Summer is the season of love, when events are always full of color and life. If you’re looking for inspiration for the right colors scheme, you’ve come to the right place! From warm shades of orange and yellow, to vibrant turquoise and purple, summer is the perfect time to experiment with your favorite palette. So put your sunglasses on and discover the ideal hues for a memorable wedding!

1. Wedding color schemes for summer according to the chosen location

They say that the wedding is the most beautiful day in the life of any couple. And when it comes to a summer wedding, the possibilities are endless. From exotic beaches to botanical gardens, summer offers plenty of options to make your wedding an unforgettable event. And of course, we can’t forget about the elegant summer wedding colors, because they can make the difference between an ordinary wedding and a memorable one.


Wedding in the park

For a reception in the park, you can use vibrant colors like red, orange or yellow. Also, add a combination of pastel and bright colors to create a contrast with the nature around. Use flowers and plants to decorate the space. For example, you can place an arch decorated with summer flowers to be used for the ceremony or in the garden. Additionally, candles, fairy lights and wooden frames can add a sense of warmth and coziness.


Beach Wedding

The predominant colors for a beach wedding are blue, green and turquoise. You can opt for decorations with exotic flowers, such as orchids or hibiscus, or use shells and white stones for the table. Colorful candles in tall glass vases can be a great addition for charming lighting in the evening. In terms of locations, our recommendation is a beach wedding in Romania – you can have an exotic experience at the shore of the Black Sea at a better price than other similar destinations. 



Rooftop Wedding

A rooftop wedding is ideal for an urban and modern theme. It goes very well with a neutral palette of white, silver and gray to create an elegant and sophisticated look. To add a splash of color, you can choose decorative details in a strong hue, such as red or purple. When it comes to such a setting, colorful lights and exotic plants are a must, because they can make the experience more special. 


Exotic wedding

The perfect colors for a dreamy tropical wedding are orange, red or yellow and they can be reflected in decorations, flower arrangements and even the bride and groom’s attire. When it comes to decorations, opt for centerpieces with exotic flowers, but also decorative details such as strips of bamboo, palm leaves or light strings.






When it comes to choosing colors for a summer wedding that takes place in the mountains, it’s important to consider the natural surroundings and atmosphere. With that in mind, a color palette that is inspired by nature and the great outdoors would be ideal. Think earthy tones like mossy greens, deep browns, and shades of sand. These colors will complement the greenery of the mountains and the natural environment, while also creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests.


Another option for a summer mountain wedding might be to choose bright and bold colors that pop against the natural landscape. Think jewel tones like garnet, emerald, and sapphire. These colors will add a touch of glamour to your outdoor wedding while still complementing the natural surroundings. They’re also perfect for summer weddings as they add a pop of color while keeping the overall look elegant and sophisticated.


For a more relaxed and rustic feel, consider using shades of lavender, purple, and lilac. These colors will create a soothing and calming atmosphere that is perfect for a mountain wedding. Imagine walking down the aisle surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains while being enveloped in a sea of soft and gentle hues.


Finally, for a modern and chic mountain wedding, consider opting for a monochromatic color scheme. This means using varying shades of the same color. For instance, shades of blue could be used to create a cool and serene ambiance, whereas, shades of peach or pink could create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


When it comes to planning a summer wedding in the mountains, there are a variety of colors that can complement the natural surroundings. One option is to use earthy tones like olive green, dusty rose, and rust orange, which can add a natural and rustic touch to the decor. These colors can be incorporated through floral arrangements, linens, and even bridesmaid dresses. 


Another option is to go for bright and bold colors like coral, fuchsia, and turquoise. These colors can add a playful and lively atmosphere to the wedding and are perfect for outdoor ceremonies. Similarly, pastel shades like lavender and baby blue can give a soft and romantic vibe to the event. It can also be a great idea to incorporate metallic accents like gold or rose gold, which adds a touch of glamour to the mountain wedding. In terms of the venue, wooden accents like tables and chairs can complement the natural surroundings and give an elegant and rustic feel to the decor. Other decor elements like lanterns, candles, and string lights can also transform the atmosphere and create a magical ambiance. Ultimately, the chosen color palette should reflect the couple’s personal style and preference while also complementing the beauty of the mountain landscape.


No matter what color scheme you choose, it’s important to remember that a mountain wedding is all about embracing the natural beauty of your surroundings and creating an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and romantic. Be sure to incorporate elements that highlight the natural beauty of the mountains, like incorporating greenery, wood, and natural textures into your décor. By doing this, you’ll achieve the perfect summer mountain wedding that is both chic and effortlessly beautiful.


