The concept of a divorce party may sound strange at first, but in the last few years this has become a trend among divorcees. The idea behind such a party is pretty simple: when you get married, you celebrate a new chapter of your life, so why not have a separation party as a symbol of a new beginning as well? Divorce may be a sudden change for many couples, but the aftermath may be worth celebrating!

1. Why have a divorce themed party?

There are many reasons why a divorce party would be a great idea, and it all depends on the terms in which the marriage ended, and also on how supportive the close ones are. This kind of celebration it’s an occasion for both former partners to make amends and embrace their freedom and independence. Moreover, the secret of a perfect divorce party is to decide whether you want a relaxed meeting with your closest friends and relatives or a wild night out, far away from everything, maybe even in another country. 

2. How to throw a divorce party?

If you want your day to be fun and memorable, you need to decide on the theme and decorations. Luckily, WeDo is an experienced divorce party planner that can take care of those who are too busy to organize such an event, by offering all-inclusive services, adapted to every customer’s needs. 

2.1. Divorce party planning

It’s best to set your divorce party after the paperwork is over and the divorce is final, so you can actually dive into your new fresh start with a fun event. But, if your divorce experience hasn’t been very easy for you, you can actually break the ice by throwing a party in the middle of the process. This way, you can take a break from all the stress that a divorce can come with by planning a goodbye party for the life that you once knew. Therefore, when you decide what kind of celebration you would like – a relaxing day reunion or a wild night out, to go local or abroad, to enjoy your divorce on the beach or in a cabin – you can go further by deciding the number of your guests, the themes, the cake and some catchy decorations. 

2.2. Divorce party themes

There are no limits when it comes to a divorce party, therefore you can let your imagination flow freely. It all depends on your style. For example, if you are a cinema fan, you can pick a famous break-up movie as your theme. Another creative theme could be a post-divorce bachelor or bachelorette party to celebrate the new status as a divorcee. Moreover, you can make fun of the situation by throwing a costume party to represent famous divorced couples. No matter what theme you’ll pick, the most important thing is that you and your guests have as much fun as possible. 

2.3. Divorce party decors

A divorce party is supposed to be the opposite of a wedding, so the decorations must fit accordingly. Colorful balloons, funny or motivational banners, symbolic testimonials and personalized clothing are among the most famous items used for such an event. Also, you can send invitations by mail to the guests with funny or cynical messages such as: “I do. I did. I’m done”, “Just divorced, free at last” or “Smells like freshly signed divorce papers”. Moreover, don’t forget about the cake! Even if it can be a delicious dessert, it’s also part of the party decorations. The funnier, the better, because this will increase its chances to be posted on social media by your guests. 

3. Best divorce party ideas

A divorce party should be entertaining, so spice it up with these unconventional ideas!

3.1. Divorce party idea – Hollywood divorced couples

For a great divorce party, get inspired by the glamorous world of Hollywood celebrities! Their wedding pictures and videos go around the world, but so do their divorces. Movie stars are often involved in scandalous break-ups, and divorce rates are known to be higher among celebrities. By throwing a costume party, you will bring a piece of Hollywood’s exciting vibe to your divorce celebration and it can also be a fun way for the guests to show their support. 

3.2. Divorce party idea – Trash the dress

This concept started to be a trend in the last few years, newlyweds choosing it mostly for social media impact. Therefore, brides get to go through some adventurous photo sessions, in order to capture some dramatic moments, in which the wedding dress is being dragged through mud or ponds. But this idea was also adopted by newly divorced people, who chose to trash their dress as a symbol of getting over and releasing all the negative feelings left from the former marriage. Some shooting ranges around the world organize divorce parties, in which the bride or the groom tear their wedding clothes apart through this method. Another idea is for the fresh divorcee to “trash her dress” by asking her close friends and family to sign on it or draw funny doodles. After that, she can wear it during a wild night out, just to make fun of the situation, along with her support group. 

3.3. Divorce party idea – “Divorcette”

The opposite of marriage is divorce, so the opposite of a Bachelorette party is, of course, a “Divorcette” party. Even if it’s not an official word, “a divorcette” means a person who just divorced and is enjoying her new status. So go out and enjoy your divorce party in the same way you did when you got married! 

In the end, when a marriage is not working, it’s best when both partners acknowledge this and accept its closure, so having a party can be liberating in numerous ways and also an occasion to get used to the big change. Moreover, if you went through a rough path with your divorce, this party can be an opportunity to have fun and, why not, get back out there!


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