When picking the venue, you have to take into account other things, like the choice of decor and catering, both of which will drive up the cost. Also, make sure that the chosen place can also assure accommodation for your guests. So, it’s better if you decide beforehand what kind of ceremony you would like and pick the venue afterwards.


  • Learn Thailand’s geography

You won’t find the best place until you’ll know what Thailand has to offer. For an intimate wedding, pick the beaches of the Gulf of Thailand. A big wedding is best to be organized on Bophut Beach, in Koh Samui. If you really want something spectacular, you can opt for the ceremony to take place in an old cave on Phranang Beach. 


  • Visit the country before the wedding

Once you’ve learned your geography, it’s best to go to Thailand and see these places for yourself. Plan a short trip with your other half and envision your perfect ceremony in all of the places which you would visit. This way, you can make sure that the venue’s offers are legit and include all of the things that you need. 

How to pick the perfect Thailand wedding venue - Weddo Agency

How to pick the perfect Thailand wedding venue - Weddo Agency


3. Tips to know before organizing a beach wedding in Thailand

If you are going to elope to Thailand, remember how important it is to know about its culture.

For example, the word ‘Thailand’ means ‘the land of the free’ and it was previously known as Siam. 

Tips to know before organizing a beach wedding in Thailand - Weddo Agency

Here are some more things you should know and do before having a Thailand destination wedding:

  • Learn basic words in Thai. Learning some basic words can be an easy job for anyone and it would be much appreciated by the locals. 
  • Respect their religion. About 90% of Thai people identify themselves as Buddhists, and most of the men over 30 have been monks. It’s a tradition for men to study in a monastery, at least in their youth. 
  • Don’t speak disrespectfully about their king –  this action can be punished by law. Thai people have a very high respect for their king and are very proud of him representing the monarchy. 
  • Do not touch anyone’s head – it’s considered as being the most important part of the body. It is spiritually wrong to put your hand on someone’s head, both adults and children.
  • Get the paperwork ready as soon as possible. The formalities are not necessarily complicated, but it may take a while until everything is done. It’s recommended to travel to Thailand a few days before the actual civil marriage, so you can make sure everything’s in order. 

Tips to know before organizing a beach wedding in Thailand - Weddo Agency

Unique landscape, cheap venues and rich culture – these are just a few things that can describe this amazing place. With so many advantages, there’s no doubt that couples all over the world are choosing this destination for their wedding day. Therefore, do your homework on Thai culture, decide on the theme of the wedding and go for it – there’s so much more to discover about this beautiful country! 


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