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How to Successfully Write Your Own Wedding Vows?

The exchange of vows: undoubtedly one of the most moving moments of a wedding… and one of the most disturbing too. To alleviate the anxiety of the blank page, here are some tips to help you write them as calmly as possible.

1. What are wedding vows?

A must in all wedding ceremonies (civil, religious, secular…) the exchange of vows is a beautiful moment during which the spouses commit themselves out loud in front of their loved ones. And bear witness to the commitments and promises they make to each other. If it is a key moment of the ceremony, it is because this time is very strong: the spouses prove their love in front of their guests and promise each other support and mutual comfort. To exchange your vows completely freely, a secular ceremony will be ideal. Indeed, the exchange of vows remains a very codified moment in the church (spouses commit themselves before God and the religious community) and at the town hall (spouses undertake to respect legal obligations). The secular ceremony allows for total freedom, both in tone and in the themes addressed… And allows an entirely personalized exchange of vows!

The exchange of vows is this moment when you must speak, each in turn, in front of your loved ones to express the love you have for your other half. In fact, why did you choose to commit to each other? This statement is directly addressed to the person concerned, and even if it makes you stress, relax, you are not taking an oral exam, you just have to let your feelings express themselves! In a secular ceremony, the wedding speech usually takes place just before the wedding rings are exchanged. The ideal is not to repeat what the officiant has already said about you. Prefer a wedding speech oriented on your feelings and personal anecdotes.

In a more traditional church wedding, the exchange of vows is summed up by consent. If you want to add a few more original touches, nothing prevents you from talking about it beforehand, with the priest who unites you.

2. Writing your own wedding vows – What form do wedding vows take?

2. Writing Your Own Wedding Vows - What Form Do Wedding Vows Take

Writing wedding vows is not an easy task – whether it’s your first marriage or your renewal of vows after many years together. Talking about your feelings, your expectations, the way you envision your engagement and your future life as a couple without spreading out too much… All of this can be complicated to put down on paper. Especially since it is risky to improvise your wedding vows. Indeed, the emotion will be such on the wedding that you will probably find it difficult to invent a text at the time. A text written in advance will give you the confidence to overcome the flood of emotions of the day.

First, make sure you have discussed with your spouse beforehand the form your vows will take. The length and tone of your vows should be similar so as not to create discomfort on the wedding day. Then, go out of your way to write your vows yourself. If the temptation is great to borrow from great authors or Youtube videos, it will take away the authenticity from your vows if they are just a copy/paste from someone else. Remember your vows! Once you have a final version, do not hesitate to clean them on a thick sheet of paper, in a pretty notebook, or even on an original support – like a ribbon! This will make a nice keepsake to keep throughout your wedding.

3. How to successfully write your own wedding vows

And you? How do you intend to declare your commitment to the loved one? What do you want to promise him? To help you write your vows, here are some rules to follow:

  • Rule number 1 – be inspired! What are you talking about ? What are wedding vows? Why should you write your wedding vows? It’s basically THE declaration of love to your darling. The one you are going to proclaim in front of the witnesses of your love, that is to say your guests;
  • Rule number 2 – again, be inspired! Don’t know what to write in your wedding vows? Here are some ideas of themes from which you can start: your meeting, his/her qualities, his/her faults that you like, your daily life, family, your commonalities, what you intend to change… or on the contrary what will never change, and, of course, your feelings. In fact, the inspiration is simple: it is YOU – you, the other, your couple;
  • Rule number 3 – agree with each other! Of course, you are going to write your wedding vows each on his own. But to be on the same wavelength, it is advisable that you consult with your partner on the length of the message and a minimum of common thread (without revealing anything about the content). Generally, people start their vows with a “I promise you”. But it could be: “I love you because…”, “I’m marrying you because…”, “I wish…”, “I want…”, “I say yes to…”. In short, it’s as you want it, be imaginative;
  • Rule number 4 – in front of whom? At what moment? As a general rule, vows are exchanged during: the religious ceremony, the secular ceremony but also the civil ceremony (to be confirmed with the town hall to insert this during the protocol) or even at the wedding party… But there is one thing that you need to know – there is no general rule! This could very well be done face to face: for the most modest of you. Indeed, as for the alliances, it is not obligatory to make your declaration of love in front of everyone. Only the exchange of consents at the town hall is mandatory in front of witnesses. Basically say “yes” in response to legal texts;
  • Rule number 5 – reread your vows! Just to be sure that your message is intelligible. Above all, it allows you to know if your speech is understandable. The ideal is to call on a neutral third party. But it’s not mandatory. You can also keep the scoop of the message for your man (or wife);
  • Rule number 6 – break the first rule and be genuine! Your wishes are personal. It’s not because you saw some wedding vows online that you have to talk about your meeting, and what your partner means to you, etc… that you must necessarily follow this path. If you like talking about how he stores groceries, then do it! If you feel like writing your wedding vows like a poem, then go! Or even a song against a background of scratches… so sing!

Depending on your sensitivity, your ease in writing and your ability to speak in public, you can:

  • write your wedding vows on a piece of paper and read them;
  • learn them by heart;
  • improvise and let your heart speak on the wedding day.

3.1. Preparing your wedding vows

The key word is ANTICIPATION! Immediately remove from your mind the “I will improvise when the time comes according to my feeling”. Why? Because the emotion of the event and public speaking will certainly destabilize you. And even if you are used to speeches. To prepare well, write down your ideas, even in bulk, in a notebook or in the notes on your phone. When you have an idea, write it down. When your other half has a little tic that makes you melt, think about putting it down on paper so you can talk about it on the wedding day… Write down everything! You can come back to them later to rearrange them. Remember that your speech should not be too long: 3 to 5 minutes is more than enough (about 40 to 50 sentences), since the celebrant of the ceremony also provides many details about your life together. Finally, nothing obliges you to prepare your wedding vows alone and confidentially. If it reassures you, you can write them with your spouse. The advantage is to be able to help each other and stay on the same wavelength in your writings. Moreover, take inspiration from the testimonials and advice for writing your wedding vows, which already exist.

Although you will have a large audience watching you, the key to a successful wedding speech is to keep it natural and simple. You must express your feelings by opening your heart spontaneously. When writing your vows, focus on your feelings, and ask yourself about your own story:

  • How did you meet?
  • What has his/her entry into your life brought you?
  • What are the defining moments in your history?
  • What are your best memories?
  • How do you see the future together?

To make your writing easier, stay in the timeline. For example, you can start your speech with:

  • “Our story began with…”;
  • “I always knew that…”;
  • “Now that we’re at it, I had to tell you that…”.

To find the ideal frame, play on the balance between: emotion and humor. A speech that is too humorous might not be taken seriously and perhaps even evoke a feeling of general unease if it is misunderstood because of too many private jokes elusive by ordinary mortals. Conversely, a speech that is too romantic and recited without emotion could be tiring. Find the happy medium and liven up your wedding vows with a quote, a reference from a movie or a song that everyone knows.

