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Cultural wedding - The emotion of love and vibrant traditions SEE DETAILS

Cultural Wedding

What does the perfect wedding look like? The answer may vary from person to person. We know that the beach wedding is a simplistic, relaxing ceremony and distinct from everything you have seen so far with your friends and relatives. However, if you are in love with the traditions of your region, the cultural customs of your half, your countries of origin, the culture of other countries or even the destination where you plan your wedding ceremony, this is the ideal opportunity when you can borrow cultural themes and use them for your special beach wedding.

Aiming to plan such a wedding on your own is brave, especially if you want everything to happen in an exotic destination, away from home. And we say that because you need to be always in touch with suppliers, to make decisions in aspects that you don’t know well enough or to make financial acquisitions that you don’t really need. Wouldn’t it be better to leave all these worries to a happy, but serious team, which will prepare the most beautiful cultural beach wedding for you?


Multicultural wedding - the atypical ceremony you dreamed of


When the bride and groom decide to take responsibility for their wedding, in most cases, they become frustrated, stressed and totally unhappy in the end. You have probably witnessed some of the discomforts at such weddings. If you do not want to go through such episodes, but you want to collaborate with us, here is what we can offer you, among others:

✧ Traditional costumes and outfits;

✧ Wedding customs and traditions according to the culture you want;

✧ Specific spiritual ceremony, as appropriate;

✧ Religious wedding according to the culture you belong to;

✧ Civil union with legal official;

✧ Customize the setting according to the chosen culture and your preferences;

✧ Traditional make-up and hairstyle;

✧ Traditional menus.

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Cultural wedding - how is it different from other weddings?

Whether you are Romanian, German or French and you want a cultural wedding, this is your chance. The cultural wedding can have several variables, among which:

✧ Conducting the event according to the tradition of the country of origin

✧ Preference for the culture of the country where your half comes from

✧ A mix of the groom’s home culture

✧ Inspiration from a totally different culture from that of the bride and groom

✧ Choosing the cultural theme of the destination where the marriage takes place


Regardless of which one you choose, the specific wedding refers to the fact that, although it takes place on the beach, everything will take the form of the culture chosen by you, the bride and groom. This involves menus, outfits, customs, traditions, ceremonies, and other things you want.

What is very important, however, for your wishes to be fulfilled on the big day, is to let us know them in advance! This way, our consultants can make sure that everything will be as you dreamed (or even better!).

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