Love is in the air, hearts are full of love and the long-awaited moment is about to happen – your wedding! And if you want to bring a touch of rural charm to your special day, a rustic theme is the perfect choice. Rustic weddings are all the rage these days, and for good reason. This authentic theme is truly romantic and offers a warm and inviting atmosphere that is perfect for couples who want to celebrate their love in a natural and relaxed setting. 

1. Rustic wedding table decorations

The rustic wedding theme is preferred by many modern couples who want to incorporate the natural charm of rural areas into their event atmosphere. One of the important aspects to consider when organizing such an event is the way the tables are decorated. From the materials used, to the centerpieces placed grandly along the tables, the choices you make can decide the general atmosphere of the event. 

1.1. Rustic wedding decor for tables

When it comes to table decorations, it’s important to try to connect with the essence of nature and create an authentic setting that reflects your personality and also brings joy to all guests. Every rustic detail is important, because it will always remind you of this magical day. These inspiring ideas and glamorous rustic wedding decor for tables will help you create the perfect experience for an unforgettable event:


  • Rustic bouquets: Choose wild flowers and plants such as lavender, sunflowers, garden roses and fresh herbs, which will add a natural and fragrant charm. Combine pastel colors with more intense tones to create contrast and add depth to this rustic wedding bouquet idea. Add jute ribbons or crocheted lace to complete the rustic look and then place them on the tables, for each guest to enjoy the beautiful decorations. 


  • Natural wood: Add a rustic touch by using natural wood in your decorations. Use frames for name signs, table numbers, inspirational message boards or even a welcome sign. Choose objects with interesting, natural-looking textures and try to keep it as authentic as possible without over-elaborate finishes. 


  • Candlesticks: Nothing can create a more romantic atmosphere than the warm lights of candles. Choose scented models placed in wrought iron or ceramic pillars to add a vintage and rustic look to your wedding tables. You can also use pendant candles, hanging in trees or around the dining area, for a more dramatic and romantic effect. 


  • Hay decorations: Add a charming detail by decorating the tables with straw baskets, woven bottles or rustic napkin rings. These simple, but full of character accessories, will add an authentic touch to your event. Another lovely idea for a rustic wedding is to create a cocktail bar area placed on a hay table, where guests can enjoy some traditional drinks, such as Mint Julep or Pumpkin Martini. 


  • Rustic textiles: Choose natural and rustic materials for table linens and chair covers. Cotton, linen and crocheted lace are ideal choices for an authentic look. Neutral colors such as white, cream or pale shades of green and lavender will complement the rustic theme perfectly. Add the rustic and elegant details such as jute ribbons, lace or small pressed flowers to emphasize the bohemian style. 


  • Floral details: Ceramic vases, recycled glass bottles, or even pickle jars are some ideas to display natural arrangements, such as wild flowers, cotton stems and even fresh fruit and vegetables. Combine different textures and heights to create lively arrangements.




For a rustic wedding in a church, the decorations evoke a sense of natural beauty and country charm. The entrance to the church is adorned with a wooden sign welcoming guests, embellished with delicate wildflowers and twigs. The aisle is lined with burlap and lace runners, while mason jars filled with wildflowers hang from the ends of each pew, adding a whimsical touch. A handcrafted wooden arch stands at the front, adorned with a lush garland of greenery, intertwined with twigs and dainty fairy lights. Rustic wooden crates and barrels are strategically placed around the church, showcasing overflowing bouquets of sunflowers, lavender, and wildflowers. Soft candlelight glimmers from lanterns placed along the aisle, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. The overall effect is a picturesque blend of rustic elegance and pastoral charm, transforming the church into a captivating space for a truly memorable rustic wedding celebration.

1.2. Rustic top table wedding flowers

There is no rustic wedding without majestic floral arrangements. From classic flowers, namely peonies and colorful roses, to wild and even dried ones, such as lavender and pampas grass, there are many options to decorate the tables in the most admirable way possible. Here are a few ideas for your inspiration when it comes to rustic top table wedding flowers:


  • Eucalyptus: It can be used in a variety of ways, from simple arrangements to elaborate centerpieces. 


  • Wildflowers:  They can be found in a variety of theme colors and textures, and can be arranged in a variety of ways, from vases to dough bowls and mason jars. 