Well, what you’ve written satisfies you for your wedding speech? Perfect! All that remains is to re-read several times and practice. On the one hand you will be able to fine-tune a few details, on the other, you will avoid last minute confusion. Flowing wedding vows are better!

3.2. Alternative to wedding vows

If your church or town hall does not allow you to include your personalized wishes during your ceremony – and you are not organizing a secular ceremony – nothing prevents you from finding another solution. You can, if you wish, exchange your vows through love letters (letters can be read just before your wedding, for example). The spouses will thus read their letters at the same time. You can also write your vows and have them read to your spouse before or after the wedding. Or choose an existing text to read or recite together.

All in all, once your text has been written, do not hesitate to show it to loved ones to ask their opinion and to read it again aloud several times. The emotion will be at its peak on your wedding day, so you will have to take into account any breaks… If you can, try to memorize your text (if it is not too long, of course) if you don’t want to clutter up with sheets or a notebook on the wedding day. All that being said, good luck and have a happy and wonderful celebration!

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Beautiful Weddings – Ideas for Some Original Celebrations

Organizing an original wedding means thinking about the smallest details of the celebration. To achieve the goal you have set for yourself, you should take into consideration some pieces of advice. There are many original ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd. This article contains original proposals for the different aspects of your wedding celebration.

1. Beautiful Outdoor Weddings – Beach Wedding

Weddo Agency - 1. Beautiful Weddings Beach Wedding
Weddo Agency - 1. Beautiful Weddings Beach Wedding 1
Weddo Agency - 1. Beautiful Weddings Beach Wedding 2
Weddo Agency - 1. Beautiful Weddings Beach Wedding 4

Getting married by the sea, what a great idea! From the reception to the evening to the ceremony, weddings on the beach are particularly romantic. Behind this idyllic setting of water, sun and sand, there is also a good dose of organization! For a dream wedding, you should consider the idea of celebrating your union at the beach. Just imagine your loved ones` reaction when they discover the chosen reception venue on their invitation! Before thinking about decor on the theme of the sea, and atmosphere of shellfish and crustaceans, you will have to look carefully at the logistical aspects of your reception. Many couples turn to a wedding planner to help them organize their beach wedding. To help you in your efforts, here is some initial information.

  • Private or Public Location?

Weddo Agency - 1.1. Beach Wedding Private or Public Location
Weddo Agency - 1.1. Beach Wedding Private or Public Location 1
Weddo Agency - 1.1. Beach Wedding Private or Public Location 2
Weddo Agency - 1.1. Beach Wedding Private or Public Location 3
Weddo Agency - 1.1. Beach Wedding Private or Public Location 4

To start, you must choose between a public and a private beach. Getting married on a public beach is free, but you will need to submit a file to the town hall on which the place in question depends. Better to plan a year in advance to obtain your authorization and avoid the summer months because the beach will in no case be closed to the public. For more privacy, turn to the option of private beaches. There are many of them and they offer services that can make your preparations easier. Whatever the beach you are considering, check the access for the elderly but also to progress without difficulty in your lace wedding dress. Don’t forget to check the tide schedule!

  • The Ceremony on The Beach

Weddo Agency - 1.2. Beach Wedding The Ceremony on The Beach
Weddo Agency - 1.2. Beach Wedding The Ceremony on The Beach 1
Weddo Agency - 1.2. Beach Wedding The Ceremony on The Beach 2
Weddo Agency - 1.2. Beach Wedding The Ceremony on The Beach 3
Weddo Agency - 1.2. Beach Wedding The Ceremony on The Beach 4

The secular ceremony is the only one you can consider at the beach. The union before the mayor or before God can only be done at the town hall or in a place of worship. The advantage of the secular ceremony is that it can be completely personalized. You could choose your own wedding officiant, who may be a relative. For a more intimate ceremony, you could opt for an end-of-day schedule to avoid too many tourists passing through and the gazes of the curious!

  • Wedding Menu

If you’re planning a cocktail party at the beach, consider a wedding table decoration that’s weighted enough so it doesn’t fly away and platters to avoid ending up with sand-seasoned dishes. For public beaches, ask the town hall about the consumption of alcohol, which is not necessarily authorized. These places do not have water or electricity, so it seems wiser to provide a separate space for the reception, why not a room with a sea view to make the link between ceremony and cocktail. If you absolutely want to spend the whole evening on the beach, consider the chic picnic option for a wedding banquet that does not require too many logistics. Private beaches often have a restaurant or a hotel that will allow you to organize a quality seated meal or to have a backup solution in case of bad weather.

  • Wedding Decorations

Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 1
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 2
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 3
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 4
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 5
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 6
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 7
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 8
Weddo Agency - 1.4. Beach Wedding Wedding Decorations 9

Beach weddings generally require a special atmosphere, often light and bohemian. On the decoration side, there is the timeless marine wedding theme where light colors and pastel tones rub shoulders with shells, pebbles and fishing knots. Likewise, vintage furniture arranged on sand, fruits, flowers, candles, vaporous fabrics, umbrellas, bamboo or wood rugs and plants are ideal decorative elements for this type of union. On the other hand, it is very common in a wedding on the coast to include motifs that evoke exoticism. The sea invites discovery, travel, navigation to new cultures and new worlds. In this sense, Mediterranean, Oriental, African and South American references are excellent options. Also remember to match your stationery and especially your invitations to your wedding style. Thanks to your invitations, your guests will understand the theme of your wedding and the atmosphere you want to give it. You can therefore bet on announcements with drawings of corals, shells, starfish, fish, etc. In short, try to take full advantage of the natural elements that surround you to extrapolate its components to the decoration of your wedding: centerpieces with shell-shaped candles, starfish, fishing nets, illustrations of fish, blue glasses reminiscent of the sea, etc. The secret to a successful decoration? Let your imagination run wild!

2. Beautiful and Original Wedding Idea – Underwater Wedding

Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 1
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 2
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 3
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 4
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 5 1
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 6
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 7
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 8
Weddo Agency - 2. Beautiful Weddings Underwater Wedding 9

Are you looking for extraordinary experiences, do you like scuba diving and do you plan to unite with your soulmate soon? For sea lovers, why not get married…underwater? Many couples have already taken part in this unusual adventure.

If you feel like an adventurer of the depths and you plan to make your wedding an unforgettable moment, getting married underwater can be an interesting experience. Many agencies now give you the opportunity to make your wedding a unique experience.

If you feel like an adventurer of the depths and you plan to make your wedding an unforgettable moment, getting married underwater can be an interesting experience. Many agencies now give you the opportunity to make your wedding a unique experience.

In the same way that there are different types of weddings such as – for example – themed weddings, more and more couples who are passionate about scuba diving or simply betting on an original wedding, are now opting for underwater weddings. However, it is important to take into account some things regarding the preparation of such a wedding.

