If you and your partner want to have a wedding surrounded by romantic boho details, what can be more wonderful than choosing Shakespeare’s “Midsummer night’s dream” play as an inspiration? If you want to surround yourselves and your guests with a magical atmosphere on your special day, check this article for more inspiration and ideas!


1. What is a “Midsummer night’s dream” wedding theme?

This famous wedding theme is inspired by Shakespeare’s play “ A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, which consists of four interconnected stories and has as a central theme the wedding between Theseus of Athens and the Amazon queen Hippolita. The action takes place mostly at night, in a forest inhabited by fairies. Being one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays, this comedy is the choice of many couples when it comes to their wedding theme and the reasons are innumerable.

2. How to plan a Midsummer wedding theme

Being a magical evening, the ceremony should take place in a romantic setting, dominated by pastel, natural colors, and surrounded by nature and flower domes. To complete a perfect boho setting, the bride and the groom could be donning boho style outfits.

2.1. Pick the venue

Deciding on the ideal venue is one of the most important steps when organizing a Midsummer night themed wedding, mainly because the general mood of the day will be decided by this choice. Therefore, you have to take into account a few things before deciding which setting is the best for you and your guests. For example, would you like to organize the ceremony and the party in the same place? If yes, what will it be – a forest or a beach? Or, in case the weather forecast predicts rainy days around your wedding’s date, make sure everything goes smoothly by placing a tent in the garden. Also, you can go local or international. Some of the most famous destinations for a midnight summer dream wedding theme are Greece, Spain and Cote D’Azur, thanks to the warm weather all year round. 

2.2. Choose the wedding dress

There’s no doubt that the bride is the center of attention, therefore she has to wear the perfect outfit! Shakespeare’s play is all about charming and ethereal characters, most of them being enchanting fairies. Bring the charismatic spirit of the play to life through floral details and delicate embroidery, applied on wavy and light materials, such as chiffon, silk, lace or organza. In terms of hairstyle, light curls and a wreath of natural flowers or a tiara are the details that could complete a perfect look! 

2.3. Surround yourself with enchanting decors

Details make perfection, and perfection is not a detail, as Leonardo da Vinci once said. Clearly, wedding decorations are no exception. If you want your special day to be perfect from the beginning until the end, it’s very important to surround yourselves with objects that make the setting magical and fairytale-like – outdoor discreet lighting, safely placed candles, hanging terrariums filled with plants, and flowers such as wild roses or peonies. Delicate pastel colours combined with neutral nuances, such as cream and pearl, are the last details that help create the ultimate boho fairytale. 

3. “Midsummer’s night dream” wedding theme ideas

When choosing this theme, you and your future partner should think about the details that can help create a tribute to your love story and marriage. For example, would you like the ceremony to be immortalized under the warm sun of the seashore, or in a shrine created in the heart of the forest? Which of these choices represent your style as a couple? If you still don’t know the answer to these questions, get more inspiration from the ideas below!

3.1. The magical forest

A wedding in the woods can be a dream come true for hopeless romantics. The birds chirping, the sunlight making its way through the branches, the smell of the trees and the warm summer breeze that can make anyone relaxed and mellow – all of these are nature’s gifts to anyone who wants to enjoy them. With such delightful scenery, you don’t even need any elaborate decorations. Arrange some white and pink flowers and place some fairy lights and you’re ready to receive your beloved guests! As a further detail, if you want to have your wedding abroad, remember that in some countries you might need a permit from the City Hall in order to perform a ceremony, especially for protected forests and natural parks.

3.2. Fairies in the garden

If the forest is, perhaps, too wild for you as a couple, you can always opt for a private garden that can provide almost the same experience. The advantage when choosing a garden is that you can have both the ceremony and the party in the same place, hence many venues provide such services. If you really want to make the best choice, a better way is to contact WedDo to find out more information about their premium services


3.3. Tales of the sea

What can be more beautiful than choosing the wide blue sky and the wavy ocean as your main wedding decorations? Nothing can beat that, for sure! And a midsummer wedding can truly become magical if it takes place under the colorful sunset, on a tropical beach such as the ones in Bora-Bora or Cuba, to name a few!

From the charismatic boho decors, such as candles and lights, to the natural and romantic scenery, this theme has it all! So, if you want your special night to be magical and unforgettable, investing time into organizing a “Midsummer’s Night Dream” themed wedding will be fully worth it!

Photo sources: Shutterstock.com, Pexels.com, Unsplash.com