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Nunta in Coasta de Azur Weddo Wedding on the beach in Nice, on the French Riviera SEE DETAILS

Nisa Wedding

Do you know the scenario in which the fiddlers sing, 5 dishes sit on the table, the bride and groom have the classic choreography moment, then the bride is stolen and the others negotiate to buy her back? Yes, right! It’s exactly the same scenario you saw with your relatives, your friends, your friends’ friends! Sure, there’s nothing wrong with keeping some traditions, but it’s like you want something ELSE at your wedding! If classic weddings do not satisfy you in any way, especially in the idea of planning your wedding, then maybe you should change the place and choose a dream destination!

Nisa wedding Weddo Agency
Beach wedding in Crete
Nisa beach wedding

Nice - choose a special setting for your wedding background

Nice is one of the most popular destinations, not only for travel, but also for planning beach wedding ceremonies for lovers. This place offers exactly what a couple eager to join their destinies: the sun, the extraordinary setting for wedding photos, the romantic, elegant atmosphere and a pleasant vibe of relaxation. 


Nice is a city located between the Mediterranean Sea and the mountains, just a few kilometers from the border with Italy. Among the things that distinguish Nice from other destinations would be: the specific French spirit, the sun present almost all year round, the perfect mix of urban and seaside, spectacular harbors, attractive architecture and, of course, beautiful beaches. More than suitable for an outdoor wedding, this city is just as favorable if you want to celebrate your marriage with your loved one in private, after the wedding.

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Nisa wedding Weddo Agency
Nisa wedding
Nisa beach wedding

Also, if you want something truly original, in Nice you have the opportunity to say “Yes” in a sumptuous setting, on the luxury terrace in front of the Monte Carlo casino! Certainly, none of your friends can boast of such an experience!

Beach wedding in Nice - a more beautiful event than the one you dreamed of

Whether you want to get married or you want to renew your vows with your partner, in Nice you can have a much more beautiful ceremony than anything you have ever imagined. However, any beautiful wedding dream comes with one condition: to choose professional people who can turn it into reality! WedDo Agency is one such agency, the only one in Central and Eastern Europe specialized in beach weddings. Because we want everything to turn out perfectly, we work with passion, professionalism and we consider every detail!

What makes Nice the dream place for your wedding?

The romantic atmosphere of the city

The picturesque setting and ancient architecture of the city create an impressive and romantic ambiance for lovers who want to spend their wedding day here. The unique lights, the sumptuous constructions and the Mediterranean spirit come together to form an unforgettable feeling that you will keep with you long after the big “day” has passed!

The gastronomic specificity

Even in the local cuisine can be easily identified the French sophistication, and in Nice the dishes are considered not only delicious, but also true masterpieces of fine dining. You can also have Mediterranean specialties at your wedding, and among the ones you should not miss would be seafood, oysters, Bellet wine and the famous Ratatouille.

Place-specific tourist attractions

After the ceremony, if you want to stay a few more days, the city offers many activities that you can enjoy with your loved one! What would it be like to enjoy a drink along the Promenade d’Anglais cliff, attend an opera, a theater show or go to a romantic dinner with your partner? Whatever you prefer, Nice is the right place for any bridal profile!

Nisa beach wedding
Nisa wedding
Nisa wedding Weddo Agency
Experience the most beautiful moment of your life on the beach in Nice!
Nisa wedding Weddo Agency
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