If you want to embark on this adventure, several options are available to you. Many agencies offer their services to make your dream come true. Regarding the choice of destination, know for example that the Caribbean islands can be a fabulous place. Moreover, some of them are authorized to receive couples wishing to marry underwater.

The choice of destination is therefore essential to ensure the success of your aquatic wedding. If you are still hesitating, the Dominican Republic, the Virgin Islands or Mexico are perfect places guaranteeing you a dream setting. Do you know the Riviera Maya region located in the northeast of Mexico? Imagine being able to make your proposal on a Mayan site (an exceptional setting) and conclude with an underwater wedding! The Caribbean could therefore represent the ideal place where it is possible to organize the most beautiful day of your life.

In addition to the destination, you have to plan a few details in addition to the usual formalities for getting married. All underwater equipment is to be expected, from the wedding dress, to the wedding bouquet and the groom’s suit – it is a real organization. Of course, you have to be sure that your guests adhere to this wedding idea and that they are ready to dive with you. Distributing masks and snorkels to the guests to attend the snorkeling wedding can be an interesting option. The agencies you will use to organize your aquatic wedding will generally offer you preliminary training sessions.

If, for various reasons, you decide not to opt for an underwater wedding, getting married on the deck of a boat can also make more than one dream. Always in the idea of ​​an original and memorable experience, getting married on a boat can, in fact, be a less difficult option to realize and plan than an underwater wedding and, however, unforgettable if you like the ocean. Getting married on a boat has 2 advantages because you will be in contact with the sea and your guests will not need to know how to dive to attend your wedding. A final option is to get married on the beach. Even if this idea is less unusual than an underwater wedding, the romance of such a day will certainly be there with the ocean in the background. The beach is a simple but really effective place to mark the occasion. To you, bride and groom, all you have to do now is choose what you like the most!

3. Most Beautiful Wedding Ideas – Themed Weddings

More and more brides and grooms are choosing a theme to celebrate their union.

Here are some perfect theme ideas for an original wedding.

3.1. Themed Wedding – Travel Wedding

Weddo Agency - 3.1. Themed Wedding Travel Wedding 1
Weddo Agency - 3.1. Themed Wedding Travel Wedding 2
Weddo Agency - 3.1. Themed Wedding Travel Wedding
Weddo Agency - 3.1. Themed Wedding Travel Wedding 3
Weddo Agency - 3.1. Themed Wedding Travel Wedding 4

Symbolize the trip by using a world map as a table plan! Same for your place cards, bet on small compasses, paper planes, etc. Your guests will be delighted to go on an adventure on the Thailand, California or Venice tables. Discover pretty centerpieces that will be in perfect harmony with your wedding theme: travel! Some ideas for decorating your room for your theme: globes, lanterns in the shape of hot air balloons, arrange here and there old stacked suitcases and old chests. For the stationery present on the tables, consider making menus in the shape of a passport or plane ticket. In an old suitcase, leave postcards available to your guests on which they can write their little words, and why not ask them to share a travel anecdote with you? For this beautiful theme of travel, also think of a globe to have your guests sign or an atlas.

3.2. Themed Wedding – Fall or Winter Wedding

Set the tone for your fall or winter wedding as soon as your guests enter the room where the wine reception and your reception will take place. Choose rich, dark tones to decorate your room such as browns, oranges, reds and yellows or beiges to tone down any colors. Often fall weddings have matching chocolate and light blue colors as their theme, as they go very well together. Decorate your room with pumpkins and other squashes and cucurbits of the moment: you will stay in the same color tones and your decoration will be all the more successful. Make your fall-themed wedding decoration unique and successful by combining colors and decorative elements that correspond to the season of fallen leaves, when nature is completely preparing for the change of seasons and the fall season: winter.

Weddo Agency - 3.2. Themed Wedding Fall or Winter Wedding 1
Weddo Agency - 3.2. Themed Wedding Fall or Winter Wedding 2
Weddo Agency - 3.2. Themed Wedding Fall or Winter Wedding
Weddo Agency - 3.2. Themed Wedding - Fall or Winter Wedding (3)
Weddo Agency - 3.2. Themed Wedding - Fall or Winter Wedding (4)
Weddo Agency - 3.2. Themed Wedding - Fall or Winter Wedding (5)

3.3. Themed Wedding – Country Wedding

The country wedding is ideal for lovers of nature and simple pleasures. If you opt for this decoration theme, start by imagining the exterior decoration. Lampions, lanterns, light garlands, bales of hay… Take up all the space in the garden to create dedicated areas, one for photos, another for the ceremony and a final one for the dining table. You can also add a space for children, so they can play and rest, in a teepee for example. If you love a chic country wedding decor, flowers and second-hand items are your best allies! Indeed, the rustic bouquet of wild field flowers will sublimate the centerpieces. As for decorative accessories, favor the second hand, and hunt for the decorative objects of your wedding in flea markets or garage sales.

Weddo Agency - 3.3. Themed Wedding - Country Wedding (1)
Weddo Agency - 3.3. Themed Wedding - Country Wedding (2)
Weddo Agency - 3.3. Themed Wedding - Country Wedding (3)
Weddo Agency - 3.3. Themed Wedding - Country Wedding
Weddo Agency - 3.3. Themed Wedding - Country Wedding (4)

3.4. Themed Wedding – Medieval Wedding

If your goal is to transform your wedding hall into a real Hogwarts hall, then work with precision, the details that will make the decoration of your reception hall exceptional. The predominant colors for a medieval theme are emerald green and ruby ​​red. These colors can be mixed with a softer color like ivory white or off white. During the ceremony of exchange of vows, ask your florist to make an arch of flowers with drooping plants as well as a light drape which will make it possible to put your couple in value. In order to better direct your guests during the installation in the reception room, you can have your decorator create a seating plan in the form of an old map of the world. On your tables put a maximum of natural elements (ivy or wooden decorations) and sprinkle your tables with candles. Add more stature, by creating table legs out of beer barrels.

Weddo Agency - 3.4. Themed Wedding - Medieval Wedding (1)
Weddo Agency - 3.4. Themed Wedding - Medieval Wedding (3)
Weddo Agency - 3.4. Themed Wedding - Medieval Wedding
Weddo Agency - 3.4. Themed Wedding - Medieval Wedding (4)
Weddo Agency - 3.4. Themed Wedding - Medieval Wedding (2)

3.5. Themed Wedding – Chromatic Wedding

A chromatic marriage is a marriage for which you choose a main color, to which you can associate one or two complementary colors. It will start by choosing the colors of your choice, which will then be available in all the elements of your wedding. Indeed, the colors you have chosen will become the guidelines of your wedding. They will be found in particular in the decoration, but also in the accessories and the clothes of the guests and the bride and groom. The goal is to create perfect harmony! This is a wedding theme that is spreading more and more and has become very trendy in recent years!