Choosing the perfect summer wedding color palette can be a real challenge, but also an opportunity to play with your favorite shades and add a touch of personality to your special event. Whether you choose a venue in the park, on the beach, mountain or rooftop, the perfect wedding color schemes for summer can create a unique and memorable atmosphere. So let your imagination run wild and create the perfect summer wedding in your favorite colors!

2. Summer wedding color palette for the bride and groom’s attire

Colors are an essential aspect of the wedding theme. By choosing the right summer wedding palette, you can create a magical atmosphere and give the event a touch of originality and personality. When it comes to outdoor settings, the summer color palette wedding must be according to the theme and also suit the location and time of day. Especially for the bride and groom’s attire, the palette is essential to create a harmonious look.


For a fairy tale wedding, the colors to wear to a summer wedding are pastel and delicate colors like pink, lavender or ivory, or she can opt for a white dress with glamorous and shiny details like sequins or beads. If the theme is a specific one, the bride can choose the dress according to it, such as a dress in the style of Belle from “Beauty and the Beast”. For the groom, a classic black or navy suit can always be a safe option, but if a more specific theme is desired, bolder colors or interesting patterns can be tried. A white or cream suit is the perfect choice for a fairy tale wedding, offering a princely and elegant air. In terms of accessories, the bride can wear a delicate floral crown or a sparkling tiara, and the groom should choose a colorful handkerchief or a shiny brooch.


In general, a classical wedding can be described as simple and elegant. The bride may opt for a dress in pure white, ivory or pearl adorned with embroidery, lace or beads, or wear a long cloak and veil. The groom may wear a classic suit, preferably in shades of black or navy blue. In terms of accessories, the bride can opt for a long veil or a simple wreath of summer flowers. 


A tropical theme can be a wonderful choice for a summer wedding. In terms of clothing, the bride can choose a light and airy dress in a shade of white, or a dress with floral prints, such as palm trees or hibiscus. A suit with a jacket in a pastel shade or with floral prints may be perfect for the groom. For accessories, the bride can wear a short veil or a crown of natural flowers, while the groom can opt for a bow tie or a colored handkerchief. If the weather is sunny, elegant sandals can perfectly complement the dress and suit.


A minimal wedding is a stylish and modern choice for couples who want to keep things simple and elegant. When it comes to clothing, both the bride and the groom can choose simple yet sophisticated outfits. The bride can choose a dress in a minimalist style, with a clean design and simple lines. A white or pastel dress can be a suitable choice and the accessorizing can be minimal with subtle jewelry and a simple and elegant hairstyle. For the groom, an excellent idea is a classic suit with a well-tailored jacket and a matching pair of trousers. The perfect combination of colors for a minimal attire is with neutral shades, such as black, white or gray.


A boho wedding is ideal for couples who want to have a bohemian style wedding with a non-conformist and relaxed vibe. When it comes to clothing, both the bride and the groom should opt for stylish outfits that are comfortable at the same time. The bride may opt for a dress with a loose cut, made of natural materials, such as cotton or lace. Colors can be pastel or terracotta, and the accessories may include flower crowns, bracelets and necklaces with natural stones. The groom’s outfit can include a suit with a loose cut, made of light materials, such as cotton or linen, in neutral tones of beige or brown.


For a rustic wedding, the attire should be suitable for the chosen venue, so that you can dance, enjoy and relax in a natural environment. Generally, these weddings involve a more casual approach when it comes to the outfit and suit a wide range of clothing styles. For the bride, a dress with simple lines and a minimalist design is an excellent option. Light materials, such as cotton, linen or lace, are ideal to match the rustic environment. A dress with warm pearl tones, pastel pink or petrol constitutes the perfect look. For the groom, a pair of beige or brown trousers and a white or pastel colored shirt is a classic option. You should also add a jacket in case the weather is colder or to add a touch of elegance. Comfortable shoes are essential to be able to walk on grass or rough terrain. It is also important to wear accessories that match the rustic theme, such as flower headbands, natural jewelry or genuine leather belts and shoes.





Of course, the summer wedding color palette of the bridesmaids dresses, but also of the gentlemen’s suits is important for a successful event. The summer bridesmaids dress colors must be in accordance with the predominant colors of the wedding.


Choosing the perfect color for bridesmaid dresses can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to planning a summer outdoor wedding. A beach wedding is a romantic and picturesque setting, and it demands bright and tropical colors that will complement the surroundings. Shades of pink, coral, turquoise and mint green are perfect for the bridesmaid dresses. These colors are not only lovely but also have a youthful and fresh feel, making them perfect for a beach wedding.


