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Weddings in Romania

The moment you say “Yes” to your half is special by nature. But wouldn’t it be more beautiful on the beach, in Romania, at sunset, only you and he / she, surrounded by the vibrant magic of the foamy waves?

Romania is a country in Central and Eastern Europe, known for its enchanting views of the Black Sea, its seemingly endless sunsets and the company of flying seagulls. This is an ideal setting for enthusiastic of natural landscapes, who want to join their destinies in the presence of the sea and some guests, daring them to get out of everyday life.

Even if it is not an exotic destination, you can bring the original to your wedding in Romania by customizing it with various themes and non-conformist motifs. And finally, it is the love of the bride and groom that makes that day so special!

However, Romania has its charm and, for you, it can be an excellent choice!

Prices suitable for any pocket

Whether you want a simplistic, romantic and elegant ambiance, in which you and your half to join your destinies forever, or you want an opulent event, with the most pleasant natural flowers, decorations and wedding photos, then Romania is the destination you were looking for! You can spend for a beach wedding even less than if you had for a classic wedding, without compromising when it comes to wishes!

Faster and closer

If you are already from Romania or closer to this Balkan country, then you are lucky because you will not spend hours traveling. As the Romanian saying, “you target two rabbits with one shot”, by the time savings and less fatigue on the road. Moreover, given the specifics of the country, you can observe some Romanian traditions at your beach wedding, if you want!

You can spend time with all your loved ones

The major advantage, if you prefer the idea of ​​family weddings, is that by planning a beach wedding in Romania you have the opportunity to bring your loved ones to the beach. Unlike exotic countries where you can’t take everyone, in Mamaia or Jupiter you can invite friends, family, relatives, grandparents and anyone you want to attend your wedding!

Weddings in Romania
Romania Weddings Weddo
Weddings in Romania Weddo agency
Do you want to have a wedding on a beach in Romania?

Also, another special aspect in Romanian culture would be the wedding superstitions which, for some couples, are important. For example, if it rains on the wedding day, it means that lovers will have a marriage full of luck and wealth. Or if the bride weeps at her wedding, then she will be happy in her marriage to the chosen groom. With all this said, it is not the rain or the tears that bring happiness, but the love that you have for each other!

Weddings in Romania

Wedding in Romania planned by a professional agency

Have you already decided that Romania is the destination you want for your wedding? Perfect! Next, what remains to be done is to plan your own event, namely: to look for suppliers, to ask for offers, to look for transport, accommodation for brides, flowers, setting, chairs, menus, how everything will be on the beach and the list goes on. But you seem to want a perfect, carefree wedding, right? Then you don’t have to worry about all these details, but you can leave everything to a professional team, which will take care of absolutely EVERYTHING.

Is the idea of being "invited" to your own wedding perfect on you?

WedDo Agency is the agency you can turn to for planning, organizing and coordinating your wedding in Romania. What you need to know is that we


Both in Romania and in any other country you would like to get married, we make you a real wedding, with documents recognized by the Romanian authorities. WedDo Agency does not only deal with symbolic weddings, but real weddings are what make us different!

Carefree marriage SEE SERVICES

We know that a long-distance wedding is a fear, but that’s why you chose us – to have a stress-free wedding! After signing the contract we stay in touch with you and let you know everything that happens on the beach! We send you pictures, videos and everything else you need to know what everything will look like!

Seriousness Once you start working with WedDo Agency, you will not face the “surprise” of extra costs. As long as the services do not change, the prices remain the same, regardless of market fluctuations!

 A fairytale atmosphere – We only work with certified and tested suppliers so that your wedding is customized and unique.


Other extra services that we can offer in Romania and not only would be:

✧  Live chef

✧ If you do not want a simple wedding on the beach, but more than that, you can choose a wedding on a yacht, catamaran or sailboat

✧ Advice on choosing the best accommodation and transport options

✧   Private charter and many other wishes

The most popular beaches for weddings in Romania

Among the most popular beaches in Romania in terms of beach weddings would be Mamaia and Jupiter. The first of them would be ideal for you if you want to have an imposing marriage, of higher standards and different from those you participated as a guest. Instead, Jupiter is the right setting for a relaxing and comfortable wedding theme for you and your guests!

So, if you prefer Romania for planning your beach wedding, you already know how many benefits you can have from this choice, and if you want to be even more successful, you already know the team you can work with! The first step towards a unique ceremony and a party you will not forget is to contact us!

Do you want more details? Contact us now!

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