All in all, there are plenty of choices and ideas for your dream wedding. Your wedding planner agency will take care of the things. All you have to do is find a theme that best suits your personality.

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Minimalist wedding theme – simple and sophisticated

Conscious consumption, towards which humanity has begun to move in recent years, has led to the flourishing of the minimalist style. It is used by interior designers, fashion designers and architects. It is quite logical that minimalistic weddings are also in trend for more than a season. The pandemic and its consequences only strengthened the place of minimalism in the coordinate system of the new time.

1. Places for simple and minimalist weddings

When choosing a place where your minimalist wedding will take place, pay attention to locations that initially match the style. It is not necessary to watch only studios with white walls and lofts with panoramic windows. A minimalistic wedding is possible both on an open terrace and in a park. Greenery will be a great backdrop for a minimal design. You can find a restaurant or a banquet hall in the spirit of minimalism, or you can hold a beach wedding or a wedding in a museum or a manor. The main condition is a lot of light, floor-to-ceiling windows, space and a mostly light interior, not overloaded with an abundance of details and decor. Use natural light wherever possible. And in the evening, pay special attention to candles, garlands with small bulbs and dimmed lamps.

2. Color spectrum for minimalist weddings

Minimalism isn’t just about white. Although, of course, it usually acts as the main one for this style. You can replace white with cream, light beige, light gray and ivory. The classic combination of white and black for minimalism is a win. If monochrome is not enough for you, you can add 2-3 more colors to the wedding palette. Give preference to natural shades: green, khaki, gray, brown, beige. Muted, noble, deep colors will perfectly fit into the style: dark blue, burgundy, wine, emerald, graphite, mustard, chocolate, plum. You can safely use pastel shades, they will make the decor airy and weightless: bleached pink and blue, lemon, peach, mint, and pale lilac.

Don’t overload your wedding palette with too many contrasting shades. It is better to choose from 2 to 5 colors that are close in color or use neutral shades, and place bright accents in one color, but using different textures. The same gray or green shade will look different in textiles, plastic, stone, or glass.

3. Decor ideas for minimalist weddings

Simplicity and conciseness are the basis of a minimalist wedding decor. Of course, this does not mean total savings and lack of design. Details in the style of minimalism are very important, there are no random accents, everything is thought out to the smallest detail and adds up to a single picture – simple, but very stylish.

The minimal decor does not impoverish the wedding concept but makes it more elegant and graceful. Forget the abundance of textiles in favor of white tablecloths or runners made from natural fabrics. You can do without a tablecloth at all, focusing on plain napkins and dishes without a pattern. No drapes or chair covers. Chairs made of transparent acrylic glass will perfectly fit into the style. Floral arrangements can be replaced with thin candles in bottles or tablet candles in glass candlesticks.

In a minimalist design, you can use decorative details made of stone, concrete, glass, metal, or wood. Natural materials are suitable for a rustic minimalist wedding, more brutal textures for an urban wedding theme, gilding and chrome will add a touch of glamor. Lush arches are not needed for a wedding ceremony. An uncomplicated design made of metal or wood, decorated with greenery or dried flowers, will support the style in the best possible way. The arch is not required, you can simply mark the place of the ceremony with a decor on the wall or a laconic design of the passage to the altar. Clear lines and geometry – minimal decor will create an entourage and will not draw attention from the main characters of the event.

To conclude, every little thing within the framework of minimalism matters and reflects the character, temperament, hobbies and style of the couple. Redundancy is your main enemy and uniqueness, impeccable aesthetics, thoughtfulness and perfection are what you need to strive for when preparing this event. Contact a wedding planner for help and let everyone remember your wedding day as extraordinary!

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Types of wedding ceremonies: three main categories and how can your ceremony stand out

The wedding ceremony is an integral part of any wedding and its main semantic moment. The newlyweds have a choice – to confine themselves to a traditional civil ceremony in the registry office or to conduct another wedding ceremony, take their wedding to nature or lock it in the hall of the wedding palace. The choice of the type of wedding ceremony, in addition to the desires and taste of the newlyweds, is also strongly influenced by the wedding budget, the chosen style of the event, and the number of guests. But it is always easier to decide if you know exactly what you must deal with.

1. The three types of wedding ceremonies

The most common is the official ceremony in the registry office, allowing you to do everything in one day – get a marriage certificate, hold a festive banquet – and close the topic. The disadvantage of this option is the lack of an individual style. The ceremony is typical, debugged, the same for all couples. The feeling of a wedding assembly line can be enhanced by the presence of other couples who have a nearby ceremony time.

Note: a beautiful ceremony with candles will help to decorate a typical ceremony in the registry office. The bride and groom with the flame of their candles light the third joint, symbolizing the image of the marriage. Also, very touching is the bow to the parents, which is done by the young before leaving the registry office. And the spectacular gesture of releasing white doves into the sky will leave a beautiful memory in the photo.

An offsite official ceremony, which is conducted and organized by the registry office, will help to get away from the classic wedding scheme. The venue in this case is offered not by the customer, but by the performer. The choice is limited to several options that the registry office works with. As a rule, these are country estates, museums and park areas. This service costs more than the usual solemn registration, it is carried out at a strictly defined time, according to the schedule established by the registry office. The duration of the ceremony is limited. The presence of other married couples nearby is not excluded. A significant disadvantage of such a ceremony is that the newlyweds do not have the right to “dictate” their decor of the ceremony. They choose a ready-made package offer. The main advantage is the official status of the ceremony – with the issuance of a state marriage certificate.

Note: an outdoor ceremony is preferable when there are a lot of guests, and the registry office cannot accommodate everyone, as well as in cases where the ceremony is part of a staged action.

In the case of an outdoor informal ceremony, like the civil marriage on the beach, the marriage ceremony is symbolic, because it is not always carried out by a representative of the registry office (though, most of the time, it is), but by an invited wedding agency registrar, a close friend or a wedding host who has a sufficient gift of eloquence.

Important: this type of wedding ceremony does not exclude a trip to the registry office. As a rule, newlyweds receive a marriage certificate on a regular weekday, and on-site registration is carried out on the day of the event, which is arranged for guests. This option is full of freedom of choice. Young people decide for themselves where to register, how long it will take, what words they want to hear, in what surroundings, decor and to what music. There will be no strangers nearby.

2. How to diversify your type of wedding ceremony

You can start with your wedding vows. This option is often played up in Western films. The texts of the oaths are considered and prepared by the newlyweds in advance. As a rule, they include promises that young people make to each other when entering family life. The roots of this tradition come from the wedding ceremony and are guaranteed to give positive and touching emotions to everyone present.

Note: to enhance the effect, the newlyweds keep the texts of their vows secret from each other until the wedding.

The Hawaiian sand ceremony is suitable for beach weddings or weddings on the shore of some water. The registrar/priest pours white sand into a transparent vessel and reads the ritual text. The bride and groom make a marriage vow and add their sand to the vessel. After that, the vessel is sealed and kept as a symbol of unity, the creation of a married couple.

