Organizing a wedding can be a fulfilling journey, but also overwhelming at times. You have to pick the location, the venue, music, catering and so much more, but while you’re making decisions in this regard, maybe you’re asking yourself ‘how can I have a unique wedding?’. Well, if you are into medieval history and really want to surprise your guests, look no further and pick Bran Castle as your wedding destination! Find out more in this article!


1. Bran Castle wedding: a brief history of the location

Located in the heart of Romania, this Transylvanian castle has a long and fascinating history that’s worth a reading.

Bran Castle wedding: a brief history of the location - Weddo Agency

The first documented attestation of Bran Castle is represented by an official letter issued on November 19, 1377 to the King of Hungary, Louis I of Anjou. Between 1419-1424, the fortress became the property of another Hungarian king, Sigismund, who was the ally of Mircea cel Batran, the lord of Wallachia, against the Turks. Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler as he’s infamously known, had a connection with Bran at the end of the 15th century, but this was the only link recorded during this period.

In December, 1920, the City Council of Brasov donated the fortress to Queen Maria, as a symbol of gratitude due to her contribution to the achievement of the Great Union in 1918. The castle was restored between 1920 and 1927. 

In 1948, after the 2nd World War ended, the castle was taken over by Princess Ileana – the daughter of Queen Maria, but it was seized by the communist regime, so the castle became the property of the Romanian state. Ten years later, Bran Castle was opened for the public as a museum of medieval arts and history. It is currently owned by Princess Ileana’s successor, Dominic of Habsburg, who started renting the gothic castle for weddings a few years back. 

Bran Castle wedding: a brief history of the location - Weddo Agency

Bran Castle wedding: a brief history of the location - Weddo Agency

2. Why choose a Dracula’s castle wedding?

History fans will know that this is a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. If you are one of them and wish for a medieval ceremony, a ‘Dracula’s Castle’ wedding will be like a dream come true. Here’s why you have to take this wedding destination into account:


  • The legends

Bram Stoker’s novel ‘Dracula’ made the Romanian ruler Vlad Tepes, along with Bran Castle, very famous around the world, both being iconic for Romania’s national identity. Even though the book is not necessarily historically accurate, mainly because Tepes had very few connections to the Bran Castle, this didn’t stop the novel from becoming a phenomenon, being the starting point for the development of the vampire culture. For couples who are fans of spooky stories, lots of legends are to be found in the area, from the cruel practices of Vlad the Impaler, to the folk tales of haunting ghosts and monsters. 

The legends - Weddo Agency


  • The scenery

Nature has been very generous in this area. The castle is surrounded by the impressive mountains Bucegi and Piatra Craiului, two of the most important elements in the Romanian touristic landscape. The scenery in this area is represented by a harmonious mixture of different landforms, such as mountain springs and streams, alpine pastures, meadows and beautiful places to admire and photograph. The location offers spectacular landscapes and a very rich flora that can provide a state of relaxation to all of your guests.

The scenery - Weddo Agency


  • The affordable prices

Usually, renting the castle can start at a few thousand euros and can reach up to more than that, depending on the offer you choose. Organizing a wedding by yourself can sometimes be a hassle and you can end up spending more money than you initially planned. In order to avoid such a situation, you can have your perfect Dracula’s Castle wedding at an affordable price if you choose WeDo Agency as your wedding planner. This way, the agency’s representatives can negotiate the best price for you, based on your requests and needs.


3. Dracula wedding planning, in 2 simple steps

Nowadays it’s not that easy to organize a unique and original destination wedding. Bora Bora, Thailand or Greece have been the perfect wedding destinations for quite a while, but maybe you want yours to be a little bit different. If you and your better half are into history and medieval culture, Dracula’s Castle might be the answer for you! Here are the steps that you need to follow if you wish to have the best medieval wedding:


  • Step 1 – Choose the theme – royal or scary?

In order to have an exclusive and original wedding, it’s important to decide whether you’d like your ceremony to be worthy of a magical castle fairytale or a scary gothic party, inspired by the legends of the place. 

Dracula wedding planning, in 2 simple steps - Weddo Agency

If you picked ‘royal’ and you are a bride, you can opt for a delicate ivory gown made of velvet or taffeta, embroidered with floral motifs or pearls. If you are a groom, a knight’s costume would be the best option, along with a symbolic sword. Wild flowers, candles and golden objects will complete the perfect decor. 

If you picked ‘scary’, your outfit should consist of anything you perceive as being scary. You can get your inspiration from horror movies or local legends. In a way, you can see the wedding as an elaborate Halloween party, where guests can also wear specific costumes that would fit the theme and the decor. 


  • Step 2 – Pick an experienced wedding planner

If you truly want your day to be special, be a guest at your own wedding by choosing the Bran Castle wedding services offered by WedDo Agency, and this way a team of professionals, with many years of experience in wedding planning, will make sure you’ll have a unique and unforgettable ceremony to remember for the rest of your lives. This way, you can fully enjoy the party at Bran Castle along with the fabulous panorama, impressive feudal history and personalized themes. 

Pick an experienced wedding planner - Weddo Agency

Pick an experienced wedding planner - Weddo Agency

Therefore, if you and your other half have always imagined yourselves saying “I do” in an exceptional setting, the decision to have a wedding destination at Bran Castle is the wisest and the reasons are countless – from the fascinating history and scary legends, to the breathtaking scenery of the Carpathian mountains, this place has it all!


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