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Did you receive the engagement ring? Congratulations! You think about the wedding and dream impatiently at every moment. You already see yourself in the white wedding dress and you imagine how you say “yes”, and only the waves and the seagulls are adults, how you collide champagne glasses with your loved ones and how you dance barefoot on the beach.

Yes, we are talking about a wedding on the beach, but before you dream of such a wedding, we want to introduce you behind the scenes, because only in this way you will better understand what such an event entails.

When does the ceremony begin?

The ceremony on the beach starts towards sunset because until then it is very hot and the humidity is very high. For this reason the ceremony does not start earlier than 6.30 pm. You are convinced of this aspect when you reach the beach and you realize that the sea waves are bathed by the sun’s rays at a minimum of 30 degrees.

Will there be enough food?

The food from the buffet menu (each guest eats what he wants and when he wants) can be exposed on the beach for a maximum of 3-4 hours because the dishes are quickly perishable due to heat and humidity and we do not want anyone to have a problem because of it. In the 3-4 hours the guests have time to eat at least 2 times (if not even 3) and there is always enough food, there is even a lot of food left. One of the fears of Romanians is that they do not have enough food.

Will the flowers last at the wedding?

The flowers, no matter how fresh, become “bloated” in an hour, maximum 2, because on the beach the sun is quite strong, even at sunset. The heat and humidity make the flowers “sleepy”. The bouquets you see on Pinterest, many of them have processed colors, because the hydrangea will always grow blue, pink or white, we can’t make it “bluer” or less blue.

Until what time do we have music on the beach?

Music, on any beach in the world, after 00 the same rule applies, you can’t do a “festival” (regardless of the sound system of the resort, where the wedding takes place or you come from home with the sound system / dj / format). You can have beautiful parties at 80-90 dB, but not at 130 dB (120 dB has a plane when it takes off). Each place has a closing time, this differs depending on its policy, a detail that is communicated by us from the beginning.

Are the bride and groom always late for their wedding?

At the wedding, we recommend that the hours that we communicate be respected, because any delay can lead to big gaps both for us as organizers, and for suppliers or other events, which we have in parallel.

How do I communicate with the wedding consultant?

The Beach Wedding team always communicates these details to the bride and groom, which is why we ask you to take the time to read the “text river,” in which we present all the aspects, because we do not want you to come and tell us that no you knew”. We are a responsible team, the only agency in Central and Eastern Europe specialized in beach wedding, IADWP accredited and we want you to have a wedding as you dreamed. The communication of the important aspects is done only by email, because “talking fly, handwriting”, plus we know on the one hand how excited you are about this day, and on the other hand how busy you are in everyday life, reason for which an email can be reread at any time.

How long does the wedding consultant spend on the day of the event?

We are always with you, throughout the process (from the first “hello” to the end of the wedding), to help you with everything you need, to answer your questions, to organize everything as you wish. The wedding consultant is always Romanian, because that way he understands your needs and desires. We understand that it is a very important day for you, but, at the same time, please trust us, because the stress and pressure that come from you only stress us, and we have known for 4 years. step by step what we have to do. That is why we are with you, to turn this event into the perfect day for you.

We hope that now things are much clearer for you site and we look forward to outlining together one of the most beautiful days in the life of the start in 2.

See you on the beach! Sincerely, WedDo Agency
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