Conscious consumption, towards which humanity has begun to move in recent years, has led to the flourishing of the minimalist style. It is used by interior designers, fashion designers and architects. It is quite logical that minimalistic weddings are also in trend for more than a season. The pandemic and its consequences only strengthened the place of minimalism in the coordinate system of the new time.

1. Places for simple and minimalist weddings

When choosing a place where your minimalist wedding will take place, pay attention to locations that initially match the style. It is not necessary to watch only studios with white walls and lofts with panoramic windows. A minimalistic wedding is possible both on an open terrace and in a park. Greenery will be a great backdrop for a minimal design. You can find a restaurant or a banquet hall in the spirit of minimalism, or you can hold a beach wedding or a wedding in a museum or a manor. The main condition is a lot of light, floor-to-ceiling windows, space and a mostly light interior, not overloaded with an abundance of details and decor. Use natural light wherever possible. And in the evening, pay special attention to candles, garlands with small bulbs and dimmed lamps.

2. Color spectrum for minimalist weddings

Minimalism isn’t just about white. Although, of course, it usually acts as the main one for this style. You can replace white with cream, light beige, light gray and ivory. The classic combination of white and black for minimalism is a win. If monochrome is not enough for you, you can add 2-3 more colors to the wedding palette. Give preference to natural shades: green, khaki, gray, brown, beige. Muted, noble, deep colors will perfectly fit into the style: dark blue, burgundy, wine, emerald, graphite, mustard, chocolate, plum. You can safely use pastel shades, they will make the decor airy and weightless: bleached pink and blue, lemon, peach, mint, and pale lilac.

Don’t overload your wedding palette with too many contrasting shades. It is better to choose from 2 to 5 colors that are close in color or use neutral shades, and place bright accents in one color, but using different textures. The same gray or green shade will look different in textiles, plastic, stone, or glass.

3. Decor ideas for minimalist weddings

Simplicity and conciseness are the basis of a minimalist wedding decor. Of course, this does not mean total savings and lack of design. Details in the style of minimalism are very important, there are no random accents, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and adds up to a single picture – simple, but very stylish.

The minimal decor does not impoverish the wedding concept but makes it more elegant and graceful. Forget the abundance of textiles in favor of white tablecloths or runners made from natural fabrics. You can do without a tablecloth at all, focusing on plain napkins and dishes without a pattern. No drapes or chair covers. Chairs made of transparent acrylic glass will perfectly fit into the style. Floral arrangements can be replaced with thin candles in bottles or tablet candles in glass candlesticks.

In a minimalist design, you can use decorative details made of stone, concrete, glass, metal, or wood. Natural materials are suitable for a rustic minimalist wedding, more brutal textures for an urban wedding theme, gilding and chrome will add a touch of glamor. Lush arches are not needed for a wedding ceremony. An uncomplicated design made of metal or wood, decorated with greenery or dried flowers, will support the style in the best possible way. The arch is not required, you can simply mark the place of the ceremony with a decor on the wall or a laconic design of the passage to the altar. Clear lines and geometry – minimal decor will create an entourage and will not draw attention from the main characters of the event.

To conclude, every little thing within the framework of minimalism matters and reflects the character, temperament, hobbies and style of the couple. Redundancy is your main enemy and uniqueness, impeccable aesthetics, thoughtfulness and perfection are what you need to strive for when preparing this event. Contact a wedding planner for help and let everyone remember your wedding day as extraordinary!

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