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Renewal of vows SEE DETAILS

Renewal of Marriage Vows

Vows renewal is a sincere way for couples to celebrate their love, devotion shared over the years, and restate their original vows of their wedding day. Generally, those who choose for such ceremony mark either 10, 25 or 50 years of marriage, known as the silver, gold or platinum wedding. But, for such moment there are no rules, so it can be whenever the couple feel it is appropriate.

A team with experience in events planning, such as WedDo, can make a vows renewal ceremony on the beach a real masterpiece, where the “bride and groom” have fun with their loved ones, as they did at the wedding!

Renew wedding vows - on the beach


Maybe you didn’t have the chance to enjoy a special wedding, maybe everything went as your loved ones wanted, maybe, at the time of the wedding, choosing an exotic destination seemed too expensive or too risky, …

Maybe you want to mark the time spent with your loved one by a special event or maybe you don’t want such a ceremony for yourself, but to surprise a couple dear to you… maybe your parents or grandparents.

Whatever your reasons for considering a vow renewal ceremony, if you choose us you have the guarantee that you will enjoy quality services and a spectacular event that you will never forget!

We will help you with:

Planning a detailed religious or spiritual ceremony 

The presence of a representative to bless

Symbolic certificate of vows renewal 

Organizing an unforgettable party with family and friends, where all generations will have fun together

Customize the event to the smallest detail

Vows renewal - how and why is it done?

Celebrating the vows renewal is quite popular, especially among spouses who have been married for more than 25 years. Unlike other similar occasions, vows renewals are unique and significant events, opportunities for partners to come together in a deep way.

On the other hand, the reasons for such ceremony can be multiple. Either the couple had a small wedding at the beginning, and now they want more guests, or they have overcome crucial moments in their relationship and they want to reconnect through this ceremony or have already had their wedding with WedDo Agency and they liked it so much as they want to get married again!

Here’s what you should NOT miss if you want to plan your vows renewal ritual with us:

You don’t need godparents or witnesses

It can be held on the beach or on a yacht, or in other different environments

After the wedding ceremony, you can stay on holiday with your loved ones

The event will look exactly as you always wanted

Do you want to have a second "wedding" like a fairy tale?
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