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WedDo Agency is a company that deals with the planning of real beach weddings, which are so popular, as well as other types of more extraordinary events!

With the experience of over 500 weddings and unconventional ceremonies held on the beach internationally, we can say that we have the necessary expertise to plan and coordinate special and unique events. Not only us but also those who decided to collaborate with WedDo Agency and had unforgettable experiences.

In the relationship with the bride and groom for whom we plan the wedding, we like to have a collaboration based on respect, humanity, freedom and emotion. We are full of energy, open-minded, but serious when it comes to planning your event by the book.

Different ceremonies! Celebrate any important moment of your life in a special way!

If you want a cheerful and gleeful team on the beach that meets your wishes, we are the ones you have to choose! Celebrating any important event in a couple’s life must be special, because this creates moments that both partners will remember. Therefore, planning a unique and different event should not be limited to the wedding, but there are other occasions that you can celebrate in a unique way, such as marriage proposal or vows renewal.

And, because no couple is the same, we can also help you plan a … divorce on the beach! Do you find it out of the ordinary? It is! But there is nothing wrong here, especially if everything ends amicably or if everyone wants to mark the end of the relationship in a unique way. Why not enjoy, alone or with your loved ones, the conclusion of a beautiful chapter in your life?

What should you know about the ceremonies we plan on the beach?

✧ Even if you are part of distinct religions, the marriage can be officiated with representatives of the religion you belong to;

✧ If you and your half are of different nationalities, there is no obstacle in enjoying a real ceremony, we take care of it!

✧ Ceremonies can take place at any of the WedDo Agency destinations;

✧ For any type of ceremony or destination you choose, a Romanian consultant will be with you, whose main concern will be for everything to go according to the plan (but also to solve any unforeseen situation, discreetly and without you stressing!);

✧ Apart from the symbolic ceremonies, we are proud to plan REAL weddings, with documents certified by the authorities of the country you belong to;

✧ Wedding or other vows are custom made by WedDo Agency if you are unprepared or uninspired!

✧ We took care of a lot of weddings on the beach, but if you want something WOW and you don’t have a budget limit, then we can coordinate your wedding on the yacht, offshore, not only by the sea!

✧ When we say that we customize any ceremony according to the wishes of the bride and groom, we are not lying! From the setting to the after-party, menus, ceremonies, accommodation, transportation, everything will go as you want. Do you dream of a lavish party with many guests? We’ll do it! Do you want the union to be something intimate, where only you two are present? There is no problem! To celebrate the wedding, we organize a romantic dinner, exactly as you like!

Regardless of the nature of the event for which you are requesting our services, we will make sure that everything goes according to plan and that the event is above your expectations!
What do you say, do you accept the challenge of leaving yourself in the hands of specialists and enjoying a unique event, customized exactly for your taste?
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