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Celebrate - Lesbian Wedding SEE DETAILS

Lesbian Wedding

Lesbian wedding - Professionalism, dedication, and care for your dream of tying the knot

You want to say “I do!” but are afraid you can’t do that legally? Even so, at WedDo Agency, you can experience the closest feeling to an official wedding. We support the LGBTQ+ community and make sure the freedom of love is protected, respected, and cherished, even symbolically. No matter how you identify or where you place yourself on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, we have something for everyone. Moreover, it’s free of any discrimination or judgment.

lesbian wedding,

Making the magic happen on the big day takes more than the love between you and your significant other. This moment is where we come in! Our team of professional planners is at your disposal at any time, making sure that your lesbian wedding ceremony and party will be at the highest standards. Thus, everything you desire will be possible in no time. Now, what are you waiting for? Visit our site and see all the things we can do to make the love between the two of you come to fruition!

The venue is the most important part of the wedding ceremony, so choosing one is difficult. Look no more! Be it the beach or a castle, we can help you find the best venue for your lesbian wedding ceremony. Since it’s a symbolic same sex ceremony, you needn’t worry about laws and regulations.

Are our planners up for the task? Most definitely, they are! Our satisfied clients and years of experience in the field make us the perfect choice for a stress-free beach wedding ceremony. We respect our clients and jobs and will make everything possible for you and your partner.

No need to worry about the process of planning the ceremony! Our team is here to make your dreams come true without stress, panic, or anxiety! Just have the best time of your life at your lesbian wedding and party!

We can help you have a themed wedding ceremony. If you want to follow the traditions of your birthplace or the place where you’ll have your ceremony, all you have to do is let us know. We’ll make sure every detail is perfect.

Same sex wedding ceremony, table -
Lesbian wedding ceremony & party,
Same sex wedding ceremony, seaside -

Your lesbian beach wedding - work with a professional team of lesbian wedding planners

If all you have ever wished for is a beach wedding ceremony, you are in the right place. Because it’s romantic and sweet, a lot of people make it their no.1 idea. Do you want to give it a go? Let us provide you with help and assistance with that.

If you think the passion between you and your future wife is powerful, just wait and see our event planners. With professionalism, care, and quality services our wedding planners will make everything possible for you, lovebirds! No matter your preferences or requests, we are here to give you the lesbian wedding you have always dreamt of! No other opinion should matter other than yours and your partner’s. Everything we offer is personalized, stress-free, and made especially for your couple.

Do you want nothing traditional during your lesbian beach wedding? Perfect! Look at our beach venues in Greece, Bora-Bora, Zanzibar, or Spain, pick the place you want to be at, and prepare to be amazed by our lesbian wedding organizer – aka your best friend for the time leading to the wedding until the last glass of champagne of the night is empty!

A lesbian marriage ceremony or lesbian proposal ceremony,

Lesbian wedding ceremony & party in a setting fit for queens

Are you a fan of mystery? Is your partner a die-hard for medieval settling? If so, let us present you with a venue that’s fit for queens and royalty. You might be wondering where that is. The heart of Transylvania and the home of the famous Dracula are awaiting your arrival – the Bran Wedding held in one of the most spectacular castles in Romania! 

Grab your dearest people and be ready to enjoy your royal lesbian wedding. Do you perhaps want to make it scarier? We can do that too! The decision is all yours!

Nothing is too much for us to handle. You can have a chat with our planners, and tell them all your ideas about your lesbian wedding ceremony, and they will make it memorable.

Lesbian wedding ceremony & party in a setting fit for queens

A lesbian marriage ceremony or lesbian proposal ceremony - We can make everything possible!

Stop stressing out and start dreaming! We are aware that finding the best services, planners, and providers for your symbolic lesbian wedding ceremony can be taxing and difficult. That is the reason why we advise you not to fret. This day is magical for the two of you, so we will do everything in our power to make it perfect!

Therefore, all you have to do is leave us a message or give us a call. You can tell us your plans, requirements, and desires for the big day, and all of your wishes will come to life.

Our wedding planners have the experience, ability, and patience to meet every need and solve every issue. You can get our professional expertise and thus you’ll be enjoying every single moment of your dream lesbian wedding. Both you and your wife-to-be want this day to be perfect and memorable, so let us do that for you!

lesbian wedding planners,

Remember, this is YOUR day, so you two can decide and dictate how things will be. With our years of experience, nothing is impossible. Just tell us your wildest ideas and see them come to life. Allow the love that brought you to us to blossom even more. We will help you celebrate it however you desire and will not let you down.

We value open discussions and honest communication, so both partners will be required to participate in talks about the wedding ceremony.

Did you pop the question yet? Did you start planning your lesbian wedding ceremony? No matter what the situation you are in, take this as a sign to contact us. Send us a message with all the details you can think of and your love story. Our team of professional wedding planners will respond in no time and, together, we can make your dreams come true!

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