A wedding in green is suitable for summer. After all, it should be bright and memorable. For originality, try not to choose the classic colors that you see at every wedding, but something different. Something like a green color.

1. Green wedding theme: what are themed weddings

Themed (or cultural) weddings are weddings that are built in a single style, from invitations to wedding films and photo albums. What are the themes and styles of weddings? As a rule, themed weddings create an atmosphere and immersion in famous movies or works (like “Avatar”, “Cinderella” etc.), award ceremonies and TV shows (wedding in the style of “Oscar”). Often, such wedding parties turn you to world wedding traditions and travels (wedding “Around the World”, “Venetian carnival”, “Greek wedding”, etc.).

It happens that newlyweds want to stylize in a playful way the features of their professional activities (thematic “School wedding”, “Medical wedding”, “Biker Wedding”, “Diplomatic Romance”), weddings in the style of musical subcultures (“Rock Style Wedding”), there are reconstruction weddings that restore one or another era (“Imperial Wedding”, “Knight’s Wedding”), and, as trend flash mobs appear, there is a surge of flash mob weddings.

2. Green theme wedding: decor ideas with this beautiful color

Firstly, it is believed that the design in combination with the symbolism of this color means happiness, prosperity, and well-being in the future. And the green colors themselves at your wedding will look very bright, unusual, fresh, and lively. In some countries, this color has its own meaning, and each country has its own symbolism. For example, in Ireland, this color is associated with fun, jubilation and joy, which is also suitable for a Russian wedding. For Muslims, green is compared to the Garden of Eden. In India, everything is quite the opposite – here the green color is associated with hope, tranquility, and peace. The Chinese call this color differently: the color of youth or life potential.

Green represents nature, naturalness, and life. It is associated with plants, trees, spring and summer, youth, and vitality. It should be chosen by calm and balanced people who love naturalness. There are many shades of green in nature. The main ones are emerald, malachite, lime, light green, pistachio, herbal, mint, mustard, olive, khaki and jade. For the celebration, a clearing in the forest or a lawn in the park among trees and flowers is chosen. Therefore, it is best to hold the event in the spring, when the vegetation is a juicy green hue. They can also be organized in the summer, but then the greens are no longer the same color as in the spring months.

The celebration is filled with decorative elements of the main color and its shades. To create a wedding atmosphere you will need the following:

  • snow-white tents;
  • an arch for the ceremony, decorated with plants and flowers;
  • satin ribbons in yellow and orange;
  • plants in large pots;
  • pale pink and mint fabrics from thin chiffon and organza;
  • white and marsh balloons;
  • white tablecloths for tables and chair covers;
  • bows that are tied on chairs;
  • floristic compositions of daffodils, daisies, roses, orchids and lilies;
  • lanterns, garlands of soft pink and emerald color;
  • light green candles.

When planning a celebration, you can focus on the fruit theme. In this case, green apples and pears are used as decorations. Fruit cuts from kiwi, orange, green grapes and cakes with a suitable cream are placed on the tables.

In most cases, a green style wedding is popular in the spring and summer seasons. Because it is during this period that you can go outside or to the shore of a reservoir. In such a situation, it will be very appropriate to have:

  • neat lawns;
  • gazebos;
  • fabric drapery;
  • natural wood elements.

When arranging a wedding in light green color, you will need a minimum number of elements, because mother nature herself has already taken care of the main work. If you don’t have plans to go out of town, then you can easily create a thematic zone in the banquet hall. You just need to take more flowers and greenery. For such a case, columns and arches entwined with plants, small bouquets, as well as appropriate interior design and a festive table are suitable.

An event invitation is one of the most basic accessories. It is with this little thing that the event begins. If you talk about banquet cards, then the light green theme can be embodied in them not only with colors, but also with content. A great idea would be miniature pots of grass, which are placed with cards for the location of guests.

If the wedding is scheduled for the warm season, then it is better to replace the diadem with a magnificent wreath. In winter, you can use the tiara, decorating it with emeralds. Light green silk ribbons can be woven into the hair.

As for the cake, it should be made in green motifs. It is better to entrust this work to a professional confectioner who will make decorations for your green wedding cake and decorate it with various elements.

Another spectacular option is to decorate a white confection with live plants, complementing it with gold or red berries inserts. Such tones can make the holiday themed not only in terms of color, but also in terms of content. In this way, you can arrange an original and very memorable wedding ceremony in the Scottish or Irish style. It is difficult to choose an all-green color for a wedding. Therefore, all kinds of blotches in the form of brown, red, dark blue and burgundy shades will be most welcome. If you want to use lime, then you can perfectly combine coral, cornflower blue or yellow colors with it.

So, if green is your favorite color, a green wedding will be a wonderful memory. To make sure everything goes exactly the way you want, contact a professional wedding planner.

Photo source: Shutterstock.com, Pinterest.com