Tying the knot in Greece might be one of the best ideas for a perfect wedding. So, if you are planning to celebrate your special day on a gorgeous island, look no further – Greece is the answer! Check out more about grecian weddings and traditions in this article!

1. Why choose a Greek style wedding?

For couples who are fascinated by Greece’s culture, this destination is also the home of some interesting orthodox traditions and customs that define Greek inspired weddings. Check out some of them:

  • The marital bed is a fun tradition, according to which the family comes to the couple’s home (or hotel, if you are not from Greece) to redecorate and get it ready for the first night as a married couple. Moreover, bridesmaids should take care of the marital bed;
  • The bridesmaids, or ‘koumbara’, have the duty to help the bride to get dressed. Furthermore, they should write their names on the sole of the bride’s shoes – the tradition says that the one that has her name worn off will get married in the near future;
  • Inviting an odd number of guests is another common Greek custom – it brings good luck and unity for the future married couple;
  • Wedding crowns are worn by both bride and groom. These pieces are known as ‘Stefana’ and are joined by a ribbon.

Why choose a Greek style wedding? - Weddo Agency

So, why choose a Greek inspired wedding? Here are some reasons that will convince you it is one of the best cultural wedding destination in the world:


  • Amazing surroundings

Greece has it all – gorgeous beaches, unique islands, forests, mountains, ancient history and timeless traditions. WeDo Agency offers services that cover all of the country’s diversity, so take a map and look for a venue that represents your personality as a couple and then let the professionals take care of your grecian themed wedding. From the calm beaches of Crete and the fun life of Mykonos, to the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Athens, this country is a perfect destination for everyone!

Why choose a Greek style wedding? - Weddo Agency

  • Charming people

Greece is famous for its impeccable hospitality services, but also for its warm, fun and welcoming people. Being used to the large volume of tourists who come there every year, Greek people are always prepared to receive guests, to tell stories and to be tourist guides. If you really want to have a fun wedding, Greece is your place.


  • Mouth watering food

Greece is the home of Mediteranian cuisine, famous for being not only tasty, but also healthy. Fruits, veggies and seafood are always local, so make sure to include such fresh dishes in your wedding menu. Moussaka, taramasalata, dolmades, baklava and many other traditional foods should also be on your menu. 

Why choose a Greek style wedding? - Weddo Agency

  • The entertainment

Boat trips are very common in Greece, mostly for the islands, so you and your guests can go on a little adventure around the place, where you could enjoy different beaches and water sports, all in one trip! 

Why choose a Greek style wedding? - Weddo Agency

2. Grecian themed wedding ideas

A greek style wedding has to follow some specific religious ceremonies, traditions and decorations. Either inspired by the Ancient history or by the orthodox culture, WeDo Agency shares some creative ideas for your special Greek themed wedding:

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

  • Olive leaves instead of a veil. You can unite the past and the present with a wreath made of olive leaves – this will give you a Greek goddess look, perfect if you are a bride in love with Hellenic culture. Moreover, you can opt for an “olive branch” motif for your decorations and even instead of floral arrangements. It’s elegant, cheaper than other decorations and it can give an exotic look to your wedding. 


  • Stone statues and sculptures should also be a part of your Greek themed wedding reception. They give an ancient vibe and go very well with the fresh look of olive leaves. 

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency     Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

  • Sweet testimonials. Sugar-coated almonds or ‘Koufeta’ are traditionally offered as wedding testimonials after the party. The elegant baggies contain an odd number of candy, symbolizing purity and strong bonds for the newlyweds. 

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

  • White, blue and golden are the perfect colours for an ‘a la carte’ Grecian wedding. First of all, blue and white are their flag’s colours that represent the clear seas and sky surrounding the country. Golden is a link to the country’s glorious ancient past and you can apply it on cakes, cutlery and other discreet decorations. 

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

  • A boat as your venue. After getting married on a gorgeous beach, what can be more romantic than organizing your reception on a boat around a beautiful island? Take into account the fact that the Greeks are very used to raging boat events, perfect for those who want to party like there’s no tomorrow. So, start the event with some ouzo to warm up and then throw a party… the Greek way!

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency      Grecian themed wedding ideas - Weddo Agency

Besides the fact that it’s a superbe destination, this country comes with other bonuses: it’s cheaper than other venues, the paperwork for the civil marriage is not difficult and it can easily become the perfect honeymoon destination. The advantages are countless and, with so many years of experience, WeDo Agency knows how to take advantage of all the amazing things that Greece has to offer. So, wait no more and start planning your perfect Grecian wedding today!


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