Do you want an intimate wedding that has a special and original vibe? There are several things that you have to take into account if you want to organize such a party. Intimate weddings are increasingly in demand as couples no longer want to listen to the demands of those around them and what others before them have done. A small wedding is also perfect for those who don’t have a very big budget at their disposal. Therefore, there are various reasons why this type of wedding may be the perfect choice for you. But, for that, you need to find the ideal location, but also creative ideas that you can put into practice for better and more efficient planning. Keep reading this article to learn some useful TIPS & TRICKS!

 1. Intimate wedding – TIPS & TRICKS

The wedding is an important event for any couple, so choosing the venue is a very important step along the way. But, even if you want to have a perfect event, you have to take into account the fact that the importance of this day is not measured in the number of guests or in the dimensions of the space you choose. So, don’t be afraid to opt for a small wedding – it will be cozy, beautiful, lovely and truly original.


First of all, when it comes to choosing your guests, it can be difficult to decide who you want to invite to your wedding. If you want a small wedding, you should invite only the closest people. Make a selection and choose the most important people among your relatives, friends and acquaintances. You have two options: you can choose the space according to the number of people, or you can adjust the number of people according to the space where you want to organize your wedding. It all depends on your priorities – balance these aspects and choose the option that suits you.


Also, another advantage of an intimate wedding is that you won’t need many invitations. That’s why you can opt, for example, for a simpler option – you can make the invitations yourself (especially if the number of guests is small enough) or you can create an online invitation, or you can call all the guests by yourself. Thus, it can be an advantageous thing for your budget, considering that you will no longer invest that amount of money in making classic invitations.


With fewer guests at your wedding, you will be able to organize a multitude of interesting activities. Being with a smaller group, you will be able to set up games or interactive moments. For example, you can do quizzes, dance challenges, karaoke, drawing challenges or you can even choose board games or other fun activities. Also, if your wedding will be outdoors, you can even make some entertainment areas available to your guests, for activities such as badminton, ping pong, archery, drinking games or maybe even a video game station. In addition, you can even organize a treasure hunt for all your guests to participate in. Whether you choose familiar games or activities, or invent new things and put your wildest ideas into practice, your guests are sure to have a blast and a great time. Thus, your wedding will be not only fun, but also innovative – everyone who will attend the party will definitely enjoy taking part in such activities.


If you will have few guests, you can opt for a special setting, and not for the classic one. For example, instead of standard tables (round or rectangular), you can opt for an L or U design – thus, the interaction between the guests will be much easier, and the connection between them much more efficient and simple.


The cake is also an important element – as a rule, it must be large enough to fit all the guests. But in the case of a small wedding, it can be smaller and therefore even more special. You can also opt for an original design or a combination of different creams and layers. Most of the time, in the case of large cakes, there are restrictions regarding the composition of the cake, because the bigger it is the heavier it becomes, and the ingredients in the composition must last throughout the event (even if the cake will be refrigerated). But when it comes to smaller cakes, there is more flexibility in this regard and you will certainly have more options available that are worth considering.


Therefore, there are many things you can do in an intimate wedding. All you have to do is set your priorities and see which elements are more important to you. You can always consult with your wedding planner, to see if you want to use the money saved to invest in certain products or services, or if you want to rely on a budget as limited as possible, so that the final investment is as small as it can be.


















2. How to choose small and intimate wedding venues?

There are many reasons why it is worth choosing an intimate venue – you can find many special places, especially when the number of guests is not very large. For example, you can opt for nonconformist spaces. You can choose a small outdoor or indoor restaurant or you can experience something even more extravagant, which will surely turn into an unforgettable memory. For example, a beach wedding is an excellent choice for a small wedding – this type of setting is not only intimate and secluded, but also romantic and special. You can also opt for a special location that suits your taste, maybe in a wonderful country – a wedding in Greece or a wedding in Romania could be the perfect choice for you. The good thing is that with few guests, you will have less difficulty in terms of accommodation or transport – so things will be much simpler and can be done much more easily.

