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Civil Wedding - Mark your moment in a special way SEE DETAILS

Civil Marriage

Civil union is the “ritual” by which two members of a couple become officially married, and their union is recognized by the authorities of the country to which they belong. In general, this part of the wedding ceremonies is not the most romantic or full of intense feelings, being more a necessary step for subsequent events (even if, in fact, it is considered the most important). All these changes, however, if you choose to get married on the beach! Instead of saying “YES” in an ordinary setting, in a room of an institution that does not inspire too much emotion, you have the opportunity to obtain the marriage certificate after a special ceremony, in a unique setting, with the same outcome: the official union of destinies and the new status of the bride and groom!

If you are about to take this step and are looking for a wedding planning team to take care of planning, we, WedDo Agency, are the ones to turn to!

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Real civil union on the beach - Didn't you think it was possible?
What can we offer you and you can't find it elsewhere?

A REAL marriage – yes, you leave the beach married! – which involves that WedDo Agency:

✧ Brings an official who can authorize marriage on the beach;

✧ Obtains approvals and documents from the authorities of which you, the bride and groom, are part (regardless of the country of origin/nationality);

✧ Pays the necessary fees to the marriage officer in the desired destination;

✧ Processes and submits documents to the competent authorities;

✧ Obtains the actual marriage certificate, recognized by the competent authorities of the country of origin;

✧ Provides a Romanian marriage consultant to deal with all these aspects, both before and during the event.


Civil wedding on the beach - what do you need to know?

The central point of this ceremony is, of course, the determined “YES” of the bride and groom and the signing of the marriage certificate. This is the part that all the civil unions planned by us have in common, in any destination. Otherwise, however, the event takes place depending on the wishes and requirements of the couple. Specifically, those who collaborate with us choose whether they will be alone or if they have guests to be with them, choose the ideal setting for joining destinies from a legal point of view, choose the setting and all the details related to this aspect… practically, customize their wedding, so that everything is as they dreamed!

What should you know if you wanted WedDo Agency to handle your civil union on the beach?

✧ The civil union can be followed by the religious wedding ceremony if you wish;

✧ We make sure that the event is enjoyed by both spouses and we make sure that you are both satisfied and happy with the choice made;

✧ Marriage options are multiple: from a civil union on the beach, on a yacht, in the air, in the water or whatever you imagined;

✧ The civil union can be performed regardless of the nationality of the bride and groom;

✧ After the event itself, the bride and groom can enjoy a romantic dinner together or spend a lavish time with their loved ones on the beach (or in the desired place).

What do you say, do you accept the challenge of leaving yourself in the hands of specialists and enjoying a unique event, tailored exactly to your taste?
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