Nowadays, more and more couples want to share the news of their union in a magnificent setting, so that everyone can enjoy and celebrate together. Of course, in order for everything to be as the future bride and groom wanted, the planning process must be very well set up, even more so if there will only be one event of this type in which all the important people will be present.

This article contains a large part of the answers that newly engaged partners are looking for when it comes to the party where they announce their decision to join their destinies in the near future. The future spouses will be able to discover some ideas for unique themes and decorations for this special occasion in their lives. Also, relevant information is noted about other important elements in this setting, more precisely related to invitations, gifts, venues, cake and games that can be included. Not sure if an engagement party is what you want? Here you will find out why you must have one!

1. Engagement party: what you need to know about this special occasion

In recent years, a new trend has been launched at the international level: engagement parties. Couples from all over the world, after deciding to take this important step in their lives, start the preparation process and think of engagement party ideas, so that the final result exceeds their expectations. Below are noted the most popular questions related to this event, along with their answers.


Why is an engagement party important?

As you may already guess, an engagement party must take place in order to share the amazing news with all the important people in the happy couple’s life. In this way, in an organized setting, everyone can celebrate the new joy in your life. That’s exactly what you and your lover want, isn’t it? In order for everyone to be notified, they must receive an engagement party invitation.

When should an engagement party take place?

Ideally, the engagement party should be organized right after the question has been popped and, of course, after the answer is the expected one. Your loved ones deserve to know the updates from your relationship! However, if you think you still need time to make this news public or to fix some details, such as the engagement party venue, there is no rush. 

Who should be invited to an engagement party?

Just as in the case of other parties organized in the past, the engagement party must be attended by all the special people in your life. Whether it’s family members, friends, colleagues or neighbors, all those who make your life more beautiful deserve to be included on the guest list. They might be a little confused about the engagement party gifts, but everything will be clarified in the rows below.

Therefore, if you want a dream marriage proposal like in fairy tales, a great team in event planning will help you with everything you need and more. As a partner for the couple, if you contact us and tell us some insights, like how you want to propose and which is the ideal destination, we can help you bring the moment you’ve been waiting for a long time closer!

2. Engagement party ideas – themes and decorations

In the planning process of an engagement party, a significant part is the theme. Maybe it’s the very big decision that the lovers have to make in this context, besides decorations and colors scheme. You want to be stress free? Then, it would be best to work with some professionals in the field.

There are several engagement party themes worth considering, such as:

  • A party with a chosen destination from around the globe/Travel theme;
  • A seasonal party (e.g. Winter Wonderland Theme);
  • Picnic in the park;
  • A casual party at home or at restaurant;
  • A boho party.

On the other hand, if you want to have a big engagement party with a  color theme, then you can opt, for example, for the modern glam party with pink shades, red, white and many more. As well, if you like this one, you can include other elements, such as floral or glitter ones. Without a doubt, everything related to this event must be well thought out, including the engagement party cake that most of the guests have been waiting for since the beginning and the games which relax the atmosphere.


Here are some amazing engagement party decorations ideas for you:

  • Welcome sign;
  • Neon signs with initials;
  • Flowers;
  • Paper lanterns;
  • Balloons with different shapes;
  • Photo backdrop.

Furthermore, customized napkins with initials and little garlands are some engagement party table decorations you must not ignore.

One more thing: for everything to be in harmony, an engagement party dress code is necessary. After deciding which one it is, it must be communicated to the guests, in order to respect it. If you want, this information can be included in the invitation and maybe you can offer a hint to make it easier for them to choose an appropriate outfit (e.g. casual, black tie etc.).

3. Engagement party invitations: how should they be?

When it comes to invitations for such an event, its type must be taken into account. If you are hosting a small event with a few people, such as a dinner party, then paper invitations are the best option. Likewise, in the case of a large and sophisticated engagement party with quotes everywhere you look. But, in the case of the last option, it must have a more special design.

If you opt for a party with a casual theme, then it would be best to send an invitation in electronic format. Anyway, it is essential to know that you have to invite only those people you want at your wedding. Why? It would be rude of you to call someone to cheer for you on this occasion, but not on the big day. 