If you want to choose an intimate venue, there are several things worth considering. First of all, in order to make sure that you plan everything down to the smallest detail, it is recommended to work with an experienced wedding planner. He will support you throughout the entire process, providing you with useful tips and secrets, as well as resources that you can use in organizing the event. However, to give you an idea of what to consider, here are the things you shouldn’t ignore when you start looking for the ideal venue for you:



The chosen location is very important, not only from the point of view of how it looks, but also from the point of view of distance. Whether you’re choosing a destination closer to home, or you’re aiming for a more special destination (if you’re planning a beach wedding, for example), it’s important to consider the distances. Depending on the chosen place, you can opt for various methods of transport – take into account both your comfort and that of your guests, as well as the costs involved in each variant.


Transport and accommodation

Transport and accommodation are essential factors. Regarding transport, you can research several options: renting cars, minibuses or coaches, or buying plane tickets or train tickets. There are also situations where the bride and groom choose not to pay for the transport of the guests – in this case, you must inform all guests from the beginning, making them aware of these conditions. Also, depending on the number of guests and the chosen place, you will be able to research several accommodation options. Whether you opt for a guesthouse or a villa, or you go for a hotel, you have to think about both the budget you have available and the comfort of your guests. You have to consider the distance from the venue, the services offered (additional meals, check-in and check-out hours etc.), and all the other details that you consider important and that can make a difference. If you choose to work with an experienced wedding planner, he will know what to recommend, depending on the location you choose. If that venue is part of the options offered by the organizing team, you will certainly have accommodation options available to consider for your event.



The prices of the services and products that you will select for your wedding are very important, because they must fit within the budget that you have proposed. When you want to choose the perfect venue, you will definitely take this essential aspect into account. But even if you have set indicative limits for your budget, you must always pay attention to everything that the location has to offer. Thus, even if you have several options at your disposal, you must weigh all the advantages and disadvantages in order to evaluate everything correctly. The advantage of an intimate wedding venue is that the budget required will be smaller, especially in terms of accommodation, transport, food and all other aspects that are influenced by the number of people. Thus, if you choose to have a more economical wedding from this point of view, you will be able to use the remaining money to add new things to the program of the event (perhaps a band of performers, a group of singers, experiences for guests etc.), or even to invest in such things as decor, arrangements, decorations, flowers, lighting, etc.


The setting

In order to choose an ideal location for your wedding, you must also consider the visual element. You certainly want to have the party in a special and original setting, which is not only intimate, but also quiet, romantic and beautiful. Thus, when you start looking for the right venue, you must also take this into account. The most important thing is to feel good in the chosen setting and feel that it is the perfect setting for such a special event. Don’t be afraid to look for special and extravagant places – with the help of your team you will surely find the best solution for you. All you have to do is write down on a piece of paper all the wishes you have and what is the setting you imagine. Then, you will analyze the available options to see which option is closest to your vision. After choosing the venue, you will be able to create an original and unique design that will fully embellish the location, giving it a personal and special vibe. You can also do a little research online to see if you want to opt for an already existing and decorated venue, or if you want to create your own location, in a special destination.













In conclusion, if you are looking for perfect ideas for your intimate wedding, do not be afraid to do a thorough research, to discover what your preferences, tastes and desires are and, if necessary, ask for an expert’s advice and consult with your wedding planner. You will certainly have only advantages if you choose to organize a small intimate wedding. Those who are close to you will be happy, and among the guests you will find only the people who are really important to you. If you are searching for venues, you will also have many options, as small and medium-sized spaces are easier to manage than large ones. Therefore, you will surely find a unique place that suits your taste and that can become the perfect setting for the most special day of your life as a couple. If you put into practice all the original and creative ideas you have and if you let your imagination work, you will surely not regret choosing to opt for such an intimate wedding venue. Your loved ones will enjoy it with you and the wedding will be a success, regardless of the number of guests or the size of the venue.


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