Tip: you can use colored sand. Then you get a unique colorful composition.

The Irish tradition of knot tying has ancient Celtic roots and is a tying of the newlyweds’ hands with a ribbon, just above the wrist, in the form of a figure eight – a symbol of infinity.

All in all, it is important to build your own tradition. It is not necessary to copy other people’s wedding traditions. You can create your own. For example, plant a tree together on your wedding day or put fish in an aquarium.

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Green wedding theme: tips on how to have the most beautiful ceremony

A wedding in green is suitable for summer. After all, it should be bright and memorable. For originality, try not to choose the classic colors that you see at every wedding, but something different. Something like a green color.

1. Green wedding theme: what are themed weddings

Themed (or cultural) weddings are weddings that are built in a single style, from invitations to wedding films and photo albums. What are the themes and styles of weddings? As a rule, themed weddings create an atmosphere and immersion in famous movies or works (like “Avatar”, “Cinderella” etc.), award ceremonies and TV shows (wedding in the style of “Oscar”). Often, such wedding parties turn you to world wedding traditions and travels (wedding “Around the World”, “Venetian carnival”, “Greek wedding”, etc.).

It happens that newlyweds want to stylize in a playful way the features of their professional activities (thematic “School wedding”, “Medical wedding”, “Biker Wedding”, “Diplomatic Romance”), weddings in the style of musical subcultures (“Rock Style Wedding”), there are reconstruction weddings that restore one or another era (“Imperial Wedding”, “Knight’s Wedding”), and, as trend flash mobs appear, there is a surge of flash mob weddings.

2. Green theme wedding: decor ideas with this beautiful color

Firstly, it is believed that the design in combination with the symbolism of this color means happiness, prosperity, and well-being in the future. And the green colors themselves at your wedding will look very bright, unusual, fresh, and lively. In some countries, this color has its own meaning, and each country has its own symbolism. For example, in Ireland, this color is associated with fun, jubilation and joy, which is also suitable for a Russian wedding. For Muslims, green is compared to the Garden of Eden. In India, everything is quite the opposite – here the green color is associated with hope, tranquility, and peace. The Chinese call this color differently: the color of youth or life potential.

Green represents nature, naturalness, and life. It is associated with plants, trees, spring and summer, youth, and vitality. It should be chosen by calm and balanced people who love naturalness. There are many shades of green in nature. The main ones are emerald, malachite, lime, light green, pistachio, herbal, mint, mustard, olive, khaki and jade. For the celebration, a clearing in the forest or a lawn in the park among trees and flowers is chosen. Therefore, it is best to hold the event in the spring, when the vegetation is a juicy green hue. They can also be organized in the summer, but then the greens are no longer the same color as in the spring months.

The celebration is filled with decorative elements of the main color and its shades. To create a wedding atmosphere you will need the following:

  • snow-white tents;
  • an arch for the ceremony, decorated with plants and flowers;
  • satin ribbons in yellow and orange;
  • plants in large pots;
  • pale pink and mint fabrics from thin chiffon and organza;
  • white and marsh balloons;
  • white tablecloths for tables and chair covers;
  • bows that are tied on chairs;
  • floristic compositions of daffodils, daisies, roses, orchids and lilies;
  • lanterns, garlands of soft pink and emerald color;
  • light green candles.

When planning a celebration, you can focus on the fruit theme. In this case, green apples and pears are used as decorations. Fruit cuts from kiwi, orange, green grapes and cakes with a suitable cream are placed on the tables.

In most cases, a green style wedding is popular in the spring and summer seasons. Because it is during this period that you can go outside or to the shore of a reservoir. In such a situation, it will be very appropriate to have:

  • neat lawns;
  • gazebos;
  • fabric drapery;
  • natural wood elements.

When arranging a wedding in light green color, you will need a minimum number of elements, because mother nature herself has already taken care of the main work. If you don’t have plans to go out of town, then you can easily create a thematic zone in the banquet hall. You just need to take more flowers and greenery. For such a case, columns and arches entwined with plants, small bouquets, as well as appropriate interior design and a festive table are suitable.

An event invitation is one of the most basic accessories. It is with this little thing that the event begins. If you talk about banquet cards, then the light green theme can be embodied in them not only with colors, but also with content. A great idea would be miniature pots of grass, which are placed with cards for the location of guests.

If the wedding is scheduled for the warm season, then it is better to replace the diadem with a magnificent wreath. In winter, you can use the tiara, decorating it with emeralds. Light green silk ribbons can be woven into the hair.

As for the cake, it should be made in green motifs. It is better to entrust this work to a professional confectioner who will make decorations for your green wedding cake and decorate it with various elements.

Another spectacular option is to decorate a white confection with live plants, complementing it with gold or red berries inserts. Such tones can make the holiday themed not only in terms of color, but also in terms of content. In this way, you can arrange an original and very memorable wedding ceremony in the Scottish or Irish style. It is difficult to choose an all-green color for a wedding. Therefore, all kinds of blotches in the form of brown, red, dark blue and burgundy shades will be most welcome. If you want to use lime, then you can perfectly combine coral, cornflower blue or yellow colors with it.

So, if green is your favorite color, a green wedding will be a wonderful memory. To make sure everything goes exactly the way you want, contact a professional wedding planner.

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Traditional wedding themes – different types of weddings and the traditional greek ceremony

A traditional wedding is a colorful and lavish celebration. Numerous guests are one of the most important factors of the event. For example, in Greece, it is customary to invite all relatives to the wedding, so there can be more than five hundred guests. Wedding ceremonies in Greece are bright and cheerful. At this time, you can hear old songs and see national dances.

1. Types of traditional weddings

The traditional wedding is the most common and classic wedding scenario – with a solemn painting in the registry office, an impressive number of guests and a magnificent banquet at the end of the wedding event. The ransom of the bride, meeting the newlyweds with bread and salt, a wedding cortege, a photo session, a toastmaster and fun contests, as a rule, are included. The European version of the wedding is included in this division, so it differs only in the seating of guests at the banquet and on-site registration.

The thematic wedding is a wedding look that is actively gaining popularity. A characteristic feature of themed weddings is the choice of a theme and its support at all stages during the organization of the celebration – accessories, design style, choice of wedding venue, like the Bran Castle, outfits for the newlyweds and guests, menus. The unusual format promises bright emotions to all its participants, a unique wedding look and requires an author’s approach, creative and financial resources.

Minimalistic weddings are also economical weddings, as they imply a small number of guests and skipping parts of the wedding stages. Sometimes, newlyweds limit themselves to painting in the registry office and a symbolic buffet table in a narrow circle of their closest ones before leaving for their honeymoon. For various reasons, including economic ones, modern newlyweds are increasingly inclined towards this type of wedding, preferring to spend money not on celebrating, but on arranging family life.

