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Marriage proposal the most pleasant experience related to the union with the loved one! SEE DETAILS

Marriage proposal

Marriage is a very important event in everyone’s life, and the first step towards this is the marriage proposal. The proposal, as it is also known, is the moment when you and your partner decide to make your relationship official. It is the initial step that lovers take when they consider that they have found their soul mate and want to spend the rest of their lives in each other’s company. And when you love hard, you can’t wait for that “rest of life” to begin.

If you also have thoughts of the proposal and you want to do it in a unique way, you are at the right place!


A la carte marriage proposal on the beach

If you choose to collaborate with us to help you plan your marriage proposal, we take care of (but are not limited to):

✧ Offering suggestions for destination and advice in choosing it;

✧ Booking a private beach;

✧ Providing photo-video services;

✧ Customizing the setting on the beach;

✧ Renting yachts, boats, catamarans, helicopters, planes, private charter if you want to make a special request;

✧ Providing special training (if the request takes place in the air or underwater);

✧ Preparing the day’s event;

✧ Providing a Romanian consultant, with experience in the destination of your choice;

✧ Preparation of the festive dinner;

✧ Creating special texts and vows for your marriage proposal;

Marriage proposal on the beach - how does it go?

A marriage proposal on the beach involves the partner, in a surprising way, preparing the moment when he can kneel in front of his girlfriend, asking for her hand, and proposing that she be his wife forever, in a setting that many people dream of. After the partner’s response (offered by consent), he puts an engagement ring on her finger, hugs, and kisses, just like you saw in the movies. From that moment… a new chapter in their couple’s life is ready to begin!

But, this is a classic scenario, which you can follow or not! Because it is not a “standard” event and does not depend on other factors and strict traditions, you have the opportunity to plan with us a very special proposal that will surprise your loved one and that will suit your couple!


How is the proposal at WedDo Agency? You, as a partner in the couple, contact us and tell us:


 how exactly you want to propose;

what setting would you prefer;

how to be customized;

what topic you have in mind;

which is the dream destination.


The options for marriage proposals are unlimited. Whether you want to propose at sunset on the beach, on a yacht, in the air, underwater or on a private charter, anything is possible! You just have to want it!


Afterward, we take care of all the details. From the photo team, video, engagement rings (optional), vows (optional), private beach, and until the setting is created, a Romanian consultant will take responsibility for all these things and will be with you even on that day. Together with our agency, everything happens in secret to the partner, as in a relaxing stay. In addition, so that the evening does not end abruptly, after the marriage proposal you can customize according to the requirements of the future groom.

What else should you know? The sooner you decide on this moment, the better! The beach and other services are booked in advance so that they are available at the time you want!

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