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Beach wedding in Crete the most pleasant experience related to the union with the loved one! SEE DETAILS

Beach wedding in Crete

Getting married to your loved one on the beach, in a natural setting, is not a classic experience, but a truly unique one, suitable for people who want to go out of the pattern and do things in their own style. However, planning such an event is a challenge, which is why many people give up even before trying. Fortunately, we noticed this “need” in the field of wedding destination and we created a professional team that comes to help any couple who dreams of a customized ceremony, on the most beautiful beaches, not only in Greece but around the world! So, with us, the challenge turns into pleasure and impatience, because the bride and groom only have to choose their destination and tell their wishes to us, then enjoy the wedding on the beach they have always dreamed of!

Crete Wedding - Greek style beach wedding with memories for a lifetime

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Crete Wedding
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Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and also the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean. This island has a rich history, a distinctive culture and many natural beauties that can be visited, where you can take pictures and even weddings, including by the sea, on the beach. 

Do you want to have a non-conformist wedding that you will never forget? Then the destination that suits you is Crete. This is one of the most popular Greek islands. The bright sun, the turquoise waters, the beaches with fine and hot sand are the essential points that highlight this corner of Greece. In addition, Crete is an island that has everything: varied nature, an interesting mix of history and culture, welcoming people and amazing views. In any location you choose to have your wedding, you will definitely be impressed by the ambiance of the place!

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Crete Wedding Weddo Agency
Beach wedding in Crete Weddo Agency
Beach wedding in Crete
Carefree beach wedding in Crete - Yes, it’s true!

Do you want to get married in Crete? Let us make your day special! We know that it is not easy to plan a wedding at a distance, especially in a place you do not know well enough. That’s why, if you want a fairytale wedding, you’ve come exactly where you need to be, at WedDo Agency! Since we are specialized in planning beach weddings and we have expertise in Crete, if you choose us to plan your wedding ceremonies by the Greek sea, then you have the guarantee of premium TOP services.

Why Crete for your beach wedding and not another Greek island?

Specific history

The monuments, cities, and architecture of the buildings are those that still show the history of this island and the events of the Byzantine period or prehistoric times. If you don’t just want pictures on the beach on your wedding day, you can take your half and invite her to a historical tour among the palaces of Crete, including: Knossos Palace, Phaestos Palace or Zakros Palace.

Vibrant culture

The culture of this island is distinguished by the musical rhythms performed with Lyra or laouto, by the indigenous dance called Pentozali or their traditional costumes. So, if you want to borrow from the cultural traditions and the costumes of this island, your wedding on the beach is the perfect opportunity!

Honeymoon activities

Beyond the fact that this island is known for the potential of unique weddings, Crete is equally suitable for honeymoon activities. Here’s what you can do with your half after the actual wedding: you can go hiking, walking along the island’s beaches or drive around the island to discover various wonderful places and villages, exceptional nature, pristine beaches and much more sland surprises.

With WedDo Agency everything becomes possible, so accept the chance of a dream wedding in Crete!
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