2. Greek traditional wedding: preparations, celebration, dresses and decor

Greek themed wedding customs and traditions are quite diverse, and the first of them begins a week before the celebration. The moment when the bride receives a symbolic gift from the groom is considered the beginning for preparation, as a rule, this happens on Monday. On Tuesday, it is not customary to do anything, so it is dedicated to relaxation, but active preparations begin on Wednesday.

At this time, the mother of the bride and her relatives lay the dowry for the young, which is collected many years before the significant event. The next day, Thursday, the ancient rite of “making the bed” is performed before the Greek wedding. In big cities, such a ritual has already lost its relevance, but in remote villages it is still performed. Depending on the region, the rite has different interpretations regarding its participants. On the appointed day, the groom’s relatives, and in some cases he himself, gather at the bride’s house. The facade of the building and the interior are decorated in advance with beautiful tulle, curtains, flowers, and ribbons so that it can be seen from a great distance. While the guests are receiving refreshments, the bride’s friends and her relatives are covering the marriage bed, and then invite the groom or his mother to evaluate their efforts.

As a rule, marriage in Greece always begins on Saturday. This day is marked by two events: the sacrifice of a ritual ram and the transfer of the bride’s dowry to the young man’s house. Early on Saturday morning, the groom slaughters a young lamb, from whose meat dishes are then prepared and included in the Greek wedding menu. The transfer of dowry is the central event of such a day, and many curious people look forward to this moment. There is also a tradition for young people to take a bath on Saturday, but today it has already lost its relevance.

Weddings in Greece are always scheduled for Sunday. In the early morning, the young woman is dressed in a wedding dress and her hair is done. When she is ready, she is taken to the “bride’s corner”, which is a secluded area in the room, decorated with flowers and ribbons. During the wedding rituals, the bride is there. The first rite that awaits the groom upon arrival at the young house is the Greek ransom at the wedding. It differs in many ways from other countries, because in order to get to his bride, the groom will have to pay with a chicken. To receive this symbol of fertility, the young may even block the path with ropes. Then the bride goes down to the guests and dances a farewell dance with her father, after which the young people are escorted out of the house.

Today in Greece, the modern style of wedding costumes is welcomed, but until now, the clothes of the Greek wedding were decorated with traditional elements of the wedding dress. On the day of the wedding, the young woman is dressed in a wedding dress, and her brother ties a belt around her waist and ties it into three knots. The dress for the Greek bride is complemented with golden threads that are woven into her hair, and they fall to the very knees. The bride’s hair is done by her bridesmaids, after which she kisses their hands in gratitude.

A Greece wedding venue does not require fancy decoration of the hall for celebration. Pay attention to colors. If the event is celebrated indoors, remind guests of the theme of the wedding with soft blue, white and blue tones – the colors of the pure Ionian Sea. White colors will look beautiful in combination with any soft shades. A Greek wedding does not need contrasting accents; nature can be the main decoration. For example, choosing a room with a colonnade, future spouses can order an artificial vine – this element of decor will fit perfectly into the interior. A suitable decoration will be lush branches of olive and laurel.

On the territory of the banquet hall, white flowers that are present in the bride’s bouquet will look good. Beautiful and graceful amphoras, trays and bowls with fruit, goblets for wine, earthenware with snacks will be suitable details for creating a Greek style at a wedding. It is good if the hall is decorated with imitations of Greek sculptures and statues. Magnificent decor details for a wedding are light, flowing fabrics, trembling even from a light gust of breeze. If the wedding is to be celebrated on the coast, the floral motifs, in addition to the beautiful views, will be enough decoration in themselves. For a wedding on the beach, it is better to use only one color for decoration – white.

All in all, there are many wedding traditions in Greece and they are different in each region of the country. In ancient times, when these customs were created, people believed that by observing all the necessary rituals, they would provide the newlywed with a happy, prosperous life. There is, of course, some truth in this. In our time, when some wedding ceremonies are still observed at the Greek wedding, it turns into a colorful event.

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Wedding themes for summer that will guarantee your dream ceremony

Summer is an amazing, bright, and wonderful time of the year, dearly loved by many. A summer wedding has special colors and dyes, meaning that you are not limited in choosing a venue for the celebration, because even the vagaries of the weather cannot spoil your mood for a long time. The summer season offers a lot of ideas for those who want to create a themed wedding. Start choosing a wedding theme with personal preference. The topic you choose should reflect your own thoughts and feelings.

1. Wedding themes ideas for summer: beach wedding, wedding inspired by sports activities and floral wedding

Nature provides many ideas for a themed wedding. Incorporate vibrant summer colors into all your floral arrangements and decorations. Beings such as bees, birds and butterflies can also make good themes for weddings. A beach wedding in Greece, Romania or Cuba should be a simple yet touching festivity. You will have the sound of the waves touching the shore as background music, which will only intensify the beauty of the moment.

Wedding inspired by sports activities

Sports events often bring couples together. If there’s a summer activity that you both enjoy, why not include it in your wedding? There are so many ideas available, including:

  • cycling;
  • swimming;
  • baseball;
  • running;
  • volleyball;
  • sailing.

Floral wedding

Create a wedding theme based on summer flowers. Bright reds, bold yellows, and beautiful oranges are the perfect colors for a summer wedding. The rainbow wedding is another big summer theme. Bridesmaids can wear different colored dresses; you can match almost any decoration in any color, and it will create a bright atmosphere.

2. Wedding color themes for summer: vintage wedding, marine style wedding and rustic wedding

Fashion trends change so quickly and rapidly, that keeping up with them is extremely difficult. Many couples, when choosing a style for their wedding celebration, prefer not to chase modern fashion, but choose trends that have been proven over the years. Vintage style can be attributed to such summer themes. Vintage style is admiration for the beauty of the past. It has a noble calmness and luxury. It is an exquisite combination of history and fashion. Decorations for a vintage wedding can be antiques: antique furniture, dishes, jewelry. It is very important to choose accessories that will not just be old, but vintage.

What items are suitable for decorating a wedding in vintage style:

  • old grand piano or upright piano;
  • lace and velvet fabrics;
  • tapestries and paintings in antique gilded frames;
  • porcelain dishes and figurines;
  • graceful vintage candlesticks, candelabra and lamps;
  • retro accessories: telephone, gramophone, typewriter (the latter, by the way, can be used to collect wishes from guests);
  • worn leather suitcase (perfect for the role of a wedding treasury or seating plan).

Wedding in a marine style

The presidium of the newlyweds is the place that attracts the most active attention of the guests during the wedding banquet. It is for this reason that this table should reflect the style of the celebration as much as possible. If you have chosen a nautical style for your wedding, then you should decorate the tables in blue, white, and white-blue color alternations. A huge selection of decorative elements – anchors, steering wheels, starfish, shells, and other cute details will add charm and a special atmosphere to the festivity. The marine theme means smooth and soft lines, flying chiffon fabrics, and light draperies – as if repeating the texture of sea waves. As table decor, it is advised to use vases with colored sand, candles in sand or sea colors, or even small aquariums with beautiful goldfish.

