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Nunta in Mexic Weddo Agency Beach wedding in Mexico - traditional style ceremony with mariachi SEE DETAILS

Mexico beach wedding

Wedding in Mexico

Mexico, the land of traditional tacos, sombrero hats, the fine taste of tequila… Surely you have heard or know something about this country of mix of cultures, Spanish traditions and contemporary arts. If you want to say “Yes” in a beautiful, lush environment, with beautiful beaches and resorts, then this destination is perfect for marriage!

Mexico is the symbol of paradise, the ideal place for a wedding on the turquoise beach, the destination where you can feel the tropical sensation. Mexican landscapes range from lush oases, deserts where you can find huge areas of cactus to palm-enriched beaches that form the divine setting for an intimate beach wedding. When do you have the opportunity to see such wonders if not when you get married?

Either way, every beach in Mexico offers something special for you and your guests, and your wedding experience will be unique! It would be good to know that the ideal time to have your wedding here would be October – April, but other periods may be suitable!

The reasons why it is worth having your wedding in Mexico and not in another country would be:

Mexican-style wedding traditions

This is one of the things that makes Mexico different from other Mesoamerican states. At a Mexican-style wedding, spicy food, sangria, mariachi to sing to the bride and groom, the money dance with the bride or Mexican paper flags can’t miss.

Contrasting landscapes

Mexico is not only proud of its culture, but also of its extremely spectacular areas. If you want to spend your honeymoon in Mexico after the wedding, you can choose to visit: the deserts, the northern canyons, the Mayan ruins, the southern jungle, the secret rivers or the popular cenotes.

Impressive experiences

Mexico is one of the countries where you can try the craziest things. Now is the time to accept the challenge if you want to stay after the wedding and to climb the volcanoes in the area, to “visit” the whales of Mexican waters, to observe the popular sports of bullfighting or rodeo, to dive or surf.


Beach wedding in Mexico - unique wedding venues

And, everything you’ve learned about Mexico so far is just a small part of the things you’ll fall in love with when planning your wedding in this country. So, if you want to join your destiny with your half on the Mexican lands, be ready to meet friendly people, to enjoy the night entertainment and memorable moments of a dream atmosphere.

Mexico beach wedding
Beach wedding in Mexico Weddo Agency
Mexico beach wedding Weddo
Do you want an exceptional wedding on the Mexican beaches?

With so many positive reasons to come to Mexico and so many beautiful beauties, it’s no wonder that many couples want to get married in this country. And it is only one step from the desire and until things happen, namely to use the services of a professional team. This may be WedDo Agency, as long as there is compatibility between you and us. How do you know if we are the right agency to plan your wedding in Mexico and if you are the one who would suit our services? You can find the answers below!

WedDo Agency is not just any kind of wedding planning agency, we are not what you expect us to be, but much more than that! We are the team that plans your wedding in Mexico from point 0 until the sun rises on the beach the day after the wedding. How do we expect you to be? Bold, but respectful, dreamy and confident that things will happen as you imagined!

The key to success in working with us is trust! We totally believe in your marriage dreams, we support their potential and we make them possible on the Mexican beaches. You just have to rely on our professionalism!

If you want a symbolic ceremony, we can certainly help you with the planning, but if you really want to get married, you can count on us! We take care of obtaining the documents and including handing over the marriage certificate. Believe it or not, we can bring you the priest, the registrar and the whole procession right on the beach in Mexico.

And if you came to us, we suspect that there is no wedding without a party, right? We are of the same opinion, because otherwise we don’t feel well! That’s why not only will we marry you for real, but we also organize a dream party, with Mexican dances of your choice and more and more bands, we also offer you traditional dress, everything you want in Mexican style! Or, if you want a simple getaway with the one with whom you join your destiny, we can prepare a romantic dinner for two, in an intimate and elegant atmosphere!

Mexico beach wedding
For WedDo Agency, customer satisfaction is the proof of success!

So, what will you gain by collaborating with us? Lots of REAL benefits including:

Marriage as a holiday – we take care of everything, and you just come to relax.

“Turnkey” wedding – we offer you complete wedding services.

Unlimited consulting – from the first call until the last guest leaves the Mexican beaches, a Romanian wedding consultant will be with you.

Cost discount – by helping you find the best transportation and accommodation options, even if they are not part of our beach wedding packages.

Beach wedding in Mexico Weddo Agency
Mexico beach wedding Weddo
On any of the beaches in Mexico you choose to get married, you will see that it really feels like heaven on earth

A wedding in Mexico can be more than a wedding, it can be a dream holiday for you and your half! If you have already fallen in love with Mexican beauties and this is the destination where you want to join your destiny forever, all that is to be done is to contact us! Say “Yes” and let’s start the most beautiful trip of planning your wedding right now!

Do you want more details? Contact us now!

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