Crete is the southernmost Greek island and it is the largest island in Greece. It is a gorgeous island, perfect for a wonderful vacation, but also for a lovely wedding. Whether you want to organize a party on the beach, whether you want to choose a luxury resort or a picturesque and traditional place, here you will find exactly the locations you need. But not only the location is important – there are also other things you need to do in order to organize everything exactly as you wish.


1. Wedding in Crete – What do you need to know about Crete?


Crete is very popular among tourists from all over the world, thanks to its wonderful beaches and beautiful landscapes. Its unique and special vibe comes from the rich history that this unique island has. Crete belonged to the Roman Empire, then came under Byzantine rule, and then came under the control of the Republic of Venice until, in 1913, when Crete became part of Greece. So, all these influences have left their mark on the atmosphere of Crete, giving it its own charm.


Crete is divided into four regions: Chania, Rethymno, Heraklion, Lasithi. Each region is characterized by certain details, but in order to choose the right place, you must first imagine what kind of location you would like to find for your wedding in Greece. For example, in Chania you can find beautiful landscapes thanks to the White Mountains and you can also find wonderful beaches, such as Falassarna, Balos or Elafonisi. The White Mountains of Crete have about 300 caves, peaks, waterfalls, beaches and mountain lakes. Therefore, you can also find cool and isolated mountain areas. There is also an Old Town, Chania Town, which is characterized by narrow cobbled streets and by special buildings built in the Venetian style. If you are looking for villages or smaller towns, you will find plenty of options in Chania, in towns like Kissamos, Sfakia or Paleochora.


In Rethymno you can find the Ideon cave, which is very popular because it is said that Zeus lived there during his childhood years. And in Rethymno you can find traditional villages, such as Agia Galini or Plakias, but also Rethymno Town, where you will find stunning  medieval architecture.


In Heraklion you can find imposing mountains, but also traces of the Minoan civilization – here you can discover the Minoan palaces of Knossos and Phaestos. Heraklion is also known for its active nightlife – so if you want to enjoy parties before or after your wedding, this may be the perfect region for you.


In Lasithi you won’t find as many mountains, but you can discover windmills, long beaches and attractive towns like Neapoli, Sitia or Nikolaos. There are many picturesque villages here, but also some Minoan ruins.

2. Crete Weddings – Locations and venues, traditions, themes


When you start looking for the ideal location, there are several things to consider. First of all, you have to think about whether you want an indoor or an outdoor wedding, or a combination of the two. 


To make sure that everything is well set up, it is recommended to collaborate with an experienced wedding planner who knows Crete and has professional contacts and relationships with suppliers in the area. That way, you won’t look for everything on your own and you will have help all the way.


Wedding on the beach


If you want a wedding on the beach, you definitely want to find a special beach, just like in a fairytale. To choose the ideal one, you need to decide whether you want it to be a larger and more luxurious beach, or a small, secluded and intimate beach. Thus, you will be able to make a list of all the available options. A beach wedding is an excellent choice especially in a beautiful land like Greece. Surely this event will remain in everyone’s memory as a unique and special event that brought the sea closer to the souls of all those invited. Crete is said to have the most beautiful water in the Mediterranean, due to the fact that it is very clear and turquoise. Crete has a multitude of beautiful beaches, which you can transform into the perfect setting for your wedding. If you want an organized party on the beach, Crete is the right destination, because it offers you many opportunities and options. Most of the beaches received the Blue Flag, because they are very clean and well-maintained.


The wedding on the beach has countless advantages that you can enjoy. First of all, the beach is a special place that offers you the chance to organize your event by the sea. The breeze, the salty air, the sand and the vegetation are just some of the elements that can help create a unique and romantic setting. Thus, a beach wedding is an excellent choice, especially for those who want to be original and want to create unforgettable memories. Do not forget to take into account the season in which you choose to organize the wedding (spring, summer or autumn) because each season brings with it new aspects that you must consider. In Crete you will find secluded beaches, but also bigger beaches – therefore, you have many possibilities. Your wedding planner will help you create the right set-up, based on your requirements. There are couples who want to hold the entire party on the beach, but also couples who want to organize their civil or religious wedding in such a space, and the actual party in a venue specially created for such occasions. Regardless of the category you belong to, it is important to know what you want and to be able to get the result you imagined. Nothing is impossible, and Greece offers you truly beautiful landscapes, special beaches, crystal clear and turquoise sea, delicious food and unique and spectacular places.

