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Celebrate All Love - Same sex symbolic ceremony SEE DETAILS

Same sex wedding ceremony

Same sex marriage ceremony - on the beach

Love has no limits, at least on a sentimental and symbolic level. Equally, you and your half want to join your destinies in a simple setting, on the beach, on the yacht, in the air or underwater, you can do this in a symbolic way and officially mark a new beginning in your lives. Everything can take place as an ordinary beach wedding, the only difference being the symbolic profile of the ceremony.

If you are going to say “YES” to your half in a beautiful destination and have an event like you never dreamed of, you have met exactly the agency you need!

Same sex wedding ceremony, bouquet -
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Same sex wedding ceremony, seaside -

Same sex wedding ceremony - nonconformist event planned by specialists

Planning a ceremony for same-sex people is a challenge for us as wedding planners because we always aim to think of creative concepts, “out of the box”. For us, all that matters is that you, at the end of your ceremony, be satisfied and happy. So, here is what we offer you by collaborating with us:

Detailed planning of the symbolic ceremony, with everything related to it (private beach reservation, decoration, hair & makeup, etc.)

Wedding party after the symbolic ceremony or romantic dinner for you and your loved one;

Symbolic wedding certificate;

Proposal of texts and vows for the big day;

The person to “officiate” the ceremony.

Same sex wedding ceremony - nonconformist event planned by specialists

Same sex marriage ceremony - the perfect wedding abroad

The symbolic festivity of joining destinies for same-sex people involves a wedding like any other, on the beach, either only for the bride and groom or in the presence of close people. The ceremony can be held at any WedDo destination and can generally take place at sunset if you want a romantic vibe.

Unlike ordinary weddings where the religious and legal representative officiates the event, within same-sex weddings, any person leading the ceremony can be appointed. You can choose a friend, a family member or even a wedding consultant. Thus, after the vows, the bride and groom can put their rings on their finger.

Same sex wedding ceremony, sea -
Same sex wedding ceremony, Santorini -
Same sex marriage ceremony - the perfect wedding abroad
What do you say, do you accept the challenge of leaving yourself in the hands of specialists and enjoying a unique event, tailored exactly to your taste?
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