When is the best time to send the invitation?

Considering the fact that this party should be organized immediately after the big decision, the answer is simple: as soon as possible. To get everything as you want from A to Z, it takes time for planning. So, a month before the big day the invitations can be sent. There is enough time for the participants to clear their schedule to come and to confirm their participation.

4. Engagement party gifts: what is recommended to offer?

In this chapter of the article we will discuss a great curiosity among people who have received an invitation to an engagement party, more precisely what is the right gift. But, one thing is clear: engagement party etiquette depends on if it is an informal or formal event and the couple’s preferences and needs. Therefore, if you are wondering what gift you should bring to an engagement party, now you will know the answer. 

Here are some engagement party gifts ideas that you will like for your relatives or friends, such as personalized glasses, cookies and candles. What matters is that the engagement party favors is given to show support for the couple who are about to start a journey together, as a future family. For that reason, the gift must be as useful as possible or something they like very much.

5. Engagement party venues depending on the couple’s choices related to the event

You don’t have any engagement party venue ideas? Then you must know that the location of the engagement party must be chosen very carefully, based on their wishes related to this event. If you want something spectacular, then an event hall or a restaurant is the perfect alternative where all the magic can happen.

Alternatively, if you and your confidant prefer privacy, then when it comes to this event you will most likely feel most comfortable with a smaller one that can take place without problems in the yard of your house, your parents` house or in another similar place. He has not asked the big question yet? Then, he must read some of the best proposal ideas at home, but also some of the coolest proposal ideas outdoors for inspiration.

6. Engagement party cake: both delicious and visually pleasing options

Who doesn’t love cake? Some love this delicious dessert so much that serving it is the favorite moment of the party. For this reason, it must be good to taste, but also good-looking, so as not to be disappointed from this point of view. Some popular flavors, excellent for cakes, from which you can choose the most acceptable for your tastes are white chocolate, coconut cream and lemon. Obviously, in addition to the listed options, there are many other good options that can satisfy even the most demanding taste buds.


To impress the guests, add something extra! A cute ornament on the cake, such as „she said yes”, will certainly personalize the sweets of the party as you wish. Moreover, if you don’t want a classic one, but something original, you can opt for small cakes, donuts or cupcakes. All are equally tasty!

The menu: what else should it contain?

The menu must be complex, to have something for everyone in it. However, it is fundamental to be unique in a specific way, to differentiate from the rest by something. For example, there may be a menu on the table with signature drinks, one preferred by her and another by him.

7. Engagement party games for a relaxed atmosphere

To benefit from a flawless party, games must not be missing. Although it may seem difficult to choose activities that will please everyone, you don’t have to worry about this aspect, because some exceptional ideas are prepared exactly.


Game „He Said. She Said”

The first game worth mentioning on this topic of interest is named „He Said. She Said”.

How is it played? 

Very simple! Even when they arrive at the location or at a given moment during the event, each invited person receives a paper with several affirmations and on the right an illustration representing the future groom, respectively the future bride. For example, a mustache for him and a ring for her. 

What should the guests do? 

Circle the appropriate symbol for each statement. So, if someone considers, for example, that she is the one who said the first „I love you”, then they will circle the related symbol. 

Obviously, they need to know the engaged couple very well to answer correctly. The same applies to the next suggested game.


Game „Who knows the couple best?”

How is it played? 

As in the case of the mentioned game, all the invited people will receive a piece of paper, but this time, with questions about the couple.

What should the guests do? 

There is a long drawn line next to the question. People have to answer each question, depending on the information they have about the celebrated couple.


At the end, those who answered all or most of the questions correctly can receive a prize. They deserve to be rewarded for how well they know everything about this special day.

Engagement party activities are indispensable for such an event, because that way no one will get bored and, even more than that, they have the chance to win a nice prize if they really get involved.


To conclude, an engagement party is an event with great significance, because the relationship between two people in love goes to the next level and they have the opportunity to celebrate the good news with all their loved ones gathered in one place. Or in several, it depends on how many parties they want to organize. Whether it is just one party or many more, all aspects of this article must be taken into account by the happy couple. Of course, you will need the help of an amazing team in event planning!.


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