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Spain beach wedding Weddo Agency Beach wedding in Spain, Valencian Coast - a mix of beach and culture VEZI DETALII

Beach wedding in Spain

For many Romanians, Germans, British and not only, Spain is the ideal holiday destination when they want to leave during the summer and relax. With over 590 beaches for tourists, Spain can enjoy the title that ranks it as the country with the most blue flag beaches. The sparkle of the seaside waters, the fine sand and the facilities are the aspects that define from the start the Latin country in the West.

When you say “Spain” , a landmark is the Valencian Coast, a coastal area, as its name suggests, which stands out for its natural beauty and recommends it as the ideal wedding destination. Apart from the fact that the sun shines more than 300 days a year, what makes it really SPECIAL is the natural treasure of the beaches of the Levantine geography. And, the best way to make sure that everything is real, is to plan a wedding in this dream setting, with a professional team!

Intimate beaches with a unique history

The Valencian coast has so many beaches that it is impossible not to find a place you like. Be prepared to choose between a mythical beach, a beautiful one with white gravel and golden sand, others surrounded by rocks, virgin or simply a secluded beach, ideal for saying “Yes” in a solemn setting – just the two of you!

Wedding on the beach or… directly in the sea

On the other hand, if you want your wedding to be premium (and we have a premonition that you dream about) you can have more than a beach wedding – a wedding closer to the heart of the sea! Thus, you can choose the castles on the water in medieval style such as the house of Pope Benedict XIII, for example.

Unforgettable experiences in Valencian style

If adventure characterizes you, this Spanish destination gives you everything you need to feel like in the ninth heaven! Between two baths in the sea, diving in the crystal clear waters of Valencia and windsurfing, you can join your destinies with your loved one and be exactly as you imagined!

Wedding in Spain Weddo Agency
Wedding in Spain on the beach
Spain beach wedding Weddo Agency
Beach wedding in Spain

And if you thought that was all, well …. NO! To have a wedding like any other in Spain, we don’t think that’s what you want, right? That’s what we assumed, that’s why we tell you how that day – which you have been thinking about since childhood – could be unique.

First of all, you have the opportunity to have your wedding in a cultural style: Indian, Hindu, Buddhist or in the atmosphere of any culture you want on this earth. And if you don’t believe us, challenge us and watch!

And secondly, if you want more than a beach wedding, it’s good to know that you can live the unique experience of uniting destinies: on a yacht, outdoors, at height, underwater or whatever you prefer!

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Wedding in Spain Weddo Agency
Spain beach wedding Weddo Agency
Wedding in Spain on the beach
Beach wedding in Spain

Wedding in Spain on the beach - Valencian Coast

Once you’ve decided that Spain is the country where you want to have a wedding event like in the movies, the next question on your lips is, “How can I have a wedding in this country?” Nothing simpler, we can say! In fact, your luck is that you are already in the right place and see exactly what an agency specialized in beach weddings, by the sea, the only one in Central and Eastern Europe with international coverage.

Choose WedDo Agency and forget about the stress of planning your wedding on the Valencian Coast!

A real wedding (if that’s what you want) or a symbolic one, depending on the stage of your relationship. What you need to know, instead, is that we take care of all the paperwork and offer you a marriage certificate at the end, we won’t let you leave the beach unmarried!

With quality, premium services, which not only meet your needs, but which exceed your expectations! This is the foundation on which our existence is based!

An original wedding as you have never seen before and customized. Isn’t that your aim? And we prefer to be unique, so we are in consensus!

The Valencian Coast offers a thousand and one possibilities to enjoy days with sun, turquoise waters, nature, sports, gastronomy, history… and all with the view of the Mediterranean Sea in the background. So, if you are planning to get married in a luxurious or relaxed setting, you certainly already know where you want this event to take place, who you would like to plan and what kind of experiences you can have if your dream sounds something like this: “I want a unique beach wedding!”

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