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Religious marriage - The spiritual connection between the two of you SEE DETAILS

Religious Wedding Ceremony

The religious wedding is a spiritual ceremony that can be different regarding certain aspects, such as the culture and denomination to which the bride and groom belong. It allows, from a religious point of view, the establishment of a family. In some parts of the world, for example, this type of wedding takes place before the civil union, while in others it cannot be celebrated without a legal marriage certificate. Also, within this event, according to certain beliefs, the engagement service is included, if it did not take place previously, separately.

When you choose to have your wedding take place in an exotic destination, away from home, planning this ceremony is not easy at all, especially if you want it to be on the beach! There are many aspects that must be considered and carefully planned, so as not to encounter situations that prevent you from enjoying the moment.

In order for everything to go as you wanted at a beach wedding that also involves a religious wedding, it would be best to turn to an experienced wedding planner. Fortunately for you, you’ve come to the right place!


Religious marriage planned by professionals - on the beach

The big day, but also the period before it must be free of stress, worries and quarrels in order to truly enjoy the spiritual union and the rest of the wedding with the loved one. The extra effort of the bride and groom on the beach, if they choose to plan the wedding by themselves, can be overwhelming. And in the end, the conclusion is a negative one and does not justify the hassle. All this disappears, however, if you choose us! Not only do we help you make the best decisions, but we put into practice even the most daring desires and dreams.

Did you ever hope to get married religiously, in the denomination you belong to, by the sea, in an exotic destination?

We provide the following:

✧ A representative of the religion you belong to will be with you to bless your union

✧ Spiritual ceremony will be planned according to the religion you belong to (Orthodox, Catholic, Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist), and the customs will be exactly observed 

✧ The civil union can take place before the religious one, thus enjoying a complete wedding

Religious beach wedding - what aspects is good to know about this event?

Even if until now you were familiar with the religious weddings that take place in various places of worship, depending on the wishes of the bride and groom, it is good to know that this type of ceremony can take place on the beach. In general, those who make such a choice are those who want a full wedding by the sea, which includes the civil union, the religious wedding and, of course, the after-party!

Although the ritual is different for each denomination, the essence is the same, namely, joining destinies before the divinity and the utterance of vows by both partners, one for the other. As in the case of civil union, various wedding traditions can be preserved at the religious wedding.

What else should you know about the religious beach wedding, planned by us?

✧ The bride and groom can have spiritual godparents / parents if they wish, but this is not mandatory

✧ A religious service can also be planned for the vows renewal 

✧ Regardless of the bride and groom’s religion, the event can take place with the representative of the religion to which each one belongs. Several issues in this respect can be established with the WedDo Agency team

✧ Unlike the civil wedding, which can be held at any time of the year, for the religious wedding you need to decide in advance on the date so as not to coincide with certain holidays specific to your religion.

Spiritual beach wedding - humanistic

Another interesting aspect is that a spiritual ceremony is also suitable for humanistic marriages. These are intended for those who do not want to switch to their partner’s religion or who do not want a religious ritual of a denomination. For such cases, the humanistic ceremony is the one that can be performed by anyone by covenants addressed to future spouses. Although not considered religious, this type of spiritual union is an equivalent choice of couples. The WedDo team can help you with this!

So, do you want a religious ceremony that is possible in an exceptional destination?
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