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Nunta in Bora Bora Weddo Agency Beach wedding in Bora Bora - vows in paradise SEE DETAILS

Beach wedding Bora Bora

Have you ever dreamed of saying “YES” to your half in a tropical setting, like in love movies? Bora Bora is the destination that can offer you such a special atmosphere you will have the permanent temptation to make sure that everything happens in reality and not in your imagination!

The crystal-clear lagoons, secluded beaches and Polynesian sky should not only be landscapes in the magazines but the ideal setting for a unique beach wedding.

Regardless of the size and specificity of the desired ceremony, Bora Bora is the perfect place for lovers, as the island seems to have been created to witness love stories! Few other locations by the sea will give you privacy, relaxation and calm as this corner of exotic paradise does.

A charming Polynesian paradise

The South Pacific island is known for its predominant neon blue color, but also for the spectacle of green shades in the middle that catch your eye. The “field” of lush plants and hibiscus flowers is the much desired space for a successful wedding photo album. The scenery is simply fascinating and you don’t have to worry, because there are no wild animals or dangerous insects to bother you.

Romance and intimacy in Bora Bora style

Here the symbol of romance is at home. The water bungalows, the lush villas with direct access to the sea, the reed-covered terraces and the sunsets on the hot beaches create the impeccable ambiance for the wedding and even for the honeymoon after the wedding. In addition, for your ceremony to be exactly like in Paradise, you can have the opportunity to get married in the glass chapels through which you can see, under your feet, the blue of the water.

Various water sports in the lagoon

If you are not only thinking of having your wedding here, but also to have an unforgettable holiday, then it would be good to know that you can experience: diving in the nearby coral reefs; inevitable encounters with turtles, turbot or even sharks; picnic in the water; boat or jet ski rides, glass catamaran or submarine cruises.

In general, Bora Bora is also known for its gorgeous luxury resorts, coconut trees surrounding the unbelievable beautiful lagoon, food with French influences and the fact it is one of the northwestern islands that make up French Polynesia. Once in this realm, you will surely love every second of your wedding stay!

Bora-Bora beach wedding Weddo Agency
Wedding in Bora-Bora Weddo Agency
Bora Bora weddings
Do you want a WOW wedding on the beaches of Bora Bora?

Bora bora Weddings - grand style wedding

Planning a beach wedding in a completely foreign location, which has a very different culture, can be intimidating, so it is best to turn to a specialized team with expertise in the field. The fact that you came to us is not accidental, on the contrary, it is your luckiest day!

You say YES, and we take care of the rest!

Don’t know how collaboration will take place between the couple you belong to and our agency? We can tell you: as smooth as a walk through the underwater fauna of Bora Bora. We are proud of the fact that we are with those who choose us throughout the collaboration and we pay attention even to the smallest details (perhaps undetected by the amateur eye) so that everything goes according to the plan and according to your wishes. So, choose us if you want:

Experience of working with a specialized team – we have planned more than 400 international weddings and we have experience in quickly and discreetly solving any situation, including an unforeseen one!

Total relaxation and carefree wedding – we offer you a turnkey wedding, and you come to your own wedding as on a holiday! The word “stress” does not exist for your unique day!

Extra help with transport and accommodation services for you and your loved ones – in case you need support for such issues, we are more than happy to recommend you the best options.

What we know for sure is that you will not find anywhere else, except by collaborating with us, exclusive services, such as:

✧ Babysitting

✧ Real wedding ceremonies, with documents approved by the Romanian Authorities

✧ Opportunity to work with a company certified in planning beach weddings

✧ Constant support from a Romanian wedding consultant with experience in wedding planning in Bora Bora.

Beach wedding Bora-Bora
Bora-Bora beach wedding Weddo Agency
Wedding in Bora-Bora Weddo Agency
Wedding in Bora-Bora Weddo Agency
Bora Bora weddings
Bora Bora weddings
Do you want more details? Contact us now!

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