  • Wild weeds: Adding a few blades of tall field grass as a handsome accent – or filling a mason jar with a green bouquet. 


  • Sunflowers are a quintessential choice for rustic weddings. Their vibrant yellow color and large, cheerful blooms add a touch of warmth and country charm to any floral arrangement.


  • Roses are a timeless and versatile option that can suit any wedding theme. Opt for garden roses or English roses in soft, muted colors like blush pink, ivory, or peach to create a vintage-inspired vibe. 


  • Dahlias are stunning, bold flowers that come in a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes. They add a touch of drama and richness to floral arrangements, making them a great choice for rustic weddings seeking a vibrant and visually striking look.


  • Succulents: Incorporating succulents into your floral arrangements can bring a unique and modern touch to your rustic wedding. These plants come in various shapes and shades of green, and they add texture and depth to bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces.


Another great idea for your natural table arrangements is choosing harvest fruit and vegetables. Apples, pumpkins, gourds, and other seasonal produce can be arranged in a variety of ways to create a festive and eye-catching centerpiece. 






Remember, the key is to choose flowers that showcase natural beauty and have an organic appeal. Mix and match different blooms, textures, and colors to create a visually captivating floral arrangement that perfectly complements the rustic theme of your wedding. If you are not sure where to start, you can always consult with an expert. A rustic wedding decor hire can help you choose the perfect flowers and create the setting you want in every little detail. 

2. Rustic wedding theme ideas

When you make your rustic wedding list, there are many things to consider – the venue, the invitations, the table decorations, the wedding dress, the festive cake and many more. Organizing such an event can be overwhelming, so why not make your mission easier and turn to our WedDo experts, so that you can have all the guidance you need? Until then, we prepared a few suggestions and theme ideas to find your inspiration and start organizing a rustic wedding by the book.

2.1. Rustic wedding invitations ideas

Wedding invitations represent the first impression you give to your guests. So, if you want to allure them in the authentic atmosphere of the rustic theme, forget the electronic version and choose to send them the invitations in the classic way via post. When your guests receive a physical invitation in the mail, they are more likely to remember it. This is because it is a tangible object that they can hold onto and look at again and again. Here are a few rustic themed wedding ideas:


  • Use natural materials. Rustic weddings are all about the natural beauty of the outdoors, so why not use natural materials in your invitations? Wood, burlap, and mason jars are all great options. For example, the invitation can be handwritten on brown organic paper and sent to guests in mason jars filled with natural flowers. 


  • Add a personal touch. Rustic weddings are all about celebrating your love and your relationship, so why not add a personal touch to your invitations? You can do this by including a handwritten note, a photo of the two of you, or a special quote from your favorite book or movie. 


  • Use a vintage map to show the venue location. This is a great way to give your guests a sense of the setting for your special day. 


  • Use a proper font and design. This will help to create a nature inspired look for your invitations. Include a photo of the two of you. This is a great way to show your guests how much you love each other.


  • Handwrite your invitations. This is a personal touch that your guests will appreciate. You can also include a small gift inside the envelope as a thoughtful way to thank the guests for participating in your wedding.

2.2. Rustic wedding theme dress for the bride and bridesmaids

The rustic style wedding dress stands out for its simple elegance with natural and romantic accents. When choosing the perfect wedding theme dress, keep the following details in mind: 


  • Cut: Opt for a loose and flowing cut that flows harmoniously around your body. A high-waisted dress with a loose skirt or an A-line style dress with delicate lace are popular choices for a rustic wedding. The simple yet sophisticated cut will highlight the bride’s natural beauty. 


  • Materials: Choose natural materials such as lace, silk or tulle to add a rustic and delicate charm to your dress. Lace with floral motifs or subtle embroidery inserts will add a romantic and bohemian look. 


  • Details: Rustic accents such as thin leather belts, delicate ribbons or nature-inspired embroidery can add an authentic and personalized touch to your dress. You can also complement the rustic look with accessories like floral crowns or vintage-style jewelry.





For bridesmaid dresses, keep the same rustic design principles in mind, but adapted to reflect each bridesmaid’s style and personality. Here are some rustic wedding design ideas for these articles of clothing:


  • Color: Opt for natural and pastel shades, such as cream, beige, lavender, pale green or warm pink tones, which blend harmoniously with the rustic theme. These colors will add a fresh and feminine touch to the whole wedding. 


