If immaculate white is always the colour of choice for the wedding dress, wedding-themed ideas vary much more depending on the desired atmosphere and decor. But what do you do if you and your partner want a fabulous wedding that all the guests will remember?

We got you! Find inspiration for using a fantastic colour in your decor: navy blue. A trend in full swing, the blue wedding can be combined with striking colours like gold or pink. You can read all you need about choosing this bold combination for your wedding, which location best suits this theme, and what story it can tell about your big day.

1. Navy blue wedding theme: how to choose your wedding keynote?


Nowadays, even the most traditional weddings have a theme: wedding themes are the latest in this celebration. If you want your wedding to be unforgettable, choose a theme that motivates you and make your entire wedding revolve around it.

The perfect wedding colours are an integral element in your upcoming nuptials. These hues will help dictate everything from the wedding theme to the bridal party attire, decorations, and flowers for the ceremony and reception. Coordinating wedding colours with a theme for your big day will create a cohesive feel throughout the ceremony and reception.

1.1. The perfect locations for a navy blue wedding theme


Choosing themes for original weddings takes work, but the sea is romantic and unique among all the themes. Look for marine details such as oysters, starfish, fishing nets, etc. Although this would be a lovely setting, you don’t have to have your beach wedding to use navy blue.

For this theme, you can choose a place with a view of the sea, a restaurant on the beach with deckchairs, and white fabric parasols placed everywhere if you have a terrace, a private garden, or a court. You can also organize the reception in a wooded area with water points to enjoy a greener setting.

For decoration, you can use ball lanterns hung outside, on the trees if there is a park, or in the marquee to offer a very chic vintage effect. If there is a marquee, we adorn it with a starry sky or a curtain of golden lights that we will sift with pink interior lighting to bring warmth and elegance to the decor.


1.2. How to adapt a navy blue wedding theme to your venue?

If you and your partner especially want a navy blue theme, you should not be discouraged by your chosen location, which you cannot change. The best option is to balance the place and your wishes. For example, if you want a wedding in Romania, you can choose something stunning like a Bran Castle wedding. You can opt for navy blue in this venue, but combining it with silver or gold is better to add that exquisite touch.

Without a doubt, for a beach wedding, navy blue is the most natural choice. However, try not to exaggerate the use of this shade. Rely more on the second colour in the combination; in this case, pink or white tones can be a spectacular choice. For a Greece wedding, you can use more white or different tones of blue, especially light blue tones.

To establish a balance, you don’t necessarily have to choose one of the popular colours that combine with navy blue. You can opt, for example, for white or black. In this way, you can temper the grandeur of the blue.

2. Amazing colours that complete the navy blue wedding theme


No more all-white weddings. The trend is for the two-tone wedding. The blue navy brings elegance when used in decoration. It is essential for a note of freshness to decorate a wedding. In addition, it blends perfectly with other colours. Pushing the shade towards navy blue is thinking of the sea, a symbol of serenity and calm.

2.1. Blue and gold wedding theme


The timeless blue-gold duo states luxury and has come a long way to amaze us with its ability to bring nobility and elegance. From the gold sequined table runners to the navy blue tablecloths, this aristocratic wedding theme can be perfect for you through the floral arrangements and the wedding cake.

The blue and gold wedding theme promises the creation of a decor that brings tranquillity and glamour. The serenity of royal blue coupled with the dazzling reflections of golden yellow: is an idea that can give you some food for thought when choosing outfits.

2.2. Navy blue and pink wedding theme


Few still dare to combine navy blue with pink for a wedding. Still, the result of this pairing is visually canon. The message transmitted behind these two colours remains just as strong. From the outset, a two-tone wedding of this type is placed under the theme of romance and serenity.

Pink is synonymous with innocence, tenderness, kindness, and sensitivity. It is the colour of femininity par excellence. So for a two-tone wedding that exudes romance, the navy blue and pink wedding decoration is perfect.

The navy and pink colour code fit perfectly with a sea/beach theme and for any chic and sparkling wedding in the country and vintage spirit. Pink comes in different tones: coral, pastel, fuchsia, peach, and raspberry, and can be combined with white, gold, beige, or a few touches of steel gray for a 100% romantic and elegant effect! However, avoid dark colours such as brown or black.

2.3. Navy blue and silver wedding theme


Navy and silver are a classic combination that will accentuate each other well and translate into a beautiful finished product for your special day. Navy blue and silver lend themselves well to a moon romance theme, which would be nice if you’re having an evening wedding. These colours are often used in winter weddings to create a winter wonderland for you and your guests. This combination can also be used in a summer or outdoor wedding, incorporating nautical as a more informal and playful theme. 

It’s a common tradition to wear something blue on her wedding day; with this colour theme, she won’t be the only one. Consider putting the groom and groomsmen in navy blue suits instead of a traditional black tux. Bridesmaids’ dresses could be navy, silver, or a mix of both colours. Adding a pop of jewelry in one of the colours is an excellent addition, and this can be the perfect bridesmaid gift from the bride.

3. How to have a magnificent navy blue wedding theme?


Any wedding theme can be a fantastic opportunity to turn this day of celebration of love into one of the most memorable days of your life. However, any theme you choose has its risks. Often, the ideas you see on the internet look much better than you can transfer them to real life. That is why it is essential to have a wedding planner with the experience to stage your most original dreams. You can easily see the grandeur of an event planned by a professional. 

Consider how you choose to use this intense colour on all levels. For example, if you want to focus on the decor, try not to use this colour in clothes or accessories. If you prefer to keep a


more neutral shade for the decoration, use navy blue as an accent for your or the bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories, or organize a corner for photos using this theme.

A navy blue wedding can be a challenging theme if you don’t strike the right balance to adapt it to the venue and your personality as a couple. Choose a wedding planner team to help you realize your Hollywood-worthy dreams. Indeed, when you remember your big day, whether you look at videos or photos, all these magnificent frames will bring you great joy! 

Photo sources: Pexels.com, Pinterest.com.