You have decided to take the big step and start organizing a dream wedding together. And one of the most important things on the list is finding the best venue. How about a rooftop ceremony anywhere in the world? If you like this idea, keep in mind that there are many good reasons to do so. But what does such a wedding entail? Read this article for more inspiration!

1. Rooftop wedding reception ideas: Reasons to have a rooftop ceremony

Who doesn’t love to dine at sunset, on the roof of a tall building, in a charming city or somewhere in a breathtaking tropical destination? Imagine if a lunch can be memorable, then the rooftop wedding is definitely something you don’t see every day. Here are a few reasons why a rooftop wedding is a top-notch idea:

  • It’s outdoors

If you want to get out of the mainstream wedding patterns, you need to give up the idea of ​​a reception between four walls. A rooftop gives you the opportunity to say YES outdoors and see the city from a completely different perspective.

  • The romantic lights of the city

Although it is important to decorate the venue as you like, the good part is that the city lights and the cosmopolitan view are a big part of the overall design of the wedding. And a romantic ceremony at sunset, when the metropolitan lights start to illuminate the city, can turn a simple photo shoot into a truly extraordinary one.

  • It can be cool, but also full of elegance

A rooftop is the place where you can apply any theme you want, from minimal and tech elements to gala-inspired reception. Receive your guests on a red carpet, open the champagne and let go of one of the hottest parties of the year!

  • Fireworks show

Besides the fact that the view from a rooftop can be breathtaking, you also have the opportunity to host a fireworks show, through which to celebrate your union at high altitudes! Offers guests cocktails and snacks and enjoy a unique show together, dedicated to your new life together!

2. Rooftop wedding decoration ideas and themes

The event you are planning must be special and memorable, but also an occasion to reflect your personality as a couple. The wedding is a moment that you must remember fondly, and the way you decide to create the atmosphere for this special day matters. To make your mission easier, here are a few chromatic decoration ideas to consider for a one of a kind wedding:

  • Monochromatic dream

What is the color that represents you? Green as a forest in the middle of summer, blue as a tropical sky or a summer day yellow? Whatever the answer, a rooftop wedding in a palette of shades that will bring you joy could be a great idea! From the attire to the decorations on the tables and small details, a monochrome wedding will surely leave its mark!

  • Black & White symbolism

Night and day, sun and moon, yin and yang – these are cultural symbols that represent the strong union and connection between two people, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. If you want to have a wedding that symbolizes diversity and your strong union, a wedding decorated in black and white will surely be appreciated by everyone. Regarding the decorations, you can have glasses dressed in matte black, a spectacular candy bar with a black background and white flowers and don’t forget about the cake! For a wow effect, make sure you let your guests know that your rooftop wedding has a dress code – black and white! You certainly wouldn’t want a fuchsia-clad guest to ruin your perfect color balance!

  • New York style

A series or a movie that you really enjoyed can always become a wedding theme. For example, in recent years, more and more couples have organized weddings inspired by the movies shot in New York City. This cosmopolitan theme can brighten up your wedding, especially if you add details such as lights, a red carpet or studio inspired decorations. Every chair can be marked with a character’s name and the fabulous wedding cake can be topped with figurines with the actors you have chosen to embody at the wedding. Or, for a more vintage approach, The Great Gatsby is a theme to be taken into account – what’s more fun and luxurious than the roaring ‘20s?

  • Glam gem

A glamorous wedding is a very appreciated theme by couples who love opulence and elegance. Charm, brilliance and luxury are some of the hallmarks of a glamorous wedding, a theme that anyone can enjoy on a posh rooftop, not just celebrities. You can opt for precious stone accessories but also for decorative objects, such as flower arrangements and candle holders. Golden or silver glasses, cutlery and other accessories will complete the decor that will shine in the warm light.

What are your favorite ideas for a rooftop wedding? Whatever your answer, the advantage is that such a venue is full of charm and can host any theme you want, whether you choose to do it in your area or in an exotic destination. Glam, black and white or inspired by movies, a wedding on a rooftop is the ideal place for couples who want to have a little of everything! Let us find the ideal rooftop for your wedding and more – request an offer now!

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