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Nunta in Dubai Weddo Agency Beach Wedding in Dubai - SEE DETAILS Say "YES" in Arabic style

Beach wedding Dubai

Exotic palm trees, state-of-the-art architecture, nightlife, golden deserts, luxurious beaches overlooking impressive skyscrapers – in short, Dubai! This location is perfect for a dream wedding in the international world. Getting married under the Arab sky in a traditional Bedouin camp, in an eco-desert resort, a private oasis or among the iconic sand dunes are just a few of the many options you have if you dream of an event different from those you have been part so far as a guest!

Becoming more and more popular in recent years, Dubai is a leader in wedding hosting and is in the top of this type of preference. No wonder, given the unique atmosphere. Moreover, the location is favorable whether you live in Europe, Africa, Asia or any corner of the world. As it is known, Dubai is the city of brilliance, opulence and nightlife.

How do you know if this place is the destination that suits your desires and needs? You certainly won’t be able to resist the temptation to see with your own eyes and try the things you only find in Dubai!

Unbelievable adventures in the desert

If you don’t want a simple wedding on the luxurious beaches of Dubai, but also a fairy tale honeymoon, be ready to live unimagined experiences! What you can try here would be: hiking in the Al Maha desert, camel rides, thrilling safari adventure, exploring the historic district and the Dubai Museum.

Arabic culinary journey

Dubai’s culinary philosophy is based on Arab tradition and cultural heritage. Among the dishes that can be tried here would be: Al Harees, Ghuzi or “harem bread”. Beyond specific dishes, the menus can be customized (gluten-free meals, vegetarian menus).


Spending in the heart of the UAE

At first glance, there are not many places in the world as luxurious or brilliant as this one. Whether you want an elegant wedding to enjoy the waves and sea breezes or a wedding on one of the extraordinary beaches of Dubai, any wish can be fulfilled!

Weddings in Dubai Weddo Agency
Dubai weddings
Dubai weddings
Beach wedding in Dubai Weddo Agency

About Dubai you should know that it boasts the most imposing records, such as: the largest mall in the world, the tallest tower, the largest fountain, the largest artificial island and the best rated hotel. The United Arab Emirates offers collections of elite memories and experiences for you and your wedding guests.

The vows spoken here, but especially the whole ceremony and the after party, will be different from everything you have experienced so far. If you like grandiose events, this city can fulfill your most daring fantasies!

Dubai Wedding on the beach - a unique experience

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TOP services for your beach wedding in Dubai

If Dubai is your favorite wedding destination for its versatile and charming style, it would be ideal to enjoy this vibrant city! And by “enjoying” we mean, rightly, to take advantage of the unique moments of this honeymoon and to rely on the top services of an agency to deal with the big day!

With WedDo Agency your fantasy comes to life, and you will feel like in the ninth heaven!

If you are going to choose us for your wedding in Dubai, it is good to know from the beginning that we do not offer services for stressed brides, but only for couples who want to have a turnkey, carefree wedding. If you find yourself in this category of lovers, it is good to know why you will NOT have any trouble working with us:

The nightmare of welcoming guests for hours is one you don’t have to think about! Weddings in Dubai come with a libertine vibe to which the bride and groom are very open, not having to invite relatives they did not know existed. In addition, you can choose for the crazy thing of running just the two of you on the Arabian beaches to get married! Doesn’t that sound exciting?

You will not be left alone on the beach in your best moments! We do not run away at your wedding, but we are constantly present. On your wedding day you will always have a Romanian consultant, with experience in coordinating Arab-style marriages. So, another worry washed out from the start.

If you expect to write to us today and to get your answer when we remember to do that, we’re sorry to tell you, but we don’t work that way! After the first contact with you, either by phone, email or video, in a maximum of 24 hours you will be able to receive an offer from us regarding the planning of your wedding in Dubai!

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    So, marriage in Dubai is definitely the choice at the top of the list, but also the experience that you will not be able to live in the same way in another place on Earth. For everything to be a dream, all you have to do is contact us, and we will take care from the scratch of your luxury, Arabic-style marriage!

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