Cretan wedding venues


If you want to choose a specific venue, first of all you have to research the available options. You have plenty of options – you can even find venues that have a private pool or a private beach, in case you don’t want to opt for an indoor party. Make a list of all your preferences and then, together with your wedding planner, start the research. Crete is the biggest island in Greece, so you surely will find many possibilities. Whether you want to go somewhere luxurious, sophisticated and elegant, or you want to have an authentic Greek wedding, you will surely find suitable locations and wedding venues in Greece.


Cretan traditions


There are even some Cretan traditions that you can make part of your wedding. For example, in Crete, a white scarf is worn around the neck or on the head, throughout the wedding. This is worn not only by the bride and groom, but also by the guests. You can also try various Cretan dishes, such as Gamokoulouro (bread) or Gamopilafo (pilaf), which is eaten at traditional weddings. If you want to borrow some of the Cretan customs, you can do so as a gesture of appreciation towards the places where you have chosen to organize your wedding. For example, a party is organized before the wedding, as a kind of bachelor party. At the end of the wedding, the gift is offered on a tray held by the bride. At sunrise, a dish called pasta with Cretan gruyère is served, and at the end of the party, mantinades (Cretan songs that are sometimes improvised on the spot) are sung.


However, you don’t have to implement these traditions unless you want to. Take into account the customs that come from your culture and integrate into the wedding program only activities that are to your liking. The party must be exactly as you imagined, from all points of view. Therefore, you don’t have to make compromises or satisfy the wishes of others. All that matters is that the bride and groom are satisfied and happy with the choices they have made!




If you want to organize a themed wedding, you can do so regardless of the location you select. For example, if you like everything related to Greece, you can organize an authentic Greek wedding, both in terms of food, menu and decorations, as well as in terms of colors, music or other similar elements. You can also choose a marine theme, especially if you opt for a location on the beach. You can decorate everything in white and blue stripes, but also in attractive colors such as navy blue or other shades of blue and turquoise. Such a theme would fit perfectly on the beach, because the natural setting is already provided! The creative concept is up to you and the artists you choose to collaborate with – they will create an aesthetic concept that complements the one already offered by nature. Of course, you can choose multiple unique themes, depending on your preferences. Maybe you are passionate about a certain story, a movie, a book or a historical period – all these possibilities are valid and can be highlighted easily, without effort, with the help of your wedding planner. So, if you and your partner have a common passion that you would like to celebrate at your wedding, don’t be afraid to include it in your wedding story, regardless of where you choose to organize the party – you surely will find in Greece wedding venues perfect for your own original fairytale!


Color themes


If you don’t want a specific theme, you can choose only a color theme that you like. For example, if you want the location to express purity, elegance and sophistication, you can decorate everything in white, and if you want to include the sea in your aesthetic concept, you can add shades of blue and turquoise. If you choose, for example, a location where the mountains are the main character of the scenery, you can choose green and brown tones, in order to match the surrounding nature. If you love multiple colors, you can choose to organize a colorful and cheerful wedding that will stand out through its originality and creativity. Also you can have a solar decoration, vivid and ideal for summer, opting for colors such as yellow, orange, red or gold, but you can also opt for a silver-gold wedding, that will truly impress all of your guests!

In conclusion, to find out how to get married in Crete, you can ask your wedding planner. He will guide you in the right direction and he will give you all the advice you need in this process. Don’t be afraid to have as many ideas and wishes as possible – write them on a list and communicate them to your wedding planner. Together with the team, you will be able to set up everything, in order to get what you want. Crete is an island full of magic, which can become the perfect setting for your wedding. All you have to do is find a place or a venue that you like and then organize everything just as you imagined. Crete beach weddings are increasingly popular due to the beautiful scenery and the fact that it is a destination that can be easily reached from any European country. Regardless of the country you come from, you must check options of transport and accommodation, and, of course, all the other things that will have to be established in order to be able to organize the wedding. Everything will be wonderful if you trust in your intuition and your creativity and, above all, in your love story that will be taken to the next level, in a wonderful place on the Cretan land of Greece! Trust the team you choose to collaborate with and things will definitely turn out exactly as you wanted!


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