Rustic wedding

It turns out that a rustic wedding is not as simple as it seems. It assumes a light rustic style, combining the simplicity of rough canvas, wooden furniture, and wildflowers with the grace of airy lace, natural accessories, and lush greenery. When these details are reunited, you get a stylish, romantic, and cozy atmosphere that is perfect for a wedding. Another advantage of a rustic wedding is its closeness to nature. In particular, the inhabitants of megacities sometimes lack the rural regularity and silence. At a rustic wedding, guests and newlyweds find themselves in an atmosphere of rustic lightness and naturalness, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of a big city.

To conclude, in recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to meet newlyweds who do not think about any original style of their own wedding. And this is not at all surprising, because every couple wants their wedding to become beautiful, touching, and memorable. And the easiest way to achieve this effect is to add personality to the celebration, giving it your own special style.

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Wedding themes for spring: Reasons to get married in the spring + Themes and ideas for a joyful ceremony

Fresh and full of life, this season is perfect for lovers who want to unite their destinies in a bohemian setting. In the spring you have a lot of opportunities to turn one of the most important events in your life into a fairytale. If elegance and romance define you as a couple, then read this article and see what ideas you could consider to make your wedding day a dream come true.

1. Spring theme wedding – Why set your wedding date during springtime

Even if summer is a wedding favorite, there’s no surprise that more and more couples choose spring to organize their weddings. The color range, the weather, the beautiful outdoors, the availability of the restaurants – everything you need to organize the perfect wedding! So, why plan a spring wedding? Here are some advantages:

  • The weather is gorgeous from all points of view, especially if you organize your wedding in April or May. This beautiful season is perfect for any outfit and for a ceremony outdoors. The freshness of the air and the scents of the flowers will surely make you and your guests be playful and full of life.
  • Best prices – as it is not the first choice of couples who want to get married, a spring wedding can be very cost-effective. Event organizers make considerable discounts, and offers are undeniable. Also, if you know how to negotiate, you have a good chance of getting packages that include other services, such as music and photo shooting. In this regard, we can be there for you at all times to get you the best deals available in the spring.
  • The best photographers available – if you have a specific style of photography that you want for your wedding, the chances are your favorite ones will be available for your wedding date. As a bonus, prices may not be as high as in mid season. Professionalism and discounts in the same package – that’s a great deal!
  • Range of colors – the pastel colors of this season will turn your wedding into a fairytale. Not only are they easy to combine and come in an amazing variety, but it’s impossible to go wrong with the color combination when it comes to pastels.
  • Set the tone for the spring season – every year, there are fashion trends specific to a new season. Whether we are talking about wedding dresses or hairstyles, the color of the year or fashionable accessories, spring fashion is colorful and full of joyful patterns. Your wedding day is the best time to be a “trend-setter”!

2. Spring wedding themes

Without a doubt, the most beautiful wedding location is outdoors. The spring sky and the lively nature are the most beautiful decorations for a dream wedding.

2.1. Spring wedding themes – Outdoor vibes

There are many choices when it comes to outdoor weddings. Here are some ideas for your inspiration:

  • On the lake – this is by far in the top of the preferences of couples who prefer a wedding in the middle of nature. There are many restaurants, hotels and resorts all over the world that can make this possible, so all you have to do is pick a destination on the map, contact us and start your special wedding journey now!
  • At the pool – not only is this a favorite location as well, but it’s also quite accessible, mostly in the spring. If you wish for a destination wedding, Greece and Spain would be the perfect fit. If a local wedding is all you need, you will surely find a restaurant with a pool somewhere near your city of residence. With the right decorations and a pool party, the event will surely be a success!
  • Exotic experience – there is nothing more spectacular than a wedding on the beach, in an exotic destination. For example, spring is the ideal season to go to Thailand, with April being voted the cheapest of the year for both tourists and weddings. And let’s not forget Bora Bora, this corner of heaven that is the dream of any romantic couple.

2.2. Spring wedding theme ideas for a sunny ceremony

Organizing a wedding requires a lot of planning and attention. And because we know that every little detail is important, we gathered a list to help you in your mission:

  • Elegant bouquet

From snowdrops, tulips and lilies to daffodils, lilies of the valley and freesias, this season is full of life and attractive scents. To represent this beauty of nature, the bride can wear a wreath of spring flowers, with or without a veil. The bouquet should also be made from wildflowers.

  • Cheerful colors

Try a combination of pale colors and white, mixed with green for a timeless look. Also, get your inspiration from all the spring creatures, such as ladybugs and butterflies. Use impact elements and decorations to represent the spring vibe. Also, scented candles with seasonal floral aromas can be a great idea for a boho and cozy atmosphere.

  • Boho attire

f you have chosen to have your wedding in the spring, then make sure that the chosen outfit is in tune. Simple patterns and light materials are the options you need to consider. As for the color, opt for the classic immaculate white or other pale shades, such as pink, blue or ivory.

A spring wedding doesn’t need too many introductions – lively nature, colorful flowers, clear skies and warm sunshine, meaning everything you need for a dream wedding and a memorable photo shoot. Whatever theme or location you choose, don’t forget that the most important thing is for the guests to feel that you have brought spring through your wonderful wedding!

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Rooftop wedding ideas: Why have a rooftop wedding + Cool themes and ideas for an unforgettable experience

You have decided to take the big step and start organizing a dream wedding together. And one of the most important things on the list is finding the best venue. How about a rooftop ceremony anywhere in the world? If you like this idea, keep in mind that there are many good reasons to do so. But what does such a wedding entail? Read this article for more inspiration!

1. Rooftop wedding reception ideas: Reasons to have a rooftop ceremony

Who doesn’t love to dine at sunset, on the roof of a tall building, in a charming city or somewhere in a breathtaking tropical destination? Imagine if a lunch can be memorable, then the rooftop wedding is definitely something you don’t see every day. Here are a few reasons why a rooftop wedding is a top-notch idea:

  • It’s outdoors

If you want to get out of the mainstream wedding patterns, you need to give up the idea of ​​a reception between four walls. A rooftop gives you the opportunity to say YES outdoors and see the city from a completely different perspective.

  • The romantic lights of the city

Although it is important to decorate the venue as you like, the good part is that the city lights and the cosmopolitan view are a big part of the overall design of the wedding. And a romantic ceremony at sunset, when the metropolitan lights start to illuminate the city, can turn a simple photo shoot into a truly extraordinary one.

  • It can be cool, but also full of elegance

A rooftop is the place where you can apply any theme you want, from minimal and tech elements to gala-inspired reception. Receive your guests on a red carpet, open the champagne and let go of one of the hottest parties of the year!

