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Beach wedding in Cuba - the sensation of Latin rhythm SEE DETAILS

Beach wedding Cuba

The spectacular views, the white sandy beaches and the historical charm are just some of the things that make this island country the perfect place to have your wedding here between October and April, but not only! Wherever you look you will see a perfect background for you and your half to dance to Latin rhythms until sunrise!

Cuba is located in the northern Caribbean, between the Bahamas, Cayman Islands, and south of the US State of Florida. And yes, it’s a wow destination, because this hidden jewelry hosts limitless fun and absolutely vibrant culture. Whether you want to get carried away on your wedding day or explore the quiet beaches, you and your guests will surely enjoy the mystery of this island! If you’re wondering what Cuba recommends for a beach wedding, here are some examples:

Dream activities

Cuba offers the chance for an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to try some of the most special activities, as long as you want to extend your stay after the wedding! You can choose to go boating, scuba diving, venture on a catamaran trip or simply admire the infinite turquoise waters!

Exceptional culture

Although not a big country, Cuba is rich in history, traditions, and customs! The mix of Spanish, African, and Caribbean elements makes Cuba a special island for planning beach weddings! Only if you get here you can be convinced of the delicious taste of Cuban food, the lively spirit of the people, and the traditions of this place.

Fun as much as it includes

You cannot stop the Cuban vibe to cheer you up and that’s because music and dancing are part of their lives! If you want rumba, bolero, guaracha or danzón tones at your wedding, anything is possible! The party can be a show on Latin or Caribbean rhythms and it will not be surprising if the locals take you dancing even on the street, introducing you to the latest movements!

Wedding in Cuba
Cuba weddings Weddo Agency
Weddings in Cuba Weddo
Do you want a unique wedding on Cuban beaches?

What you should know, especially if you are a nature lover, is that the archipelagos on the coast of the Cuban Republic are full of virgin palm trees. Most couples are very happy because it gives them the intimate atmosphere they need. We don’t want to tell you that there are coral reefs near the island, an extra reason for underwater adventures. Anyway, you didn’t find out from us!

Many couples dream of having a fairytale wedding ceremony in the islands of Cuba. Romantic kisses at sunset and connecting with the infinity of the sea – this is the perfect scenario of a love story. And you know what it is said, “Be careful what you wish it might happen!” WedDo Agency not only lets you imagine, but see your dream with your own eyes, because we can make possible the fantasy of getting married in Cuba. You don’t have to think about anything, just enjoy a perfect day!

Your wishes are dreams come true with WedDo Agency! Dare to wish!

We at WedDo Agency do not like to be praised for how brave and wonderful we are, but we prefer to tell us how satisfied you will be at the end of the experience with us! If you choose WedDo Agency to be in charge of your wedding in Cuba, you should know from the start why you will NOT have:

Dream activities

Cuban stalls or cheap providers hiding away before your wedding are not on our list. Our suppliers are the mirror of the services we offer you, and those who are chosen to work with WedDo Agency are tested and verified. In addition, most of them have been working with us since we came on the market, they have experience and we know the professionalism of their work!

Exceptional culture

Trouble with the advice of parents, relatives or making decisions related to setting or conducting the event in Cuba. If you signed a contract with us, the WedDo Agency team will be the command center, NOT YOU! For one day in your life that will be so special (and especially in Cuba), leave the worries and stress to us so that we can bring your wedding to its potential!

Fun as it comes

YOU ARE THE WINNER by collaborating with us because from the beginning of the event until the departure of the last guest there will be a Romanian wedding consultant, with experience in Cuba, who will coordinate and monitor that things happen as you wish!


Cuba Weddings - organize your beach wedding as a book

By choosing WedDo Agency you have the guarantee that you will have a pleasant experience, from the first moment! We do not make any compromises when it comes to the comfort and satisfaction of those we work with. So, other issues we can help you with are:


Transport – although transport and accommodation are NOT included in our services, we are willing to offer you support so that you can make the best decisions regarding the transport in the country you are leaving or the internal transport to this destination for the bride and groom and guests.

Accommodation – we know that it is difficult to find your own accommodation in a foreign destination and that is why we help you to avoid various booking services that can be misleading.

Various events – we can plan for you simple, elegant, but also traditional events (if you want) or we can create luxury experiences, at the highest standards.

Do you want more details? Contact us now!

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