  • Fit and length: Choose dresses with comfortable and versatile cuts that suit different body types. A popular option is the midi dress, which is elegant and allows for easy movement. Dresses with bare shoulders, delicate necklines and flowing skirts are perfect for an enchanting look.  


  • Lace and floral details: Incorporate lace or floral details into your bridesmaids’ dresses to create a tie-in with the wedding dress. 


Remember that each dress should tell a story and complement the beauty and authenticity of your rustic wedding theme. Make sure your dresses will shine on your special day and create unforgettable memories for you and your bridesmaids.

2.3. Rustic wedding theme cakes

There is no wedding without a grandiose cake to be admired and enjoyed by everyone involved. And there is no doubt that it is one of the most anticipated moments of the evening – there are not many events where the guests have the opportunity to see and taste a cake that is more than a dessert – it is art! That’s why choosing the cake for your rustic wedding style is as important as any other item on the wedding list. Here are a few rustic wedding theme cake ideas that can embody the right atmosphere:


  • With seasonal flavors: Choose flavors that evoke the taste of the season in which the wedding is set. For example, an apple-cinnamon or chocolate-walnut cake can bring a sense of warmth and rustic comfort. You can top the cake with a thin layer of caramel or vanilla frosting to add a sweet and delicious taste. 


  • Semi-naked cake: This cake design allows for easy viewing of the cake layer and complements it with a natural, home-made look. You can add fresh flowers or seasonal fruit to give it a touch of color and freshness. 


  • Design with rustic textures: Add decorative elements to give your cake a rustic and authentic look. Use crunchy chocolate decorations, sugar beads or marzipan leaves to create a design with interesting textures. 


  • Natural flowers and leaves: Use natural flowers and leaves to decorate the cake and bring a vibrant and fresh touch. The best choices are wildflowers such as daisies or lavender, or flowers with delicate petals such as roses or peonies. Make sure the flowers are safe to eat and used sparingly to avoid affecting the taste of the cake.






3. Rustic wedding outdoor ideas – from a barn to Bran

When looking for the perfect location for your wedding, nothing compares to the charm of the rustic style. With its authentic and picturesque atmosphere, such a wedding offers a romantic and natural setting to begin your love story. Here are some rustic wedding outdoor ideas:


The garden is a classic and romantic choice for a rustic wedding. A well-kept garden with brightly colored flowers and lush greenery can be a dream setting for your ceremony and party. Imagine a wedding in an elegant garden in Spain, where guests can enjoy cocktails under a pavilion surrounded by white roses, while admiring the breathtaking Mediterranean landscapes – isn’t this an idyllic image for a dream wedding?


Another perfect place for your wedding is the forest. A meadow surrounded by tall trees and lush vegetation can be the perfect setting for the ceremony, and then the party can take place under a barn in the middle of nature. Consider a wedding in a fir forest in the Austrian Alps, where you can enjoy the fresh mountain air and spectacular views. 


A Greece wedding in a rural area can be a superb choice for a rustic theme, offering picturesque scenery and a beautiful natural setting. Here you can have a romantic ceremony on the golden sands of a secluded beach, where the sea waves and spectacular sunsets become the perfect backdrop for your love vows. 

A wedding in Romania at the beach or a Bran Castle wedding is perfect for an enchanting setting. The castle surrounded by dense forests and imposing mountains provides a magnificent setting for a fairytale wedding. The party can take place in the castle courtyard or in a rustic hall, decorated with candles, flowers and elements inspired by nature.


Whatever destination you choose, make sure it is aligned with your vision for a rustic wedding. Every location has its own charm and peculiarities, but each can provide a memorable and unique experience for you and your guests. All you need is some rustic wedding inspo


So, let your imagination run wild and choose the perfect rustic wedding ideas, decorations and the location that will reflect your love story in the most beautiful way. Such an event is about embracing natural beauty, capitalizing on simple elements and creating unforgettable memories in a truly special setting. Regardless of your options, a rustic wedding will always remain a symbol of sincere and genuine love, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the charming simplicity of life.


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