  • Fireworks show

Besides the fact that the view from a rooftop can be breathtaking, you also have the opportunity to host a fireworks show, through which to celebrate your union at high altitudes! Offers guests cocktails and snacks and enjoy a unique show together, dedicated to your new life together!

2. Rooftop wedding decoration ideas and themes

The event you are planning must be special and memorable, but also an occasion to reflect your personality as a couple. The wedding is a moment that you must remember fondly, and the way you decide to create the atmosphere for this special day matters. To make your mission easier, here are a few chromatic decoration ideas to consider for a one of a kind wedding:

  • Monochromatic dream

What is the color that represents you? Green as a forest in the middle of summer, blue as a tropical sky or a summer day yellow? Whatever the answer, a rooftop wedding in a palette of shades that will bring you joy could be a great idea! From the attire to the decorations on the tables and small details, a monochrome wedding will surely leave its mark!

  • Black & White symbolism

Night and day, sun and moon, yin and yang – these are cultural symbols that represent the strong union and connection between two people, regardless of gender, race or sexual orientation. If you want to have a wedding that symbolizes diversity and your strong union, a wedding decorated in black and white will surely be appreciated by everyone. Regarding the decorations, you can have glasses dressed in matte black, a spectacular candy bar with a black background and white flowers and don’t forget about the cake! For a wow effect, make sure you let your guests know that your rooftop wedding has a dress code – black and white! You certainly wouldn’t want a fuchsia-clad guest to ruin your perfect color balance!

  • New York style

A series or a movie that you really enjoyed can always become a wedding theme. For example, in recent years, more and more couples have organized weddings inspired by the movies shot in New York City. This cosmopolitan theme can brighten up your wedding, especially if you add details such as lights, a red carpet or studio inspired decorations. Every chair can be marked with a character’s name and the fabulous wedding cake can be topped with figurines with the actors you have chosen to embody at the wedding. Or, for a more vintage approach, The Great Gatsby is a theme to be taken into account – what’s more fun and luxurious than the roaring ‘20s?

  • Glam gem

A glamorous wedding is a very appreciated theme by couples who love opulence and elegance. Charm, brilliance and luxury are some of the hallmarks of a glamorous wedding, a theme that anyone can enjoy on a posh rooftop, not just celebrities. You can opt for precious stone accessories but also for decorative objects, such as flower arrangements and candle holders. Golden or silver glasses, cutlery and other accessories will complete the decor that will shine in the warm light.

What are your favorite ideas for a rooftop wedding? Whatever your answer, the advantage is that such a venue is full of charm and can host any theme you want, whether you choose to do it in your area or in an exotic destination. Glam, black and white or inspired by movies, a wedding on a rooftop is the ideal place for couples who want to have a little of everything! Let us find the ideal rooftop for your wedding and more – request an offer now!

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Rooftop wedding venue: Best sky bars in Europe and around the world

Congratulations! You have taken the big step and now is the time to decide where your dream wedding will take place. How about saying YES somewhere above the world, on a rooftop with a breathtaking view? Read this article to discover some of the most beautiful sky bars in the world!

1. Rooftop wedding venues in Europe

Great views of the Mediterranean Sea or a city full of history – these are just some of the experiences you can have on a rooftop in Europe. Add a colorful menu and you have the perfect wedding recipe! Here are some of the most popular rooftop wedding venues in Europe:

  • Aqua Restaurant, The Shard, London

Located within The Shard, the tallest building in Western Europe, this unique restaurant is located on the 32nd floor of the building. Here, you have an amazing view of London’s main sights. The food is inspired mainly by British cuisine, but the menu is varied, with affordable prices.

  • Montana Beach Club, Lucerne, Switzerland

For a one of a kind wedding experience, you can go to Switzerland, specifically to Lucerne, and visit this amazing beach club. Open from May to September, this sky bar can be all you need for a modern wedding. Comfortable lounges on the sand, palm trees all around, an astonishing view over lake Lucerne, all surrounded by the Alps’ mountain peak – that’s what your wedding pictures could look like! Dress in the most comfortable wedding attire and enjoy a warm ceremony with a beautiful view. As a bonus, your guests can relax in the jacuzzi so your wedding would feel like a real vacation!

  • Attic Terrace, Barcelona, Spain

A hidden gem in Barcelona, Spain, this elegant restaurant is located across the Sagrada Familia. There’s no doubt that this is the perfect spot for a splendid view, with Gaudi’s architectural marvel seen from a different perspective. The terrace is elegant and spacious, perfect for a one of a kind wedding ceremony.

  • Astrodome rooftop, Bucharest, Romania

On the fifth floor of Domenii Plaza Hotel there’s this posh terrace that offers you a dream view over Herastrau Park. Especially in the warm season, this Romanian sky bar is the perfect place to capture the charm of Bucharest. Here you can find a refined menu and a relaxing atmosphere for a perfect wedding. If you want to get the best out of the experience, it will be best to have your ceremony at sunset – the view is spectacular!

2. Rooftop wedding venues around the world

The list of the most interesting sky bars includes, of course, some of the best exotic destinations, with heavenly views and endless pools. Whether you choose to elope or have a wedding with guests, rest assured that the experience will be one of a kind for everyone involved!

  • Sir Elly’s Terrace, Shanghai

The spacious Sir Elly’s Terrace offers a unique night-time experience with magnificent views of the Huangpu River, Suzhou Bay and the futuristic towers of Pudong – isn’t this the perfect place to say “I do”? If you are a fan of luxurious experiences, keep in mind that in here you can taste fine cocktails and vintage champagnes, and also some of the tastiest local recipes.

  • Baba Nest, Phuket, Thailand

Built within Phuket’s Sri Panwa Resort, Baba Nest Rooftop offers visitors a stunning panoramic view. This incredible Thai place is surrounded by an infinity pool, where your guests can relax listening to ambient music and admiring the beautiful surrounding islands. What can be more amazing than having your wedding ceremony right in the middle of an infinity pool, surrounded by unique nature and a tropical sunset?

  • Rock Bar, Bali

If you are looking for a wedding with a sunset view in Bali, the best place to have your ceremony is definitely Rock Bar. The unique sky bar is set on natural cliffs, 14 meters above the Indian Ocean, offering an amazing scenery perfect for a wedding to remember! Add an infinity pool and an exotic menu, and your experience will be top-notch!

  • Folly Rooftop, Dubai

Located above Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Folly is a rooftop that offers an iconic view that incorporates everything you are looking for in Dubai – luxury, exotic views and architectural perfection. Surrounded by the Arabian Gulf, this place is the ideal spot from which to see the architectural gem Burj Al Arab – an astonishing view for a memorable photo session!

The most interesting thing about a rooftop wedding is that you can combine the beauty of nature with modern and urban elements. In short, a rooftop is the place where you can have it all – unique views, outdoor ceremony, exquisite menus and refined experiences. So, what’s your favorite venue for a perfect rooftop wedding?

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