In contrast, a mountain wedding has a more rustic atmosphere, demanding muted, rich colors that will harmonize with the natural environment. Colors like navy blue, burgundy, forest green, and mauve are perfect for bridesmaid dresses. These colors reflect the serenity and calmness of the mountain and will look great when paired with greenery or flowers.


For an outdoor wedding, it’s essential to consider the season as well as the environment when selecting bridesmaid dress colors. Summer outdoor weddings are the perfect time to utilize fresh colors that signify the warmth and fun of the season. An outdoor summer wedding can take place on a beach, mountain or terrace, so keep this in mind when choosing the dress colors. Whether you’re opting for a bohemian chic or a modern minimalistic wedding, selecting the best colors for the bridesmaid dresses is crucial in creating a memorable and cohesive wedding theme.


Ultimately, when considering the color palette for the bridesmaid dresses for an outdoor summer wedding, it’s essential to ensure that the colors complement the natural setting, while also reflecting the wedding theme and the bride’s taste. By choosing the perfect summer outdoor wedding color palette, you’ll create an unforgettable setting and have beautiful pictures to cherish for a lifetime.

3. Best wedding colors for summer – Vibrant combinations for an exotic event

A wedding in an exotic location is a wonderful choice for couples who want to unite their destinies in a dream setting. 


Depending on the chosen destination, vibrant, vivid and intense colors can be used to create an exotic and lively atmosphere. Here are the best wedding colors for summer:


For a wedding in the Greek Islands, the colors can be in tones of white, blue and turquoise, which match perfectly with the crystal clear waters of the Aegean Sea. The bride can opt for a light dress, in white or turquoise tones, and the groom can wear a suit in blue or beige tones. For an authentic Greece wedding, decorations may include white candles, vases with blue flowers, and fabrics in shades of white. 


Bora Bora is another exceptional destination for a memorable summer wedding. The ideal colors to wear to a summer wedding are inspired by tropical areas, such as yellow, orange and pink. The bride should wear a dress with floral or tropical prints, and the groom can wear a suit in beige or orange tones. In terms of decorations, a proper choice are exotic flowers such as orchids or hibiscus, and candles in shades of pink and orange. Anyway, no matter your choices, remember that Bora Bora is a piece of heaven – nature itself can be taken into account as a colorful decoration. 


For a Mexico beach wedding, strong colors such as red, yellow and green are ideal. Thus, you will create a magnificent latino themed wedding. To match the environment, a white dress with red and yellow accessories would be perfect for the bride, while the groom can wear a green or blue suit. Decor can include mariachi flowers and peacock feathers, and guests can wear colorful and floral attire. 


If you dream of a wedding in Cote D’Azur, the ideal colors are pastels, such as pink, lilac and blue. The perfect summer color wedding dress should have a palette in shades of pink or lilac, and the groom can wear a petrol gray or blue suit. Pastel candles, delicate flowers, and pastel-hued fabrics are the perfect decorations for such a setting. 


Weddings in Zanzibar are really different from the rest. This is a unique choice, thanks to its gorgeous surroundings and natural gems. To match the local culture, colors such as orange, turquoise and green are ideal for an exotic wedding. Turquoise or orange tones are perfect for the wedding dress, while beige or turquoise tones are a proper choice for the groom’s attire.


If you’re planning a wedding in Cuba, you’ll want to choose summer wedding beach colors that evoke the vibrant spirit and tropical landscape of the island. Consider incorporating bold and bright shades like coral, fuchsia, and tangerine to capture the energy of the salsa music and lively culture. Soft pastel hues like seafoam green and sky blue can also be used to balance out the boldness of the brighter colors, and to complement the breathtaking beauty of Cuba’s beaches and turquoise waters. For a summer evening wedding with a more sophisticated look, consider using a color palette of earthy tones such as rust, terracotta, and olive green to reflect Cuba’s rich history and architecture. Whatever color scheme you choose, be sure to infuse it with the warmth and passion that makes Cuba such a unique and unforgettable destination for a wedding.






If you don’t want to stress about the organization and want to make sure that everything will turn out as you imagine, then you need the help of a wedding planner. An expert in organizing events of this type will take care of everything from A to Z!


To conclude, with a wedding party color palette inspired by summer, any event can become a unique and memorable experience. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and put your imagination to work. Leaving aside the classic rules of wedding colors, try to add a personal touch to your event, so that it reflects your style and personality. And if you’re still looking for the right wedding color ideas for summer, don’t forget to get inspired by nature or even your favorite movies. Be brave and creative and you will definitely have an unforgettable summer wedding!


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