Have you chosen the date and place of your wedding reception? Now is the time to think about the decor. But for that, you have to choose a wedding theme! But how to define the wedding theme that corresponds to your couple? And besides, what are the trendy and modern wedding themes in 2022? Realization of wedding invitations, choice of dress, bouquet, decoration of the place of marriage (religious or secular) as well as the place of reception, the menu… In short, all the organization of the wedding can only take shape from when a theme has been decided.

1. Modern Wedding – How to Choose Your Wedding Theme

1. Modern Wedding - How to Choose Your Wedding Theme

Choosing a wedding theme may, at first glance, seem complicated, yet there is nothing to panic about. The atmosphere is sometimes the result of a style, a trend, or it arises from a particular affection for one or more colors, a city, a country or a flower or even a symbol. Consider this theme as a common thread, which will support the coherence of this big day. Consultation with your other half is essential: the universe chosen for this wedding must resemble you. Try to choose a theme in line with the season (and avoid the spring-style wedding in the middle of winter), and which sticks to the place of reception. To help you see more clearly, make style boards, take photos and samples of what you want, and see if everything is harmonious.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas

1. A classic chic style wedding. This is the traditional wedding theme par excellence. White is dominant and the colors remain sober, the details and accessories chosen with care. If it is classic, this genre remains customizable, thanks to elements specific to your history, your common passions. A little gold, in the candlesticks, vegetational frames, dishes, invitation cards, menus… will make it more sophisticated.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - classic and chic wedding

2. A bohemian-style wedding. Bohemian-style weddings continue to appeal to bridal couples. This theme, as in decoration, is vaporous, authentic and dreamlike, conducive to elegance and fantasy. Trees, lace, wood, feathers, ribbons, natural plants mingle for a more beautiful effect. For the dress, the bride can afford a light but refined dress in silk veil, for example, with wide sleeves or thin straps, depending on the season. For the hairstyle, think about loose braids, soft buns, beautiful waves with a few small flowers or even a crown of flowers. In general, these weddings take place in gardens, parks, as close as possible to nature, which is highlighted in the evening by lanterns, photophores, garlands, paper lanterns… But if you must, for any reason whatsoever, organize your reception in an enclosed space, prefer natural materials: wooden tables, porcelain dishes, linen napkins, topped with floral arrangements.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - bohemian wedding

3. A chic country style wedding. The chic country wedding is also always popular, moreover, it remains close to the bohemian wedding, since it has turned towards nature. On the other hand, it is a must to organize this reception in the green, in a farm, a garden with a barn nearby to shelter in case the rain invites itself in the evening.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - country wedding

4. A folk-style wedding. Your love for your native region is such that you want to make it the theme of your wedding. Then the folk style wedding is for you. Drawing from the typical colors of your region, its characteristic elements, for the entertainment, call on dancers, traditional singers, the atmosphere will only be warmer. For the modern side, prepare a wine reception/meal of revisited specialties.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - folk wedding

5. The green wedding. Ecology is not a trend but rather a way of life that you will not turn your back on one of the best days of your life. The ecological marriage then becomes obvious. Its organization begins with the choice of the place of reception. Preferably a green space that will not require family and friends to travel too long distances. This could also be seen as a modern tropical wedding. For the decoration, the preference is home-made. Collect and divert different objects: glass jars to make candle holders with which your guests can leave, borrow the family furniture to install it in the reception room. Make way for light, neutral tones, such as brown, gray, bench, green… (shaded in a pretty monochrome they will create more relief), natural materials: wood, rattan, raffia, glass. Swap flower arrangements for potted flowers, field flowers or baskets of fresh fruits and/or vegetables. Choose recyclable materials. For the outfits, the bride and groom can opt for second-hand, vintage or not.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - green wedding

6. The vintage-style wedding. Nostalgics are fond of retro-style weddings, which are similar to green weddings, because they are based on the same codes: taking up furniture, objects and accessories that have a history and, if necessary, bringing them a little freshness. Choose your era, for example the 70s, go find some key elements such as disco balls. In another genre, why not take inspiration from an old-fashioned funfair with its delicacy stands and entertainment.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - vintage wedding

7. A minimalist style wedding. A modern wedding rhymes with a minimalist wedding. Again, it’s more of a philosophy of life: get rid of the superfluous, purify the space, to focus on the essentials. If you are in this state of mind, it is impossible to betray it on the wedding day. So, for the decor, turn to white: household linen, seats, ceramic accessories, geometric shapes for more modernity, some light wood for warmth. Many couples that want their wedding to be a minimalist one are choosing rooftops as their wedding spaces, because there is enough space and enough fresh air to breathe. But if there is a key word it is simplicity. And the same goes for choosing your outfits, orient yourself towards sober cuts, without fuss. The groom can wear an elegant and discreet suit, perhaps in linen, if the weather allows it.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - minimalist wedding

8. An oriental wedding style. Do you want to get married in the respect of oriental traditions or more simply give an exotic air to your ceremony? The countries of the East each have their traditions, their colors, their dishes… Immerse yourself in that of your heart and remove those elements which for you embody it.

2. Modern Wedding Themes and Ideas - oriental wedding

3. Modern Wedding – Trendy Colors for Your Wedding

3. Modern Wedding - Trendy Colors for Your Wedding

The trendiest wedding themes of the year rely on colors and color combinations. The most used colors are:

  1. White, for a chic wedding in an eco-friendly, oriental, cultural, minimalist, bohemian style… A symbol of purity and peace, white is luminous and has the advantage of sublimating any type of material or fabric. On a white tablecloth, imagine a vegetal table runner in green and white, bouquets of white flowers, give sparkle and elegance to your decor with a few touches of gold (candle holders, candlesticks and other accessories), play with the transparency of glass, plexiglass (for the chairs) and don’t forget that wood provides warmth.
  2. Rose gold and white for a romantic, country chic wedding. The union of rose gold and white brings finesse and poetry. Let the white dominate and sprinkle it with notes of rose: compose bouquets of pink and white flowers, prepare place cards in rose gold or white and tie a pink flower to them, unroll the white tablecloths with a pink table runner, sprinkled with “gold dust”. Create a delicate contrast so as not to become sickening. The duo of colors can be present in your dress or if you prefer an immaculate dress, dress the bridesmaids in pink. You can even ask your guests to play a game of this color code.
  3. Red for a wedding centered on passion and love. Red symbolizes love and passion, this will not have escaped you. Of course, it’s not about creating a total look, that would be too much. But rather, make it with subtlety: arrange beautiful bouquets of red roses on the immaculate tables, brighten up your menus with small roses or red hearts, use red napkins or use a red ribbon to tie a white napkin…
  4. Blue and navy blue for an elegant, modern and exotic or a beach wedding. Blue, from turquoise to navy, leads the way offshore. And when you get married by the sea, the marine style is all found. Do not hesitate in this case to use elements that evoke this universe: sand, shells, driftwood… But blue can also give a decoration a zest of modernity, like denim blue, unexpected and relaxed, which in contact with certain materials such as crystal, gilding, pendants allows you to create a refined and unfussy decor.

To conclude, there are plenty of modern wedding themes and ideas to choose from. All you have to do is have a talk with your beloved one, think about your personalities and what best suits each other and then choose one predominant modern wedding theme. Also, don’t forget to follow the color palette that is strictly linked to your wedding theme. After all, your wedding day should be a once in a lifetime event and, therefore, you should be completely happy and satisfied with the choices you make.

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