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Celebrate - Gay Wedding SEE DETAILS

Gay wedding

Gay wedding - With professionalism and dedication, we can make your dream wedding come true

It takes two to establish a blossoming relationship and more to make the magic happen. With our team of professionals, anything you want and desire for your symbolic wedding will come to fruition. So? What are you waiting for? Hold your sweetheart’s hand and look at all the things we can do for you so that your perfect gay wedding comes to reality.

Gay wedding

Even if you can’t say “I do!” in an official setting, we, WedDo Agency, want to support members of the LGBTQ+ community to express their love and symbolically tie the knot. Whether you are a gay, pansexual, or bisexual man, our services are free of judgment and discrimination.

Whether you want to hold your gay wedding on the beach in a different country or in Romania, our team of wedding planners will help you tie the knot. It is symbolic, so it doesn’t matter if the place does not have legislation for official ceremonies.

Since selecting the venue is such a pivotal part of your gay wedding ceremony, you need to be sure that the planners you work with are up for the task. We have a vast portfolio to qualify us for the job and tons of satisfied clients. The respect we have for the people that chose us and the rigorous expertise of our wedding planners make everything possible.

Have no fear, stress, or anxiety! We are here to make your dreams come true so that you and your future partner can sit back, enjoy, relax, and have the time of your life at your gay wedding. With us, you can have themed wedding ceremonies, so whether you want to follow your home country’s traditions or the traditions of the place you’ll have your symbolic wedding in, the decision is all yours.

Same sex wedding ceremony, table -
Your gay wedding on the beach,
Same sex wedding ceremony, seaside -

Your gay wedding on the beach - if you can dream it, we can do it

If you have dreamt about walking barefoot in the sand toward your future husband, you are definitely in the right place! A gay beach wedding ceremony is one of the most romantic things you’ll experience, so let us help you with that.

Tell our event planners how you see the day of your symbolic ceremony with your soulmate and we will get it done! With top-quality customized services, passion, and professionalism, your big day will be as magical as the spark between you and your partner. We can fit any preference because we believe in the freedom of love. Therefore, we are here to create a gay heaven for you. Our specialists will be at your disposal any time, and you will have constant support and help for your same sex wedding ceremony<!

Not a fan of traditional settings for weddings? You needn’t worry! You can have a try at our beach venues or medieval castles for your and your partner’s big day. If you have dreamt of having your gay symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach, we have the right places for you. You can choose one of the beautiful Greek Islands or have your vows in the magnificent Bora-Bora. Not your style? No problem! Spain, Zanzibar, or Cote d’Azur will be waiting.

Gay marriage ceremony on the beach,

Gay wedding planner - Gay wedding ceremony for men in a royal setting

If you don’t want anything traditional but don’t fancy the beach, how about a mysterious medieval symbolic wedding ceremony? Our wedding planners will delight you with something worthy of kings – the !

Gather your dearest friends and family and step into the home of Dracula for an unforgettable gay wedding ceremony. Remember, nothing is too much, so let your imagination run free and wild. Whether it be a royal or scary ceremony, you decide!

Do you think your ideas are too much? We tell you it’s not! All you have to do is discuss every single detail with our wedding planners, and we will make sure that your gay wedding is out of this world.

Gay wedding planner - wedding reception,

A gay marriage ceremony, engagement party, or proposal ceremony? No worries! We can make it happen!

Finding the best providers and planners for your symbolic wedding or engagement ceremony can be difficult. The big day is about the two of you, so nothing should come between you and your happiness. This moment is where we come into play. All you have to do is contact us, tell us your plans and desires, and, in no time, you will get exactly what you wished for and more.

With us, you can stop worrying and start dreaming. No matter where you are on the LGBTQ+ spectrum, you can get our professional expertise. As you well know, event planners are the ones that will solve all of your issues. With us, you’ll be present in every moment of your symbolic gay wedding. You and your partner may have differences, but one thing is certain: you both want the magical day to be perfect, joyous, and memorable.

The years of experience instilled in our team the patience and ability to work with various personality types and people. Therefore, nothing is too much of a challenge for us! After all, this is YOUR day! You and your partner dictate what works best for you and your guests. Nothing needs to be traditional if you don’t want that. Even if you want to have the venue for yourselves for one day or a couple, or you want to ride horses on the beach after the ceremony, we want to tell you only one thing: it can happen!

The only thing that matters is that the love you have for each other brought you to us! Thus, we will not disappoint! We will help you celebrate that love in any way, shape, or form you desire.

Communication is crucial to us! Therefore, both partners will be attending the discussions about the wedding ceremony.

Gay wedding ceremony for men,

If you’re waiting for a sign to pop the big question, or you already have, and you’re now starting to plan the ceremony, this is your sign! Contact us through the form below, give us as many details as possible, and tell us your story. Our professionals will make sure to reply in due time. Together, we can make it happen!

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