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Symbolic ceremony in the air SEE DETAILS

Ceremony In The Air

Love is literally in the air! If you dream of getting married symbolically at hundreds of meters altitude, in a plane or in a helicopter, and the clouds and the infinite sky to be your witnesses, it is good to know that this is possible. Whether you are a flight enthusiastic or simply like to try the most extreme adventures, now you can have such an experience right at your wedding. Say “Goodbye!” to classic weddings, where everything seems to be done automatically and the marriage takes place traditionally, as you know from the stories of your relatives.

We know that a wedding ceremony in the air may seem complicated or difficult, and if you are thinking of plan such an event without the help of a wedding planner, it will certainly be so. But, luckily for you, you’ve come to the right place!


Symbolic ceremony in the air planned by the experts

WedDo Agency, although known as the cheerful team, specialized in beach weddings, has experience in coordinating air ceremonies. Because we experienced the feelings of vowing in the same way as the bride and groom, we can only tell you that everything feels different in the air. If you want to have an undeniable experience with us, here’s what we assure you:

Unique SYMBOLIC marriage certificate, mentioning the latitude and longitude where the ceremony took place;

Flight team and professional assistants;

Experienced Romanian wedding consultant;

Possibility to parachute with a professional flight team (optional);

Photo and video team to capture the moment;

Obtaining approvals for flight, aircraft, flight corridor, and constant communication with the control tower;

The possibility of organizing a wedding party or romantic dinner after the symbolic ceremony in the air.

Symbolic ceremony in the air - things you need to know

The symbolic ceremony in the air is a different trend and more and more chosen by people looking for extreme adventures. This type of ceremony means the bride and groom join their destinies in a symbolic way, either in an airplane, in a helicopter, or in any air means they want. The lovers take their vows (inside) during the flight and offer each other their rings. The couple also has the opportunity to choose for a parachute jump, if they wish.

Real weddings in the air may also be possible, but they are only held in certain cases requested by couples and under a number of special conditions. One aspect to consider is the budget, because the cost of a real wedding on the plane is much higher than for a symbolic one, in the same setting. All this information can be discussed directly with your wedding consultant, and together you can decide which is the best option!

What do you say, do you accept the challenge of leaving yourself in the hands of specialists and enjoying a unique event, tailored exactly to your taste?
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